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Vudis | 6 hours ago
So ungefährt ja.^^

KeiranShikari | Yesterday, 12:26 PM
I think going abroad in preseason can be good. The players are pretty much forced into being with each other 24/7, probably better for gwtting new players into a group. We've gone away from Norwich twice so far for training this summer...even though the squad has hardly changed. 1 notable player out and 2 in.

KeiranShikari | Yesterday, 12:07 PM
Only thing I really like about them is the fact they're a cheap day out and you sometimes get to visit an away ground you would probably never see in a league or cup game. Going to little places like Dereham and Great Yarmouth.

Also gives you something to speak about regarding tactics. Seems we will be bringing back the diamond this season, the formation which got us back to back promotions. Our squad is currently much stronger than it was back then, still only sold 1 player.

KeiranShikari | Yesterday, 10:39 AM
One of our new strikers played for Sion a couple of seasons ago.

We only frequent the local lower division sides.

KeiranShikari | Yesterday, 9:56 AM
Yeah, the one we were supposed to be playing cancelled so we had to find a team with a few hours left. Lucky we got anyone, Leeds were in the same position the other day and they had to play against themselves.

Our next opponent Livorno have cancelled as well. Pretty pointless tour in the end it seems. >italians

Hopefully the French are are a bit better, we're supposed to be playing 3 Ligue 1 sides.

KeiranShikari | 07-20-14, 2:34 PM
Like somebody playing fifa on semi pro mode.

KeiranShikari | 07-20-14, 6:01 AM
2000 was fun. Although the ease that you could go 1v1 and hurdle a goalkeeper was a pretty big problem.

KeiranShikari | 07-20-14, 5:45 AM

Always the most memorable one for me.

KeiranShikari | 07-17-14, 4:13 PM
Was ok at first but that one wasn't for me. Dropped it during the second series.

Fucking love Touch though.

Vudis | 07-16-14, 2:25 AM
Vielleicht zuviele Details.
Manche finden auch die Game of Thrones serie besser. Weniger Arbeit alles zu lesen.

Fantasy und Horror. Hab nicht wirklich Lieblingsautoren und Bücher muss ich leider sagen.^^

KeiranShikari | 07-15-14, 2:18 PM
Same with UK based football fans to be honest, he also got plenty of abuse from the inbred section of our fanbase.

You wouldn't believe how many of the papers and other fans were having a go at us when we fired Christ Hughton. The fact he has been fired by two Premier League clubs and is yet to secure a new job says something though.

KeiranShikari | 07-15-14, 1:43 PM
We could have had David Villa in his prime last season and he'd have struggled. People will criticise our strikers but it was the whole set up really. Fuck Hughton.

Anyway, 2 for Ricky tonight and 6 for the team. Now for the non fodder section of pre season.

Jacona | 07-15-14, 1:37 PM
Oh yeah it's that basketball anime from a one or two year back, haven't seen it but I think Zombie liked it.
Haven't watch Slam Dunk in ages, maybe like 13-14 years back when I saw a couple eps on tapes. Remembered some dude bleeding from his head and a dude who acts like a wall to block.

Jacona | 07-15-14, 1:20 PM
Overall I'm really liking it, obviously there are quirks,"super powers", and fillers.
Though the fillers are fun since it's character driven, and the characters are all generally good/likable.
And such feels is creates.

I'm expecting the manga to be better though once I finish the anime.

KeiranShikari | 07-15-14, 12:58 PM
Holy shit, Ricky scored, 2 minutes after coming on none the less. It might only be preseason but this is big.

KeiranShikari | 07-15-14, 10:43 AM
Even if somebody like P$G manages to get some real European success it would only be superficial anyway. Well, I suppose that is just football nowadays. I can't bring myself to care which billionaire's side are winning things.

KeiranShikari | 07-15-14, 10:29 AM
Shame the Bundesliga will never be a great league.

World Cup finishes and suddenly all of the old rumours start coming out of the woodwork again. Some of them just don't make sense. Norwich are in no debt, all of the players wages dropped when we went down but the media seem to think we will sell one of England's best young players for 3.5m after buying him for 3.2m just a season ago.

KeiranShikari | 07-15-14, 10:11 AM
Well moving to Italy is certainly a decent way to drag his playing career out a few more years. Also I'm sure he's glad to get away from the English media, they dislike him for a few reasons but mainly because of the breakdown of relationship with that chav everyone over here loves.

The chav.

Baman | 07-14-14, 12:48 PM

KeiranShikari | 07-14-14, 10:10 AM
Names and numbers, huh. I stopped getting those getting older but I have a few. Darren Huckerby and Adam Drury, also a retro one with Darren Eadie. I also have my own name on one, that was a birthday gift so I can't complain.

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