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WeShootBurglars | 5 hours ago
Have made a few keepers look a bit silly already this season, most notably Gomes getting lobbed twice in the same game. Ipswich have picked up in the last few games, 7 points and only 1 goal conceded. They have a pretty shit squad but I do like their manager.

Sure is nice supporting a team that actually try to win away from home.

WeShootBurglars | 5 hours ago
We actually beat them away a few weeks ago. We should have beaten them by a few more but a win is a win. Was also our first away win of the calender year. Look at our player drag down one of theirs on the far post.

WeShootBurglars | 5 hours ago
No particularly interesting fixtures for us in the next couple of weeks. We play the teams currently ranked 20th and 23rd in the league and a cup game with a League 2 side in between. I bet we slip up in one or two of those.

WeShootBurglars | 5 hours ago
Cups have been weird for us. We've beaten teams like Spurs and lost to a conference side.

Don't want to get ahead of myself but if we can get past the next round in the League Cup I think we have a decent chance of a good run. Even though we have dropped a league I think we'll be trouble for most premier league teams under this manager. Hopefully he doesn't go pretty much all youth again away from home next Tuesday.

WeShootBurglars | 6 hours ago
League is always more important than cups.

That being said I am a supporter that has never seen his team get past a quarter final.

WeShootBurglars | 9 hours ago
Meanwhile our keeper makes 3 world class saves when the game is 0-0. He did the same when we were losing 2 - 0 just before we turned the Cardiff game around on the weekend.

WeShootBurglars | 9 hours ago
Indeed, saw you had your keeper sent off early on.

We had a pretty stressful game that looks a lot more comfortable than it was. 3 - 0 away win against a team that had only lost once in 21 games at home. Also this goal

WeShootBurglars | Yesterday, 4:24 AM
I remember enjoying the anime for that, was some goofy fun.

WeShootBurglars | 09-14-14, 10:53 PM
Our natural wingers are somewhere in between. 3 of 4 of them are aged 20 or under so they are very much in the development phase. The three young ones are all fast, about 5 ft 8, decent on the ball and have represented England throughout the youth levels. The two younger ones are twin brothers.

The older natural winger is actually only 25. He has had some injury problems and has seemingly lost his pace and touch. Wouldn't be surprised if we moved him on.

Other than that we have been using Kyle Lafferty, naturally a forward, on the wing. Although I have a feeling Cam Jerome will take his position after his introduction turned around the Cardiff game.

Our manager was a decent winger in his day so I'm expecting to see some good development from those three under his management.

WeShootBurglars | 09-14-14, 10:25 PM
I haven't seen much of those wingers but I think I know what you mean. The sort that are more likely to cut inside and pass or play through than get down the line and cross?

Also yup, that draw. Was fun and they deserved to win.

WeShootBurglars | 09-14-14, 10:01 PM
Wasn't a league game, was their last cl game. Spookily enough I also watched Leverkusen last week, that was an entertaining league game. They were also pretty great. Will be tough for your lot as you have said.

Our midweek game is away at Brentford.They've recently been promoted but like Wolves I expect it will be a really tough game. Hopefully we can go 7 unbeaten.

WeShootBurglars | 09-14-14, 9:39 PM
Weird that those two teams would miss a lot of chances, but I suppose there are games like that. Lack of quality in the final third is a trait of some teams in the league, obviously because the best forward are at bigger teams.

Actually saw Zenit in the other week. They looked good.

WeShootBurglars | 09-13-14, 10:40 PM
If they are watching games on TV and just want a team that are easy on the eye they are certainly a good choice. I wouldn't be surprised if they start doing tours out there now. Under Moyes they weren't a sexy enough club to do that but under Martínez they've been entertaining. They probably aren't going to be financially strone enough to compete with the top 5 or 6 but yeah, even better for a hipster choice.

American/any other nation's fans that watch the BPL but not their local side are pretty awful.

WeShootBurglars | 09-13-14, 10:15 PM
Liverpool fans are always going on about the past, be it when their team was good or muh 'illsborough. They truly are always the victim. I mean according to their fans they only lost to Villa today because of the International break.

Of course it is cool and unique to support a fringe team when all your mates like Chelsea and United. I bet Everton have been picking up fans like that as well recently.

WeShootBurglars | 09-13-14, 9:58 PM
The wider shows are more fun, the ones that cover all of the leagues and not just one team. That being said the national ones obviously put too much focus on the big sides. It's pretty fun to hear delusional Liverpool fans change their tune every week about their 'world class' squad though. There was a guy on today throwing his toys out of the pram because Liverpool lost to Villa and Balotelli had a shit game....he had a London accent.

WeShootBurglars | 09-13-14, 9:48 PM
Yeah, they certainly have more freedom. I remember sky used to do fan alternate commentary, those were pretty funny. If you haven't seen that they basically put a fan from each club in a studio and they...argue a lot about every call in the game. Not sure if they still do it now.

Local Radio football phone ins are the most cringe worthy things imaginable but they really are amusing. People calling in after the first game of the season, a narrow 1 - 0 loss away at a good side in a game we would have probably won if we kept 11 men on the pitch, and calling for the manager's head. ''I've been a seasonticket holder for 50 years and this is the worst I've seen us''. I think only senile old folk and kids call in those things anyway.

WeShootBurglars | 09-13-14, 9:23 PM
It was just an example but there really are a lot of Liverpool pundits and commentators about. Even more than Man Utd and well, everyone. I quite enjoy our biased local radio just because of how mental they go, the second guy that speaks in this clip is now our manager.

WeShootBurglars | 09-13-14, 9:08 PM
Wonder how the recent big boost in Arabic TV money will change the Premier League. My guess is that it will make it even harder for new teams to get established up there. I actually think that is one of the reasons why my club have been so serious about a quick return. It is safe to say the quality of our squad will dramatically reduce without a return in the next couple of seasons.

Financially the Champs hasn't been helped much but it has been useful for those that want illegal streams. It seems they have a Football League highlights show. All of the games are leaked live online. It's pretty strange because it is totally raw, no commentary, graphics or even replays. Like it more than shitty biased Liverpool commentators or even worse, Americans.

WeShootBurglars | 09-13-14, 8:13 PM
League football over here is monopolized by subscription services. Last time we were in the Championship there were a few league games on terrestrial tv but I haven't heard it mentioned in a while so I guess Sky or BT bought them up.

FA and League cup games are far more evenly spread out as are Internationals. I believe at least the next 2 world cups will be shown in full on terrestrial tv over her, it will certainly be a sad day when a Sky, BT or some over overpriced service take them.

Would love for an online Premier League/Football League online streaming service to launch. One where you can either buy a league or specific team pass. Something like that could never happen in the bigger leagues over here because of the Sky chokehold. I think the American sports all have services like that, as do the football leagues in Holland and Japan.

WeShootBurglars | 09-13-14, 7:37 PM
With the infrastructure all of those sides have it really is hard to see any of them folding. If the owners of City or Chelsea got bored it might be interesting, that being said owning Chelsea has more than helped Abramovic in maintaining his wealth.

Even if one hit horrible financial trouble for some reason they all have huge fanbases so they would all be able to become self sufficient even if it was at a lesser level.

I guess the biggest threat to big clubs now is interest around the world dropping and tv money going out of the game. I mean if TV and sponsorship money stopped the bigger clubs would be hit harder. Of course this is very hypothetical, I mean world interest is still growing. Even internal TV coverage over here is expanding, for the first time Sky have a rival for Premier League games. That rival is BT Sport and thanks to it Premier League clubs are earning 10s of millions more every year.

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