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HMS_Lolibutt | Yesterday, 2:50 PM
I lost so many of those bouncy balls. I seem to recall launching those inside the school corridors.

HMS_Lolibutt | Yesterday, 2:26 PM
Can't remember pokemon stickers tbh but random candy and those small stuffed animals that came in the pokeballs, yeah.

HMS_Lolibutt | Yesterday, 2:19 PM
I wasted so much money on that. Good times.

HMS_Lolibutt | Yesterday, 2:06 PM
Only ever finished one of those despite starting a few. Shame I lost the folder with the cards in.

I did find some Pokemon cards and Crazy Bones from even longer back when I moved recently. Could probably sell those cards for a little bit actually.

HMS_Lolibutt | Yesterday, 2:01 PM
I hadn't but I've seen stuff like that before. How do you get the stickers/players/whatever?

HMS_Lolibutt | Yesterday, 1:39 PM
He's also got Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes added to the first team coaching staff which already included Phil Neville. Seems like something that would happen on football manager but wellm it obviously isn't a long term fix.

HMS_Lolibutt | Yesterday, 1:26 PM

Not sure if the happenings at Man Yoo are positive ore negative for our chances on the weekend.

HMS_Lolibutt | Yesterday, 1:20 PM
Shit. Better luck next season, I suppose.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-20-14, 12:25 PM

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-20-14, 12:12 PM
Looks like an exciting end to the season. Juve will indeed be a tough ask.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-20-14, 11:56 AM

Must feel good to win stuff.

Although maybe we'll have a shot at winning the Championship next season.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-20-14, 9:37 AM

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-20-14, 9:35 AM
My favourite thing about Chelsea's game yesterday was seeing Rui Faria go mental. They sure got fucked over though.

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-20-14, 9:04 AM
Might not be worth any points but we've certainly regained some pride in the last couple of games. Still need a minor miracle you would think but Man Utd and Arsenal are hardly consistent. Doubt Chelsea would lose twice at home again for a while but hopefully we sneak a point, I doubt that would happen though.

Refs have helped Liverpool out a lot this season, doing it for the 96. Even in today's game there were some pretty obvious corners that should have gone our way and I'm not sure how he didn't give the Sakho freekick near the end.

Daconator | 04-18-14, 2:48 PM
Espero que o final de temporada seja o contrĂ¡rio do ano passado...!

JogaBonito | 04-16-14, 5:16 PM
link it please? I dont visit the soccer board or thread on the vesti anymore

JogaBonito | 04-16-14, 5:00 PM
Hey, since you follow the Portuguese league, how good is William Carvalho?

HMS_Lolibutt | 04-16-14, 2:54 PM
I hope I'm as excited as that when Liverpool game finishes on Sunday.

EratiK | 04-16-14, 1:44 PM
I hope you don't stare at your walls all day. Though some Zen master reached enlightment like that I think. Might have to call you Cowa sensei soon.

Then again maybe you're a night owl, so what you do during the day might not really count.

Anyway, doing nothing isn't bad once in awhile. I go crazy when I'm too bored, so that's just not for me.

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