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Piko | 11-07-10, 12:16 PM
Don't worry u will be passive ^__~

ONEESAMAAA | 11-07-10, 11:29 AM

ONEESAMAAA | 11-06-10, 10:51 PM
Oh, sure is hot in here.

ONEESAMAAA | 11-06-10, 10:42 PM
>onee-chan <3
That only works when Brue does it. Sorry.

ONEESAMAAA | 11-06-10, 10:10 PM
It's considered illegal.

I'm not interested in older men anyway. 6 and under pls

ONEESAMAAA | 11-06-10, 9:47 PM
Sometimes I have sex with myself during fingerpaint class. And at nap time I blow myself.


ONEESAMAAA | 11-06-10, 9:29 PM
Sure. I'll escape during recess.

Who wouldn't be excited by a 6 year old hermaphrodite that practices selfcest?

ONEESAMAAA | 11-06-10, 4:36 PM
Stop hitting on me. I'm only a child.

Yeah, when I have sex with myself its supa supa kawaiiiii :3
Glad you agree.

Piko | 11-06-10, 6:24 AM
lol do some anime or manga yaoi for me so~

ONEESAMAAA | 11-05-10, 6:00 PM
>i'd be able to get hard if I was fucking a girl. You can see that ;)
I'm now a lesbian after reading that.

I'm okay with this. But if the mall was open during the outbreak, wouldn't that be a bad hiding place? You need a larger potbelly to be my shield, though. Just saying. <3

WHAT IF I DID!? Problem with hermaphrodites??

Toddler_Naruto | 11-05-10, 5:01 PM
' A- to me is 90%

Piko | 11-05-10, 9:17 AM
omg u r gay

Piko | 11-05-10, 7:48 AM

ONEESAMAAA | 11-04-10, 7:14 PM
>I wouldn't be able to get hard if I was fucking a guy.
I'll need to see that written in red.

I feel better now knowing that you're a hero. I had my doubts at first but now I'm 99% convinced.

Why would she need a strap on when she's already well-equipped? U so silly. Always not making sense.

And I'm done. I can only call someone gay so much before I get bored. ;_;

ONEESAMAAA | 11-04-10, 5:44 PM
I lol'd hard at a certain magical place. So cute. And you mean her keys, right. That's pretty risqué.
And by keys I mean dick.

Well, I don't have giant tits which is a shame in itself and if I did, I'd get saved by you and not a fatty with a magic stapler. I seriously can't win here. ;_;

That's not very good proof. I can say I love bread but does that mean I don't love crackers too? No. It just means what it means, that I love bread.

Fuck your life.

ONEESAMAAA | 11-04-10, 3:48 PM
So we can die together? lolno
I'd prefer a fatty with a magic stapler. Thanks anyway, though.

Not sure how one proves that they're 'straight.' Pretty sure that's impossible. Denial is a powerful thing. And lots of people are good at lying. I can't possibly trust you bro.

Also, it's too late. You can't take back the 100%.

But don't worry. I love all homos. <3 Let's be friends forever.

Toddler_Naruto | 11-04-10, 2:34 PM
An A- is still an A, isn't it?

ONEESAMAAA | 11-04-10, 7:17 AM
lol, too powerful. So cute.
See, I have no problem admitting that I'd be in the first thousand to die in my city. I'd panic so my hiding places wouldn't be very good and I wouldn't get saved because of people like you. ;_;
Yes, I mad.

Thank you for explaining how staplers work! What would I do without you? Oh, right, still die first.

And I have a problem with people that say they're 100% straight. If you were really 100% straight, you'd say 99%. Because you'd be comfortable enough with your heterosexuality that that tiny 1% really wouldn't be a problem.

In short, U GAY.

Toddler_Naruto | 11-04-10, 2:09 AM
Yikes that must be complicated.

Toddler_Naruto | 11-03-10, 10:19 PM
What's your worse subject in school/college?

Mine is English surprisingly, I hate essays.

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