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hirahira | 03-26-12, 11:46 AM
I don't know if it has one. I just know at as Scene Finale from Swan Lake.

hirahira | 03-25-12, 1:36 PM

hirahira | 03-24-12, 7:26 PM
This is how I found all the names of the music used in each episode

hirahira | 03-24-12, 7:14 PM
No, I just ripped them from Youtube. It took a long time to find them all.

isurugifan18 | 10-10-10, 9:42 PM
Hello this is isurugifan18, I was wonderering if you had the translations for the true tears drama cd, I have searched everywhere with no progress and I read one of your comments that said you had them, If I could get a copy of them I would be much obliged

desolato | 03-24-10, 9:52 AM
Do you still have the translations for the True Tears drama cd? I remember you uploaded them and sent them to me a while ago, but since I recently switched computers, I lost the files, and the links are expired. If you could re-upload them, that would be so much appreciated!

And, the true tears epilogue will hopefully be released in a couple of days! :)

Obsessive | 01-15-10, 8:48 PM
I see. You've got a cool dad. Classical music is better than rock in my opinion. I read up somewhere that the most difficult and complex type of music to learn to play is classical. Hope you enjoyed this year's one.

The Nutcracker is very traditional piece and I read the story as a child. Tchaikovsky was a genius composer. And I can only imagine the ballet being awesome to the 10th root. Are you fond of classical music too? My favorite is actually the Baroque Canon in D by Pachelbel although it would do with a better name for the piece since Canon is not a proper noun, boo. =(

^ ^ Actually starting school early is a good thing so I'm fine. But my life can be boring when it's all work, study, work, study. I could quit my job but that will mean I won't have anymore expendable income and less money into my deposits for my dream house. (Housing in Australia is sooo expensive T T).

Starting from the 21st January, I'll be gone for 2 weeks. =<, school excursion but I will be back on the February 4th.

I'll try to squeeze time to watch anime, last year seemed a surprisingly good year for anime with After Story, Eve no Jikan, Cross Gamei and Kara no Kyoukai the major highlights. There were some nice titles to go in between, but last year there weren't many romantic dramas that were outstanding. So what have you been up to?

P.S. Thanks for the compliment. The new user name was something new since I've been obsessing over a matter for too long. ;P Jahrakal was my favorite DoTA hero, but I wanted something more general. Traded the old profile picture for a breath of fresh air although its from a VN. Also, my forum avatar is from Dragonaut and my sig; well you guessed it; Sammy from EnJ.

P.S.2. If you don't mind me asking, why is your profile so plain...? 0_o, no list, no favorites, just a blank page. ;P

willyvereb | 01-13-10, 12:00 AM
Whaat? I think you're confused about something or I missed out some.According to my knowledge that medal had no magical powers to erase the memories. Touya and Haruka simply just forgot it because it happened a long time ago in their childhood.

And Touya's father is a criminal just being released from pirson due to Christmas and his bad condition. I believe Touya has quite a reason to resent him, even if he shouldn't do so in my opinion.

Also it was kind of in Haruka's character to force herself on Touya. And perhaps it was typically Harukaish to just be contempt with that one chance and move on from him.

The thing which irritated me that they made Rina gone through all that drama and then they didn't use those chances of development out at all.

But the thing which angers me the most is Touya itself. Not because of his cheatings, nor his attitude to his father, but because they made him conveniently dumb and directed by the plot itself. His personality was next to non-existent. And the last episode was a total catastrophe. Nothing is revealed and everything's gotten miraculously solved somehow.

willyvereb | 01-06-10, 4:54 AM
I fyou meant frustrating then I agree.:
After 26 episodes Touya figured out at last the thing we knew from the first episode about him. What a big thing. Also manycliche-like happenings and the lack of a proper conclusion. I wanted it to be somehow more meaningful.

Obsessive | 01-06-10, 2:05 AM
Nice. Glad to see you having some family this Christmas. Also, that ballet must be waaayyyyy cool.

Sadly, my holidays seemed to have stalled now. =< I am working again from 9.30am to 4.30 pm every day for 2 weeks. I sorta regret rostering myself for so many days, but everyone is going on vacation now. And to think school's about to start on the 18th January. T T

But such is life, not always a bed of roses, hehe.

willyvereb | 01-05-10, 4:26 PM
Well, it was good. And yours?
Anyways, thanks for the good wishes.
Did you finish the second season of White Album?

desolato | 01-05-10, 3:36 PM
Thank you! Same to you!

Hey, did you hear, True Tears is getting a 3 min sequel. :)

sirwence | 01-04-10, 6:33 PM
happy new year indeed ^^

Obsessive | 01-04-10, 6:16 PM
No need to apologize, lol. Must have been busy with things. ^^ Happy new year.

Christmas has been heaps of fun. We went to Carols by Candlelight as a family (a friend took part in hosting the event). Spent another 4 days in the Gold Coast and Mackay/Cairns. Went snorkelling. Also, went to the city for New Year's countdown. It's pretty eventful, to say the least. How's yours been?

Obsessive | 12-24-09, 4:32 PM
Merry Christmas, Foxy. Hope you have a good one. ^^

Also, Happy New Year in advance.

Obsessive | 10-06-09, 8:40 PM
Have you watched Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 yet? It's great, like really, really unexpectedly good. Touching, moving, sad, all that. To think I never really liked Bones. ^^

Obsessive | 10-06-09, 8:00 PM
Hey Foxy, it's been a while indeed. Where have you been? Hope you been well. You really were away long. ^ ^

Cool, so you've already sat on the elephants; although its a different country, it's still the same type of elephant. How did you find it? A little high and somewhat bumpy? That's what I felt when I first rode these animals. Yeah, Thailand is awesome indeed, I think India's pretty cool too. Very unique and I keep thinking of spice, ancient temples, exotic dances, snake charmers and playing with fire.

I feel that the East has many values which have long been forgotten by the West. Honor, respect, honesty as well as many traditions have been lost with the passage of time and "modernization". So much so, that I wonder, have we really changed for the better? But then some Asian countries like Japan have progressed so far in technology that I think we are starting to lag behind. I find the East more fascinating, to me it's a land of magic, of a world so different from that which I have been accustomed to. The West can be interesting as well, particularly ancient Europe and the wild haunts of America, Australia and Canada, especially the natives and aboriginal people. Yes, you are right about conservatism, although I'm sure you would agree it isn't always a good thing. Restricting women's rights, prejudice and slavery for instance don't work so well in this modern age.

South Africa =0!! Haven't been there before but from what I heard, it's a very beautiful country that I definitely want to visit one day. Although I also heard to be very careful there as it is quite a dangerous place. Not sure if that is true though, just heard from some of my friends who lived there. Yes, there is danger, but also excitement, also adventure. Yeah, Dubai and especially Egypt are great as well. I would love to see the pyramids and middle eastern bazaars.

I agree with your dad, we are who we are. Be happy with ourselves; I guess for me, it's a case of the grass being greener on the other side, knowing better of course, lol.

sirwence | 09-05-09, 3:50 AM
Not to much finished a few animes caught up in 2 mangas and .. im trying to figure out what exactly happens in volume 14 of ZnT (light novel) and other then my speculations I cant lol

sirwence | 08-31-09, 11:12 PM
hey there how are things going ^^

willyvereb | 08-29-09, 12:34 PM
You know. The main reason the fans wanting to deny the existence of Tsukihime anime because of the characters. The story was almost the same even if much more brief, but the characters were much more bland. They have 5 times more personality in the Visual Novel.
For example:
-Tohno Shiki: A nice guy, who has a murderous alternate personality. It sometimes took over and you can quess what happened. On the top of it even the antagoinst's Roa's personae affects him and in many unreasonable and violent things. So he's a nice guy, but borderline insane.
-Arcueid: The most selfish main character I've ever seen. She does everything to get what she wants. REALLY everything. But she's somewhat forgiving with Shiki for some reason.
-Hisui: the most emotionfull and pure "emotionless character" you seen. Not to mention she's extremely determined in what she does.

I guess this is enough. The anime hardly shown anything from them.
Well, Fate Stay Night is similar. The VN has 3 completely different routes. They're like 3 different stories at the same setting. Each one of them is building on the previous one and reveals new things about the characters and the background.The anime has only mentioned almost exclusively the first one.

I think you get it well enough.
Anyways. Do you have a new favourite anime? We could share our opinion about it then.

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