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Maru-san | 04-13-14, 2:37 AM

Touhou Game LE

Fairy Tail LE

Sorry for delay. Deletetion in 2 weeks. Any problem? Let me know.
Thanks for requesting and have nice day :)

toridoshi | 03-18-14, 3:28 PM
Slice of Life Club Newsletter

elkensteyin | 02-27-14, 7:08 PM
Namine's Café

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai LE~
Cards || Thread
Sylph's Card Shop
Ecchi Couples LE~
Cards || Thread
//Remember to save and Re-host
Ctrl + f to find your cards

If something is wrong with my cards tell me and I'll fix it for you

Lyfa | 02-21-14, 3:43 AM
Delivery by Lyfa
Pls save & rehost, deletion takes place in 2 weeks <33

Sylph's CardShop
Ecchi Couples LE
>> Thread
>> Cards

legolasdf | 02-19-14, 7:22 PM
>>Delivery by Legolasdf<<
Ctrl + f To find your cards
Remeber to save and Rehost

Sylph's Cardshop
Monthly Edition - Pocky

Ecchi Couples LE

BakaLora | 02-16-14, 9:27 PM

S_A_Graphics | 02-12-14, 9:27 PM

KuroMayKami | 01-23-14, 3:01 AM
Wow, your list is sooo beautiful!! Great design :)

Throttlee | 01-22-14, 5:12 PM
Thank you. Adding you.
And take your time, just please when you have your time back don't forget to add me too :)

Throttlee | 01-20-14, 8:20 AM
Saw you on FC code thread, wanna trade codes?

Subpyro | 01-20-14, 6:42 AM
AnoHana fan, I see. :)
Hello there.

OokamiNoSeishin | 12-31-13, 5:43 PM

ReasonDesu | 12-23-13, 8:41 AM
Added your FC for Pokemans if you still play at all. I really need friend safaris too :-) 5343-9289-9963

S_A_Graphics | 11-22-13, 8:47 AM

Hello everybody.

Halloween SE and Stars LE are still open. If you didn't have a chance to request some cards please do now ^^

The threads for voting the next couples of the month for December are open,
check the club to vote ;) And if you want to be a Card Maker for the club sign up
in here :)

Thank you. See you in the club~


jayyg | 10-27-13, 12:06 AM
Hey i saw you on the x and y thread for exchanging FCs i dont know many people irl who have the game so i was hoping to exchange some FCs through MAL, ive already added you but i would appreciate it if you added me back

my FC is 1220-6770-7494

Thanks :D

Akitso | 10-25-13, 6:09 PM
I got you man!

Crazynick411 | 10-15-13, 11:00 AM
Yea me too i just beat the elite four.The game is really fun

Lyfa | 09-14-13, 1:05 PM

Hi all, this is a massdelivery from a total of 43 editions, and a total of 2446 cards!
I was wondering to send it out for sometime now, and right now I will do it, another massdelivery will come with the remaining editions, sooner or later ;3
I wanna thank you all for you're sweet comments posted in every edition, it means allot to me hearing you like it or got a hard time choosing <33 ARRIGATOU MINNA-SAN!
You can find you're cards easily if you press crtl+f in the dropcanvas and write you're name, if you requested by more names then search em all up, you also search in alphabetical order.
It might look messy but honestly I think it's easy cause if all you're cards are together like in a blog.
If you're confused which editions it are you can press the thread spoiler button and it will also link the threads to the editions, ofc the editions itself are named.
The DropCanvas might take a lil while to load pls have patience x3...

Cards Symbols + Numbers till F

Cards G till K

Cards L till W

Cards X till Z

Pls save&rehost deletion time is unknown, canvas usually expire in 2 weeks unless they are viewed well.

S_A_Graphics | 09-13-13, 9:14 PM
-- From Shinino --
>> Piercing LE <<

Shinino | 09-13-13, 12:45 PM

Hello everybody.
Like I said in the club's comments, due to this problems with the bbcodes the editions will
be postponed until everything is back to normal. The Couples of the Month are postponed too.
If the bbcodes are back in October we will make the couples that were supposed to be for September.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We will wait for you to come play some of our games too for now.

Have a nice day/evening.

- Shinino

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