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AncestralSpirit2 | 06-17-12, 12:21 PM
Ima need that USB stick back at some point.

Pete's coming back soonish and he has a loooooooad of porn, duhimean anime to give me.


that old chestnut.

AncestralSpirit2 | 05-03-12, 9:00 AM
Just watched Dead Leaves....


*intake of breath*

Loud, colourful, and downright feckin' weird.
But it was pretty good.
I think.

Drill penis

AncestralSpirit2 | 03-01-12, 8:31 AM
Glad you could laugh off the whole work situation, i bet Tracey was in a right state lulz. I'm surprised that everyone else was panicking, Jen doesn't seem like the kinda person that would've stressed out over something like that *shrugs*

The model is from an anime called Puella Magi Madoka Magica, it's my number 1 anime on my faves list if you take a gander *points up and left*
That one was Homura Akemi. I'll send you some pics via private mail of all the models i have on order and the ones i've got..... Wow, i've just realised how much i've spent all together on these models!

Sweet Jesus! That's gonna be a helluva lot of anime to go through *is starting to turn green with envy*. Gggrrrrr, ima have to steal some of that anime from you ya know.

*sigh* life laundry. Still snails pace, i just can't seem to motivate myself to get that room done. Every time i think i've cleaned somewhere, that wild mouse pisses and poops on everything, and then i feel like i've wasted my time.
In general, i would say things are 'meh'. I've plenty of anime's to watch, and games to play, and work ain't so bad. I'm seeing my friends regularly again, but there's always those money woes, and that love life to deal with. Those tend to be the two biggest sore points for me really. Other than that, all is well in the life and times of Pilky.

So how's life for the Craig Machine?
I hope it goes a little something like this:

AncestralSpirit2 | 02-29-12, 3:53 AM
Mwahahahaha that's how Pilky roles, you'll just have to deal with it!

*drools over multiregion blu-ray player*
Methinks i shall wait for a while until my bank account looks a little less sore, poor thing *pats bank account on head*
They're all incredibly expensive, however there're a few cheap standard DVD multiregion DVD players, WITH HDMI cables.

Most of my money diisappears on the site HLJ 'Hobby Link Japan'.
Par example, this model will be arriving to my doorstep soon-ish. (they keep pushing her release date back, so it should be 15th March now!)

She's costing me £52.15 not including postage and packing, and shipment to EU charges ;p

*looks up Urotsukidoji* wow, the manga cover alone tells me why they censored it, but surely if you bought the DVD you ARE over 18, and you KNEW what you were buying. I mean, porn isn't censored when you buy it on DVD is it? IS it?

How's work at Lytham anyhow? I heard the new guy that was supposed to be working with you didn't turn up. What a jackass! I'm gonna ask Ann Marie for more hours if i get a chance tomorrow, hopefully i'll get pushed back to you guys ;p
Don't tell Ann Marie i said that k?

AncestralSpirit2 | 02-26-12, 2:09 AM
I take it the censorship in America isn't as bad as it is over here.
In which case ima have to buy an all region DVD player too, where did you get one?

Panty and Stocking is about 2 angels from heaven sent to earth to kill demons that manifest themselves through humans evil emotions, and to do this they use a car called 'See-Through' and, Panty uses her panties called 'Backlace', and Stocking uses her stockings called 'Stripes'.......

It's a fanservicy anime, without proper fanservice. It's so over the top, that it takes the piss out of itself, thus making it a comdey more than an ecchi.

We'll have to come and see each other every now and then just to steal anime from one another...... not that i'm using you or anything *looks shifty*

The other guy you see on my profile, Psychodrake, i'ma stealin' anime from him too :p
I wonder what my boyfriend would think if he knew i was using men just for the anime on their hard-drives (euphemism ho!)

Additional: Just reading the hell beast rape thing reminds me, look up Berserk on the manga section. Tis THE most fucking epic manga EVER!

I also just joined a new club called the 'We Hate Censorship' club. *sigh* stupid anime steam *shakes head*

AncestralSpirit2 | 02-25-12, 12:42 PM
In which case, i would recommend FLCL if you haven't already seen it.
It's about a boy who has robots that grow from his head, and a girl who uses an electric guitar as a weapon......yeah.....

I'll also need to go back to Lytham every now and then and steal a few DVD's from you :P
You know of any decent websites that you can buy region 2 anime DVD's from?

AncestralSpirit2 | 02-25-12, 7:00 AM
Glad to see that there's someone else who knows about Dead Leaves.
I haven't seen it yet, but from what i hear, it's bat shit insane!

You own it on DVD, or just watched it on teh interwebs somewhere?

AncestralSpirit2 | 02-24-12, 8:18 AM
*A wild Pilky appears*

Welcome to MAL Craig!

P.S. It's Emma btw ;)

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