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Kento_Yamano | 03-31-12, 7:58 PM
Alright, I'm finally back (Been busy with school lately)!

Comments in this profile are now available to anyone
(Still, reasonable or hilarious comments)

Relayer | 02-15-12, 5:55 PM
Welcome to MAL! :)

Kento_Yamano | 02-15-12, 5:01 PM
Hello, just started this account!

Name comes from my own nickname plus some modifications.

Though it only shows that I watched few anime, I might as well have watched 95 already. So I might already know some titles.

I am a person who normally watch anime and read manga on a daily basis. I do not prefer a genre over another, so anything can pretty much satisfy me (unless they are really atrocious). I might give off a word or two in this site, but don't expect too much.

That pretty much covers everything I have to say. Rules are pretty much the same as anybody elses and I enjoy reasonable comments (either positive or negative)

Usually home at 3H30PM to 8H00PM on weekdays and whatever I feel like it on weekends

Can't wait to meet all of you, thanks!

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