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LiezaElk | 12-30-12, 1:01 PM
Here are cards with a veeeery late delivery T_T
I totally forgot about these so I made them with rush and also with new photoshop, so they look a little different than original. Sorry ^^

From Z-A

LiezaElk | 06-11-12, 9:46 AM

Save & Rehost

HotCrossBuns | 04-21-12, 10:05 AM

CocoNoelle | 04-20-12, 3:35 PM

Plese save & re-host!

LiezaElk | 04-19-12, 2:30 PM

amukid08 | 03-20-12, 6:54 PM

Hello there thanks for joining at TownSquareClub
You can get a badge after you have requested on the club
the there are member cards. limited and other cards. and also claims
Take note: always read the simple instructions
for further questions you can go to FAQ or for quick answer to your question
just directly go here "Info Desk"

Have fun and enjoy your stay ^_^ and be active

for more new and latest updates visit the club. that's all. Thanks for joining

CocoNoelle | 03-17-12, 3:11 AM
You're welcome ^^

CocoNoelle | 03-16-12, 2:42 PM

khrymson | 03-16-12, 9:14 AM

Dear member of Shiroku✰Highschool,

We hereby remind you of your status as part of our active community. Please drop by sometime and participate in the role-play. Also, we would be very happy if you would continue/start contributing to the club by being regularly active and leave comments.

Yours sincerely,
The Community of Shiroku✰Highschool

ThatAnimeSnob | 03-10-12, 5:13 AM
"Bleach frequently uses a "tell, don't show" method. What I mean by that is that many things get hyped up beyond belief or a character is established as being great, but these things are only done through characters talking about it. When we finally get to whatever it is that's been hyped up, it very rarely lives up to that hype, and in some cases fails to live up to it even before the hype even happens."

"Tell, don't show" is something entirely different. It is when things are explained through talking and not showing. I think it is better to say "red herring" which refers to misleading info, or "badly handled foreshadowing" for not being cosistant with what it said earlier.

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