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coltcobana | Yesterday, 8:38 AM
Hello Mr.flawfinder. just wanna ask,Why do you stop posting about Terror in Resonance?

Maarielle | 09-10-14, 4:11 PM
hey just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your reviews ^^

homicidal_maniac | 08-04-14, 7:12 PM
Someone who likes your taste.

homicidal_maniac | 08-04-14, 3:21 PM
Hey Janey.

Myna | 06-01-14, 8:18 PM
What are your favorite movies of 2014 so far?

jiwoo1024 | 05-26-14, 3:09 AM
Love your reviews but they give you so much shit. Keep it up ^^

FestinaLente | 05-22-14, 10:35 AM
Daria? Hell, yes! ^-^

Nyron | 05-18-14, 10:14 AM
You're a good guy, I like you.

kokkoderrisch | 05-18-14, 9:40 AM
Well your review just killed my interest in Akame Ga Kill. Thanks for the warning.

Arfbarf | 03-19-14, 5:20 PM
sex is bad

Xenograft | 03-06-14, 4:21 PM
Enjoyed your soremachi review

maddynamite | 03-02-14, 6:07 AM
Your review for The Wind Rises was funny :) You hit all the major complaints I had with the movie also.

SnowWind | 03-01-14, 2:51 PM
lol.... (how does it feel to be infamous for being ignored)

gedata | 03-01-14, 10:22 AM
1/18 people found your Stein;s Gate movie review helpful

Myna | 02-27-14, 7:51 PM
Yeah, I just deleted it a few days ago. It was kind of an instantaneous decision. I got bored and decided to delete it. Blogging started to get monotonous for me, too.

AmberFebruary | 01-31-14, 10:08 PM
my point is he didn't fuck any canon material which clearly your review have said

AmberFebruary | 01-31-14, 6:10 AM
well the point is you said in your review he put his own spice of things in the Patlabor Movie 2 where in fact its present since the beginning of the Patlabor franchise

and yes, HE is part, they're headgear

AmberFebruary | 01-30-14, 6:37 PM
oh so you lack info eh

in the first place its not a TV series, but an OVA series

HE directed it, and the two movies is a direct sequel of it, showing how they're matured with their respective positions

the one Oshii didn't directed is that 47 episode tv series which basically was able to be put into production because of the success of his OVA series, he wrote some of the scripts though, but because he didn't direct it, it came out as different as what is presented with the OVA, which surely if you watch is his personal touch

Demi_V | 01-30-14, 5:34 PM
You have a nice username for a reviewer/critic. Btw, I love Daria. :-)

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