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czxcjx | 01-26-15, 7:51 AM
Well if you ask me what I like about Shirobako, and maybe what you find problematic, its that they actually do things. All the works you mentioned above (except Parks and Rec and Office Space, which I have never watched before) are 'realistic' in that they capture certain moods and aspects of feelings realistically, but it suffers from the 'students don't actually study' syndrome of school dramas and romcoms. Not saying that you have to show every single banal mind-numbing moment of study, but that Shirobako balances all that out in a way that none of those shows ever did before. It shows the process of creation without turning it into some sacred process like Sakurasou and it gets into detail. The difference between an economics textbook and actual economics likewise is that while its all fancy numbers and calculations, it has a real and actual impact on people's lives, and it moves nations into action. Shirobako also doesn't just educate on the system but satirizes and critiques the idea of turning art into a consumer product and shows the struggle between the artistic community, audience and the shareholders. It can concretize these things precisely because its so specialized in its context, like how Orwell doesn't 'romanticize' being poor and helping the poor in his works but goes in detail about all the stupid roadblocks and annoyances one has to go through in order to get anything done as a poor person in 20th century England or France. Of course if that isn't entertaining to you then there's no helping it.

czxcjx | 01-26-15, 7:21 AM
I've always viewed the anime style as a sort of pop-romanticism that purifies the features and pushes the human individual to a more ideal plane. Fanservice implies that you degrade this ideal in exchange for catering to the more 'primal' or 'physiological' natures of the fanbase; the furthest extent of this being catering to sexuality. If cute girls just 'told' you about the industry, with the verbal and gestural cues of a powerpoint presentation, like those irritating Manga guide to Economics type books, or those books that anthropomorphize countries, then it would be definitely considered 'service'. But Shirobako does exactly the opposite of that, which is to portray 'romantic reality' in order to represent an ideal human spirit, and not to cater to base desires (although some portions do get a bit more expository in how the system works). It just happens to present a less ideal reality than the supremely removed from concrete reality, like Shounen fighting series or mecha series.

I've also never considered 'plot' as being an actual thing, more of a descriptive concept rather than a prescriptive concept. Its just a way to shorten 'events happening in temporal order'. When you put 'plot' into the mainframe, rather than seeing it as character interactions, that is when you get a narrow scope of art. But you distinguish story from plot, so I'm guessing to you 'plot' is something akin to "events that hold epiphanic quality to the individual in a condensed timeframe" like the various dream sequences and God-debates and memories that intermesh together and magnify the short journey of an old professor into a whole lifespan of regret and decay. In that case Shirobako does have a lack of those game-changing life reorienting epiphanic moments.

And why does Realism work? Because even Escapism needs something to kill, to escape from. Art is always in reference to reality, unless you're going to those Modernist extremes of Art. Shirobako is horribly and creepingly real, but also posits a 'false realness' which sure works as a whole lot better way to relieve me of a whole lot of stuff that happens everyday by being just 'a bit' brighter than the constant grey, a whole load more potent, in fact, than a lot of other stuff out there that just aims to deny as many facets of The Real as possible. A vicious crack in the skin is going to let out a lot of blood, but if you want to really get into a person's system, you need to attack specific intravenous channels into the bloodstream. Is this entertaining? Well that concept is too subjective to even measure reliably. But I think you can say that at least its 'potent' at whatever it does compared to the rest, regardless of whether your system is immunized to it.

But Bergman is still, out of all the foreign directors, except for maybe Ozu, one of the most subtle, held-back (excepting Persona and some others) and slice-of-lifey directors out there. He's the complete anti-thesis to the French New Wave and also doesn't go to the extent of aesthetics as a Tarkovsky or Terence Malick. Shirobako, as a whole, is a whole lot louder than any Bergman but Bergman does the precise outbreaks of emotion more viciously.

czxcjx | 01-25-15, 2:20 AM
Calling Shirobako 'fanservice' is completely waaaaaaaay off the mark.

And I'm surprised that you can say Bergman is your favorite foreign director and make the remark that "There's no actual plot that goes beyond the characters living their lives". You've just described the plot of Wild Strawberries.

Shirobako doesn't rest on its in-jokes and just 'explaining'. It rests on the slow crawling feeling of life that seems to permeate throughout the whole work, even with its highly romantic look at production life. It captured everything from annoying co-workers, to miscommunication causing unnecessary tension in the workplace, to the feeling of not giving a shit when you're on your work off, to that feeling of absolutely bewilderment when you return from said off, to that feeling of decay when you're put in a bad position with no social mobility, to sudden personal non-work related tragedies affecting things in the flow, to trying to train your skills and up your level in a situation where you feel like you're going nowhere. And people actually do things in it as opposed to other slice of life anime where nothing ever really seems to happen.

"Shirobako's biggest problem is that it never goes beyond threatening the characters' work positions... I'm not seeing anyone rob a bank in desperation. I'm not seeing anyone contemplate suicide. I'm not even seeing anyone make any kind of sacrifice to keep their job."

Of course you aren't. You're seeing real people trying to deal with their problems the way real people deal with them. You're also seeing the small issues that happen in any real life working situation. Hardly anyone does anything really drastic. Hardly anyone mopes and has the existential outcries that Bergman so loves (even though there's the Beckett reference). They just do what they can do get satisfaction and solve the small issues.

volbeatz | 01-09-15, 12:11 PM
lmao trash taste confirmed

DryGuy84 | 01-09-15, 10:53 AM
Fair enough.

DryGuy84 | 01-08-15, 7:46 PM
If I may remark on your Saenai Heroineno Sodatekata review. I must say I very much didn't like the special myself, nor am I a fan of A-1 Pictures. However, I think comparing the staff to lobotomized monkeys is not a good look for a reviewer. In fact, I'd say it would make some question your credibility.

I'm just telling you this because I'm sure that if you're anything like me you'd want feedback on your work. Nice job, otherwise.

stray-otaku | 01-08-15, 7:41 PM
your review on saenai heroine was positively hilarious and i feel the same way, 10/10 thank you so much

MirageOS | 12-21-14, 10:53 PM
This is an eccentric question but how do you maintain so much interest in anime despite the sheer volume of what you watch?

Mine wanes after I watch a good series and I don't watch anything for like two

HalfMoons | 12-14-14, 3:41 PM
Yeah, but your rating it badly out of hatred wich normally turns out to be biased

HalfMoons | 12-14-14, 3:30 PM
yes but how much 110?

HalfMoons | 12-14-14, 3:18 PM
Did you seriously rated bad because it was White Fox that produced it? How biased and naive..

HalfMoons | 12-14-14, 3:15 PM
yeah but still.. How do you rate the animation for a show like Sword of the stranger or Samurai champloo?

HalfMoons | 12-14-14, 2:57 PM
What about akame vs Kurome, Esdeath vs Akame.. thought so.. Lazy animation is that of a Terra Formars.. Thats way too biased.. at least give a 5 or something its more understandable

HalfMoons | 12-14-14, 2:07 PM
Did you seriously gave Agk Art a 2 ? Thats realy biased

Detective | 12-14-14, 1:48 PM
flame review

thanks for actually caring to write one that didn't simply list the production staff + character bios

Weeaboo_Jones | 12-14-14, 1:14 PM
10/10 Akame review, both anime and manga. Fun fact: your review of Akame was enough to make me check out Oyasumi Punpun.

Also, yes: us Indians get REALLY pissed off watching Slumdog Millionaire... at least, I do anyway. I imagine the reaction's the same when an Afghani person watches The Kite Runner.

Yesmo | 12-11-14, 9:20 AM
What does Gaijin World means?

sailormean | 11-16-14, 8:40 PM
Oh wow so I came across ur profile pretty randomly and was super surprised bc I've never had an 'amazingly high' compatibility show up before, so that's pretty cool! And accurate since from what I saw (aside from like sailor moon/ princess jellyfish/ a few other shows that u dropped) I love pretty much everything you rated highly that I've watched. Even some of your fave movies are my faves lol (I was gogo yubari for Halloween this year because battle royale/ kill bill are two of my absolute favorite movies)

Yesmo | 10-26-14, 9:59 PM
Akame ga kill post, yeah.

Yesmo | 10-26-14, 9:58 PM
Akame ga kill post, yeah.

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