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kaitonic | 08-15-14, 2:58 AM
Nice list of anime well it seems we have some in common....i notice one of your comment in Uchuu Kyoudai that you are a fan of Psych.
I love Shawn and Gus team

Jose07 | 08-10-14, 7:25 AM
i see, thank you for telling me :D

ThangLong | 08-15-13, 12:32 PM

seishi-sama | 06-16-13, 3:26 AM
Hey, you alive there? ;)

Pat_To_Do-List | 06-04-13, 11:48 PM
Thank you for your hard work in making MyAnimeList become a better website for anime/manga/similar things fans.

Sonja | 05-22-13, 11:57 AM
Haha, I'm alive, just really not that active here :D Or nowhere in animanga land.......... How are you?

seishi-sama | 04-08-13, 6:53 AM
:) Yay!

Well, if we put aside the fact the spring still hasn't come and I seem to have a perma throat ache these days, I've been doing pretty awesome really. :3 Some grasped opportunities here and there, some new experiences and some new developments so... I guess I probably shouldn't get too conceited about that, but still. :) Hope for more good things to come.

What about you? ;)

Sebastian333 | 04-04-13, 10:30 PM
Hello! well..1st of all , srry 4 my late rply . been really busy with school life (and its tiring lol..)
Hmm, well about hakkenden ike reibun(did I spelled it right?haha) , i think the first thing that attracts me is that super fine arts! The colours , the tone , the animation , fit my taste and favorite-anime criteria. and the story wasn't really bad even though some of it really predictable , it was really enjoyable till the end , of 13 episodes :)
Did you like / watch it too?

DeadIEnd | 04-04-13, 12:08 PM
Yep. 4 hours of writing gone to waste for now, but if the rules change, I have it saved on txt and ready to post when they do.

DeadIEnd | 04-03-13, 3:29 PM
Thanks for taking that review helpful count virginity.

Cigarette | 04-03-13, 7:02 AM
Thanks. Mind if I ask which one you read in particular and why?

Dave-Brooks714 | 03-25-13, 4:11 PM
I have a thing for emotional shows that represent love well. Noe is a great example.

Dave-Brooks714 | 03-25-13, 4:05 PM
Thanks. Someone has to speak for the sub characters!
Well you can't have heart-full anime shows without True tears. Amagami SS is a little similar in emotion wise.

alchemist11 | 03-22-13, 4:24 PM

In regards to Bokura no Saibanin Monogatari... It's quite a lengthy web ova. Migoto may get around to it if you request it on their web-site and RTM likes it. Not sure if their translator would be up for it. Also, I did not forget about your application. I am just waiting on the translation of Shoujo Fight, which I want you to do as a quality assurance test. I'll explain more about this in the reply e-mail. I can also give you a random editing test, but I don't have anything requiring editing right now (it would have been Shoujo Fight had I not assigned that to someone else and if you had responded to me sooner).

In regards to Shoujo anime... Sadly, shoujo genre anime tend to get licensed by Crunchyroll or other vendors (and we're not planning to do any new Japanese anime which may come out in the future). Even the older ones. If you are okay with it, I can give you something somewhat 'shoujo-like'. For example, Before Green Gables, (if you're okay with Shoujo Ai, then AIKa: Zero), Doraemon, Symphony in August, Tamala 2010, etc.

alchemist11 | 03-22-13, 4:05 PM
We generally don't do anything that is available as a 'stream'. We're not against it, but that form of media is not our cup of tea. In fact, the only reason we are doing Neon the Animation anime is because the translator requested it. The joint with Migoto was made because they have become the 'web-rip guys,' so to save resources on our end, RTM of Migoto does the editing, timing, and encoding. We have another collaboration with Migoto (for an FMA web series) in the works, but I haven't heard from RTM on the status of that yet.

Samurigarr | 03-18-13, 1:46 PM
My opinion, yea, seen very few PG13 that have been outstanding or fantastic, only a select few have proven me wrong...

alchemist11 | 03-13-13, 9:27 PM
Digikawaii brought to my attention recently, and I didn't know about it. I asked her to go through the site identifying anime that coincide with any anime on the SFW relations list so that it can be removed, but in case she doesn't could you do that? There are quite a number of old anime on which are not available with English subtitles anywhere else. Thanks.

VioLink | 03-09-13, 10:46 AM
So is your profile picture I love lily Hoshino's art!

DesolateOne | 02-17-13, 11:47 PM
Hey! You forgot me already?! Kidding. You probably deal with many users on a regular basis so it makes sense you wouldn't remember me. I used to be called DesolateOne but i decided to change name for the month because of an inside joke on irc. You once helped me merge a thread regarding about "what happens when we [humans] die?" Was a year or so ago. :p

I was surprised when I saw your name too when I first joined! The irony :p

seishi-sama | 02-01-13, 1:05 AM
Didn't even get to use any~ :3

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