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jhoanais | 08-25-14, 2:11 PM

I just thought I would brighten up your day referencing the best movie ever made.

THEbaganza | 08-12-14, 3:12 PM
i approve your anime taste.

DystopianLove | 08-02-14, 9:41 PM
How are you doing my love

Yup | 07-30-14, 5:53 PM

DystopianLove | 07-28-14, 10:43 PM
--hugs tightly--


Bearbear145 | 07-28-14, 3:11 PM
Yes I do, Kyou is the best but who you can find any of the cast annoying is beyond me especially fuko, when she looks like this:

Do you have any other hobbies?

PnkRxPrncss | 07-26-14, 9:55 PM
your picture makes me extremely happy <3333

bendalln | 07-21-14, 1:23 PM
Hello Snax-chan,
It's Your Friend Nathan
Good Day 2 you,

Also, If It's OK With You, Please,Can I Please Tell You About The Dream, I Had Last Night Please, :)Thank you,

Also, I So Can't Wait Into You Message Me Again, Because Your Extra So Delightfully Nice,XD Extra Thank you :)

Take Care
Thank you Bye Bye

Bearbear145 | 07-20-14, 4:09 PM
For the girls, it has to be Kyou, she is just a fantastic character with such great development, hence the special with her is my favourite part of Clannad!

The guys must be Tomoya for the reasons you stated too.

Do you regularly watch anime's with genres similar to Clannad? Harlem's and such?

bendalln | 07-20-14, 1:21 PM
Hello Snax-chan
It's Your Friend Nathan :)
How Are You? I So Miss You,Please Don't Be Angry With Me, I'm Sorry, Also I'm So Wondering How You Are, Sorry If I Done Something Wrong :(

Sorry, Also, ,I'm Doing Al My Anime Reviews With you, Also, Have An Adventure, ThanK you Bye Bye

Bearbear145 | 07-19-14, 5:11 PM
I see you too have watched all the Clannad series, Who was your favorite character and why? :)

bendalln | 07-19-14, 12:54 AM
Hello Snax-chan :)
It's Your Friend Nathan
A Super 100% So Good Day 2 You
I 10000% Hope Your Having A Magically Adventures Summer With Lots Of Ice Cream And Anime, And Extra Good Luck Being A Review Moderator, Your A Super Hero 2 Reviews :D

Also, I Sent You A Private Message Yesterday, :) Also, What's The Most Scariest Anime You Have Ever Seen? Sorry, I Asked, I Just So Want 2 Know, Also On My Private Message I Told You Mine, Also, I Have Been Good, Also, My Glasses Broke 2 Days Ago, But I Got Spare Ones :)

Also Snax-chan, I So promise 2 Write You Another Story 1 Day, Also, Edward From Fullmetal Alchemist Is So Very Funny, Also What Would You Do If All The Water In The World Was Replaced With Hot Chocolate? That Would Be So Epic'y So Cooly,So Very Happily Magically So Fun Extra Thank You

Take Care :D
Thank You Bye Bye

FreaXoid | 07-18-14, 8:24 PM
wow you progress much with animes i too this season very good shows how was flamenco lol

Oakaoak | 07-17-14, 5:43 PM
i like your scaling

nishiura | 07-17-14, 12:50 PM
ur watching psg

bendalln | 07-15-14, 2:41 PM
Hello Snax-chan
It's Your Friend Nathan :)
Good Day 2 You

Extra Thank you For Reading My story, Also, Your So Very Cool And Extremely So Very Nice Also, You Defeated Pinky creamy With Team Work, Because All The Review Moderators Are A Wonderful Team, I So Love Being Friends With All Of You, :)

Also, Snax-chan, I Sent You A Private Message, If It's OK Please Could You Please Reply Please?, Thank you, Also, Your 1 Of My Best Friends :)

Also, Snax-chan I So Got 2 Other Story's 2 Show You, When I'm Up My Nans House :) About 1 Year Ago, I Hand Written (My Writing Is Terrible By the way, When I Was In School, I Had Hand Writing Lessons) A Story Of Death Note With Disney Characters, Sorry If that's Weird, Also, I'm So Going 2 Type It And I Extra Promise, I'll Sent It 2 You Also
Donald Duck Is Light Yagami
Goofy Is L
Daisy Duck Is Missa
Mello Is Minnie Mouse
Near Is Mickey Mouse
Ryuk And Rem Are The same :)
Also, It's The Same story, Only With Disney Characters,

I Also, Written A Story In January Of Minnie mouse And Alucard From Hellsing, They Touch A Machine That Mixes Them Together, Then They are 1 Person, Called Milliecard, So Integra Winggates Hellsing And Mickey Mouse Try 2 Find Away 2 Separate Them, And Mickey And Integra Fall In Love In The Process, Also Minnie Promised Daisy 2 Go Out Shopping With Her And Alucard Promised Integra 2 Kill Vampire's So Now They Are Mixed Together, Milliecard Asks Daisy 2 Meet Milliecard, In A Shopping Mall Where Milliecard Kills Vampire's Extremely Gruesomely Right In Front Of Daisy Saving Her, Then Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Donalds Nephews, Make A Machine 2 Separate Them, I'll So you That story As Well, I Extra Promise,

Also, I So can't Wait 2 Hear from You, Take care
Thank you Bye Bye

bendalln | 07-10-14, 5:43 PM
Hello Snax-chan :D
It's Your Friend Nathan
Good Night 2 You :)

Also, Today, I Went 2 The Cinema With My Mammy And My 11 Year Old Brother Luke And Luke's friend 2 See How 2 Train Your Dragon 2, I So So Loved It, It's So Very Cool, I Loved The First 1 As Well, I So Want A Pet Dragon As well :D

Also Yorouichi And Aizen Are So Very Interesting, I So Agree,But Aizen Is So Indestructible, Also, I Know How 2 Do Spoiler Buttons Now, Also I Got A Story For You, :)

I Written A Story For The Review Moderators, And Your In It, Also Here It Is, Extra Thank you XD

Also Snax-chan, Your So Very Nice, Also Can You Please Tell Me If You Liked My story Please? Please? Extra Thank You

Take Lots Of Care :)
ThanK you Bye Bye

Zelot | 07-08-14, 2:11 PM
hehe, i guess i meant to say how was removing summer anime reviews :p been seeing a fair amount

My summer has been gooood
taking summer classes but they aren't too bad

Zelot | 07-08-14, 10:09 AM
Thank you Snax ^^
how is the beginning of the summer season :)?

bendalln | 07-07-14, 11:31 AM
Hello Snax-can
It's Your Friend Nathan

I 100% Hope Your So Very Happy, Also, I Sent You 3 Private Messages, Also, Who Is Your Most Favourite Bleach Character? Mine Is Kenpachi And Yachiru, Kenpachi Because He Is More Cool Than Me Giving You A Pet Magic Dragon That Works For You And Every Time Somebody Writes Spoilers In A Review He Goes And Eats Them, Also, If I Did Give You A Pet Dragon, You Can't Eat Me, Sorry But I Gave Him 2 You, So I Stay Alive, Please, Also Your Still 1 Of My Best Friends Even If Your Dragon Did Eat Me :D

And Yachiru Because She Is So Very Very Exciting And Cute, I So Want 2 Play Games With Her, And Be Friends With Yachiru :)

Also, I'm Sorry, If It's OK With You,Could You Please, Reply 2, 1 Of My Private Messages Please? You Don't Have 2,Sorry I Asked, I Miss You,And Your So Very Amazing, Like Edward, From Fullmetal Alchemist, Take Care
Thank you Bye Bye

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