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DystopianLove | Yesterday, 6:48 PM
Uzumaki edit
Plan to Read

Damn gurrl, hittin' up all that good shyyyt.

bendalln | 04-14-14, 10:13 AM
Hello, Thank You For Letting Me Put My Elfen Lied Review In The Review Section, Your So Amazingly Nice,Thank You Also, I Just Sent You A Private Message 2

Also My Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Is Chocolate Fudge, I So Love Ice Cream, So Very Tasty,Thank You For Asking Me About Ice Cream, Also I Love Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 2, I Really Like Edward

Also I Am Not Allowed 2 Do This, But I Want 2, It Looks So Very Fun

Also Your A Really Good Friend Thank You Bye Bye

bendalln | 04-14-14, 7:23 AM
Hello Snax-chan Good Afternoon 2 You, Or Good Morning If It's Morning 2 You, Sorry

Also, I Am Being Good Today, I Went For A Walk With My Mam 2 Town, And I Am Going 2 Watch Anime

Also I Am So Very Happy Today, Also I Made Friends With The Staff Member Dunois,Dunois Likes My Reviews, Dunois Is So Very Nice, we Are Friends And She Said She Would Help Me Do My Reviews, 2 Which Is So Very Cool, I Really Like Her And I Like You 2

Also Can You Please Tell Me More about My Elfen Lied Review Today Please, Please Thank you

Have a wonderful Day Thank you Bye Bye

bendalln | 04-12-14, 10:40 AM
Hello, Snax-chan, I Am So Very Happy Today, Also I Am Up My Nans House Now, Because Kelsey has Gone Home, But She Is Minding Me Next Friday And Saturday

Also Is My Elfen Lied Review Good Enough 2 Go In The Review Section Now? Please, Please, Thank You

Also Snax-chan, If It's OK I Got A Test For you, Please Do It, As you Know, I Am Autistic, And About 2 weeks Ago, Mammy And Daddy Watched A Documentary On TV About Autism, They Both seen Lots, I Did Not Watch It, Sorry, But I Only Like Animated Things, The Only Live Action Things I Like, Is Star Wars, Power Rangers, And Wizards Of Wavery Place,I Love Watching Cartoons And Anime, Any Way The Next Day Dad Done A Test On Me, There Was Some Keys In A Lunch Box, Dad Tapped The Box 3 Times Then Opened The Box And Got The Keys Out, Then I Had 2 Copy, Dad Done It On My Mam,My 11 Year Old, Brother Luke And Luke's 3 Friends, And They all Done It The Normal way, Then He Done It On Me, And I Done It The Autistic way, Dad Did Not Tell Me About The Test, So I Done It And I Done It Different 2 Everyone Else, Then I Done The Test On Kelsey, And Rebecca And They Done It The Normal Way,

It's So Cool, I Do It Different, Anyway, Mam Showed Kelsey The Documentary, Last Week, And Me And Kelsey Always Watch Anime Together, Anime Is So Very Cool

Also The Documentary Is On Youtube, But You Don't Have 2 See It, I Don't Like It, But Please Skip 2 35 Minutes.50 Seconds And watch 2 37 Minutes. 30 Seconds, And That's The test, Please Just Watch The Box Test Part, Daddy Tested It on Me And It's So Very Cool, So Just Skip 2 35.50

Also, If You Do It The Same way As Me, Can I Put All My Reviews Back In The Review Section Without A Moderator Deleting Them Please, And If You Do It The Same Way As Everyone Else And Not Me, Then I Only Do Them In My Blog, If That's OK, Sorry I Asked, Please I Don't Want 2 Be In Trouble, Also your A Good Friend

Also When You Watch Kodocha, Please Tell Me If you Like It, Please, Pretty Pretty Please, It's So Very Funny,I Promise, It''s So Much Very Fun 2 Watch, Kodocha Makes Me So Happy

Also Is My Elfen Lied Review Better Now? Also The Myanimelist Staff Are All So Very Cool And Your The Coolest Moderator And Your A Special Friend
Have A Extra Cool Day, Thank you Bye Bye

bendalln | 04-11-14, 6:43 AM
Hello, Snax-chan, Me And Kelsey Both Added Somethings 2 My Elfen Lied Review, Are They Better? Also Extra Good Luck Today, Thank You Bye Bye

bendalln | 04-09-14, 3:55 AM
Hello, Snax-chan, It's Nathan
I 100% Hope You Have A Extra Special Wonderful Day,And I Hope A Dream Of Yours Comes True Today 2 Also I Am So Very Happy Today,

Also, What Did You Think Of What I said About The Ending 2 Elfen Lied?,

And Did You Like My 3 Stories? Please, Did You Like Them?

Also Yesterday, I Did 3 Reviews In My Blog, If It's Ok With You, Will You Pretty Pretty Please Look At Them, Please And Please Tell Me If You Like Them, Also These Are Them
I Reviewed My Edward Teddy, Also Thank You So Very Much For Saying, It Sounds Cute, Your So Nice, Thank You, Also Please Read My edward Teddy Review, Extra Thank you
My Make Your Own Sponge Bob Toy
I Also, Reviewed Kodocha, I So Very Much Love Kodocha, Also Have You seen Kodocha? It's Not On Your List, Sorry I Asked, Sorry,
Also, I Did My Kodocha Review By My Self, Sorry,But If It's Ok With You, If You Like It, Can My Review Of Kodocha Go In The Review Section Please,And Can You Please Help Me Make It Better Please, I Want 2 Make My Kodocha Review Better, Because I So Love Watching Kodocha, Also, Kodocha Is So Very Fun 2 Watch, Also Thank You

Also, If you Have Not seen Kodocha, I Also, Put Links 2 The Songs Which Are So Very Amazing, I So Love Dancing 2 Them, And They Are Only About 40 Seconds Each, I Also Written Idea's For New Kodocha Songs, So Very Cool

Also, I So Very Much Loved Your Death Note Review, It's 100% Better Than My Reviews,All Put Together, It's so cool, Also I Like Death Note 2, I So Want 2 Be Friends With The Shinigami's And Play With Them

Also, I Am So Happy, You Are Helping Me, Also Your So Extremely Nice, Also, I Am Going Up Kelsey's House Today,And I Am Playing And Watching Anime
Also I 100% Hope You Have A Adventure Today
Thank you Bye Bye

Hidden_Joker | 04-08-14, 9:34 PM
Hehe. Sorry for the ultra lateness. I had a hectic past few days.
Eh..nothing much really.
I went out with my family and watched the movie Lone Survivor, had some good food. I guess all was well.

the queue never ends ;A;

Aggron | 04-08-14, 8:58 PM
Well atm I plan on watching:

But depending on the days idk, Majin Bone is on a tuesday and since only 2 other anime come out that day I will watch it, but if it came out on Thursday or another busy day I wouldn't since better stuff come out that day. Also once everything has aired I will decide what I'll pass on or not. This season is a happy hell :/ the phrase "To much of a good thing can be bad" fits it perfectly apparently this season has the most new anime airing at once ever and adding in last seasons carry overs (which luckily is only 4 including Tonari [a short] and Zexal dubbed) is kind of nutty. And I wish they would announce how long each anime will be because 2-cours offset everything :/ I don't want 2-cours now to mess up the summer season :(

Wow long explanation, but you should understand XD Oh and if your interested in trying some I can recommend my faves so far, albeit I've only seen 1 episode of each and not everything has aired yet.

Oh btw who are the people in your new profile pic?

Aggron | 04-08-14, 3:32 PM
So how was monster? It must have been something else if it made it into your faves :O

DystopianLove | 04-07-14, 3:26 PM
YES, it made your favorites

bendalln | 04-07-14, 3:19 PM
Hello, Snax-chan, I Just Private Messaged You The 3 Stories, I Told Maffy, I 100% Hope You Like Them,

Also Thank You For Helping Me
Your A Amazing Friend, Thank you Bye Bye

bendalln | 04-07-14, 2:11 PM
Thank You Snax-chan For The Message,

Also, I Written About What I Thought About The Ending 2 Elfen Lied, I Am So Very Happy You Are Helping Me, And I 1 Million % Can't Wait For You 2 Help Me More, So Extremely Thank You

Also Your A Amazing Friend, Thank You Bye Bye

Mixxu | 04-06-14, 12:58 PM
Good luck :)

bendalln | 04-06-14, 10:31 AM
Hello, Thank you So Very Much For The Message, Your So Nice, Also My Mam Copied And Pasted The Link On A Message,For You,

Also, I Will Have So Much Fun Doing Review's I Love Doing Them, That Is The Coolest Rule Ever, So Thank You

Also, I Have Been Good Today

Also Extra Good Luck, I Can't Wait For More Rules, But Having Fun Is The Best 1 Good Luck Thank You Bye Bye

Hidden_Joker | 04-06-14, 12:25 AM
How did you access the computer? I thought I tied you up pretty well back in the basement. How..did you get out? Shit.

bendalln | 04-05-14, 1:28 PM
Hello, Thank You So Very Much, For The Message, Also, I sent You Another 1, With A Link 2 My Reviews And A Link From My Mam,
Also,I Can't wait For You 2 Give Me Your Own Review Rules, I Promise I will Try Extra Chocolaty Hard 2 Follow Them

Also you And Maffy Are My 2 Favorite Staff Members, Thank You Bye Bye

Mixxu | 04-05-14, 8:36 AM
Haha, sure no problem :D Nice to see someone likes my analysis of that series. It's great series so definitely keep watching it. Although I don't remember so much of it anymore. :P

Snakes | 04-05-14, 2:34 AM
Idk she looks extra hawt in that pic tho amirite?

And yes, it is the wonderful Matoi in shimapan. All mine :>

Holo's face in your profile pic really looks like she has a fox face :o

its great

bendalln | 04-05-14, 2:08 AM
Hello, Sorry 2 Ask But could you pretty pretty please Write Back Please, And I Would like 2 Follow some Rules for you And Maffy,, Also Your So Nice, Thank You, Bye Bye

Jeav | 04-05-14, 12:35 AM
Haha what are you taking? Sounds like it must be fun :P

Haha I guess. I wouldn't really say I like it all to much, but I don't dislike it. A lot of my friends always ask how I can deal with it, but I never really have a good answer. Probably because they know if they don't listen they could drown, but that doesn't really stop some of them... Plus half the time I'm just walking around. I'm glad you specified, here I thought, that you thought they paid me in baby deers. :P

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