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Vagina | 10-10-13, 7:31 PM
Welcome, sorry for the lateness.

AbsoluTe_KinG | 07-26-13, 4:28 AM
Hey, long time no talked. What's up?

Stfuukop | 07-18-13, 9:31 PM

Its Been So Long Since We Talked ! I Missed You And All The Fun Conversations We Used To Have :o

Comment back When Your Online :) I Love to Hear Your Stories and Keep Me Updated On what Youre Doing !


Fawkes22 | 05-02-12, 6:50 PM
Thanks for the Invitation Kiba-sama ^^

NooSama | 04-29-12, 9:51 PM
I'd have to say Go Sick :D perfection

hfinity | 04-26-12, 10:45 AM
Hi! It's been a long time we've spoken. Do you even remember me?
I am trying to wake up forgotten friends from slumber, it's summer now.
Last comment I put here was a year ago, now that's a long time.

xilam | 04-24-12, 10:24 AM
its been ages. OMG. im sorry.

I hope you're doing fine and all, me on the other hand. busy settling university stuff. wanna chat with ya lots but kinda tired. Its midnight here right now. reli miss ya kiba-sama D;

Hows ur anime going? recently, or should i say yesterday I finished Guilty Crown, and I have to say its.....quite EPIC, not bad with its twist and turn eventhough there is not so good charecter development. but still OST us DAAAAAAAMN awesome and everythng else thats good about it makes up for it ;D

Hope to see you reply soon hehe. <3

suski | 04-18-12, 1:21 PM
haha : DD sorry for late reply, i've been little busy with school D: we have lots of exams right now, bleh ;___;

life4death | 04-18-12, 3:24 AM
*Smiles and waves* Good day to you too Kiba-sama! ^.^

I finally have some time now after school and homework and am just relaxing my usual way, with a good anime :) My days are starting to get pretty packed now, i had 6 hours of practice exams/exam prep at school today. How are you doing? Hope your well!

I've read the manga of Beck but have yet to see the anime. It's just one more on my long list of anime to watch :p

I hope you find the time to watch some of the shows from this season, you definitely won't regret it :) I'm probably going to have to cut down on the number i watch one my exams start (This is gonna be really hard though XD)
I have one exam this Friday and another next Thursday but they are just extremely early easy ones, about three weeks before the proper ones start.

When you start the shows i'd love to hear your thoughts about them!

WarpedInsanity | 04-17-12, 11:11 PM
doing great! mostly been procrastinating and that, how about yourself? :)

jallan | 04-17-12, 10:22 PM
It depends on the game as well ofc. :P Every community is different, I got some gaming communities I think is awesome..others I hate.

Gj gj xD Me..well, just woke up so I'm a bit tired :P Got some coffee and some food about to get ready for school =)

Ofc ofc, I love to chat so ^^
How are ya today? Anything special gonna happend? :)

GUILTY-PANTSU | 04-17-12, 10:07 PM

Thanks for the offer. I will feel free then! :D

GUILTY-PANTSU | 04-17-12, 9:53 PM
You're too kind! ^^

HolyLight | 04-17-12, 4:12 PM
haha no problem

NooSama | 04-17-12, 4:00 PM
Seriously :) me too, favorite anime out of curiousity ?

Devileye | 04-17-12, 8:36 AM
I see that :) Glad to hear you're making a comeback! its understandable school and work can take up alot of time so you can't do awesome things like come on here! XD

Thank you for the friend request as well! i'd love to be friends! =D

life4death | 04-17-12, 7:38 AM
I'm glad we both have good ways of getting rid of stress :)

Playing an instrument is a great hobby and you should play when you have free time. If you ever think of any other good openings/endings i should try i would love to hear them.

Right now i'm watching a lot of the shows from this season (i think almost 20 :p) but it definitely has the best selection of shows since i've started watching anime. My favorites are Kore wa Zombie Desuka Season 2, Tasogare Otome X Amnesia and Fate/Zero Season 2 (which i highly recommend but you'd have to watch the first season).

I watched the first episode of Kids on a Slope and it had great potential, I wish i could play the drums like Sentarou. i haven't looked at Space Brothers yet.

YoTenshi | 04-17-12, 7:23 AM
You don't need to thank me ^__^

jallan | 04-17-12, 7:00 AM
Good day to you as well :P Thanks a lot, the community sure seems awesome. (The difference from a gaming community..oh my...) I'm sure I will enjoy it here.
How do you do? =)

WarpedInsanity | 04-17-12, 6:35 AM
nice to meet you too :P

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