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roxas1412x | 01-02-14, 6:39 PM
Wait mate...It just my opinion from watching the series week by week haha. The feeling or enjoyment...I think is diff if u watch the series episode by episode...maybe? About ' trashy one' i think none. All seem predictable...maybe? I think good for newbie to anime world lol. As conclusion, all pretty much watchable.

P/s - When u exam finish? The date?

roxas1412x | 12-31-13, 4:28 AM
For 12 episode...all pretty much the same, dat feeling if u know wat i mean. Maybe Kyoukai no Kanata? Coz of OP and ED haha. Only anime dat have more than 12 episode dat hav a good story in my opinion compare 2 12 episode anime. For top 3 more likely goes to anime dat more than 12 epi...which is Monogatari S2, Magi S2 and Strike the Blood.

roxas1412x | 12-22-13, 3:33 AM
Nope...This season not too good. Last season better. I think you can it diff...

roxas1412x | 11-08-13, 10:14 PM
Maybe later I watch this anime coz currently watch on going anime. Multitasking...if u know what I mean

roxas1412x | 08-21-13, 7:02 PM
Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou...XD. Epic Joke

roxas1412x | 08-20-13, 10:45 PM
One of the stupid main character...I think the story is there but the MAIN should i say...haishhhh

ittadakimasu | 05-31-12, 5:32 PM
Thanks for the welcome ^_^

UnknownOrigin | 03-10-12, 9:08 PM
Sorry for the late reply, I was stuck in OT for the whole week.

I haven't seen Phantom but judging from your request (and my knowledge of what the Phantom series is), it sounds like you are looking for a darker, edgier and more mature action series. The irony is that harem tends to be rare in these type of series.

Change 123 somewhat fits the category, except you have already read it. Angel Heart fits the bill, but is rather weak on the harem and romance. The predecessor, City Hunter has a lot more harem and romance, but is cosiderablely more happy and easy-go-lucky. Tons of bullet and assassinations still, but very little blood (more about comedy).

Quite frankly, I am more amazed they actually adopted Phantom of Inferno into an anime.

Gaichi | 03-09-12, 7:06 AM
Thanks for club invitation :>

UnknownOrigin | 03-04-12, 10:57 AM
I'm not sure how the anime went, but at least in the manga, their consciousness and memory are both separate. They also converse with each other on a regular basis, which I would say is a good sign of 'separate entity'.

UnknownOrigin | 03-04-12, 12:29 AM
Ah... for those cases, I would say yes, the are 'different' characters. It really depends how 'independent' these other personalities are. As I recall, they pretty much have their own set of memories/experiences. Their shared memories was more akin to that of a passive observer.

eli173 | 02-21-12, 12:43 AM

i was so stupid to forgot posting that pic.....
but glad now...^^

eli173 | 02-20-12, 9:02 PM
hai.....i just wanna apologize about the error i've commited,,...... sorry...

MilesEdgeworth | 02-19-12, 4:06 PM
Thanks, feels good to almost be 16. xP

ClockTimes | 02-10-12, 3:57 PM
It's my favorite anime that I've seen yet. The story may seem confusing and hard to get into at first, but it sucks you in. It's unique, the characters are well-made, and I think you could easily love it.

ClockTimes | 01-27-12, 1:26 PM
Welcome to Limitless Recommendations

Kabbag3 | 01-06-12, 7:53 AM
thx bro

Momoto-chan | 01-03-12, 4:01 AM
Thanks for the add! Nice to meet you! :)

mary88 | 01-01-12, 4:50 PM

DeathByHarmony | 12-31-11, 10:21 PM
Welcome to MAL. ^_^

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