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Archaeon | 06-30-13, 3:44 AM
I've read some of their posts from time to time, but that's about it really. They seem an interesting bunch.

Archaeon | 03-21-13, 2:03 PM
Apologies for the long overdue reply.

To be honest, it's not that older anime is better, but that the concentration of decent and good shows was much higher during the early years and the mid 90's.

These days we're awash with all sorts of shows which makes it look as though there are fewer decent shows around now, but this is actually incorrect. The number of good shows per year has stayed at around the same number for a long, long time.

There is a difference between mid 90's and modern anime though, which is the main reason why I consider that period to be a golden age for the medium. During that time the industry made a conscious effort to appeal to Western markets with shows like Cowboy Bebop, Slayers, etc. These days we generally find that the studios have returned to catering to hardcore otaku and kids - which is what is ultiamtely killing the industry.

Veronin | 03-01-13, 6:14 PM
Tamako Market is alright, but it's hard to look at it as anything more than just 'okay'. I love cute girls doing cute things, but KyoAni is playing it a bit too safe here. At least Hyouka was doing something different.

Space Bros gets pretty good around the 40-episode mark. The part where Hibito is trapped on the Moon.

Veronin | 03-01-13, 3:13 PM
This season? Awful. I picked up 12 titles last month and only one of them is looking to be higher than a 5, and that's Chihayafuru-- a sequel. At this point I'm just kinda wishing it would end sooner so that we can get to spring. At least there's a few promising titles there and some mindless entertainment like OreImo S2. I think I'm more interested in going through my backlog these days, though.

Archaeon | 02-14-13, 4:15 PM
Apologies for the late reply.

I don't really use a videogame database these days - too many whiners complaining about somebody killing them in some FPS or MMO.

I collect anything that I find interesting, and thus far I've not been wrong when it comes to placing values on games that I've never heard of.

By the way, you may find this interesting

Archaeon | 01-25-13, 3:18 PM
Apologies for the delayed reply

Here are a few of the most influential games from the last few decades:

These last few have huge historical importance, but not many gamers would even consider them as true games - even though they are :)

There's more I could add, but that should give you a decent starting point.

IndependentSK | 01-04-13, 12:10 PM
Yeah it is amazing, especially considering that game was originally only for XBOX because Microsoft wanted it, but good guys Remedy took 2 years to make it for PC. Anyway, what did you think about Max Payne 3? I thought it was good, but it lacked the great atmosphere and story of previous games.

IndependentSK | 01-03-13, 6:30 AM
Hey cool Avatar, Max Payne is amazing, have you tried Alan Wake?

Archaeon | 12-31-12, 5:10 PM
Apologies for the late reply.

First, Happy New Year!

That's actually a pretty tough question. If you're looking at games development then I can suggest a few titles, but if your interest is history or criticism then there are a few that really do stand head and shoulders above the competition.

As for favourite games, I'm partial to RPG's but I'll play pretty much anything at least once. Off the top of my head and in no particular order I'd say these were among my favourite games:

I could go on, but that would just be boring :)

Veronin | 12-17-12, 2:46 AM
It's very slow-moving and lacks any sort of excessive drama or story progression, but it's really unique in the way that it highlights and develops the characters through the mysteries themselves. The show is all about subtlety, and understandably that's not for everybody. Production values are also amazing if you want something that looks and feels professional.

Veronin | 12-16-12, 3:29 PM
1. Jinrui
2. Hyouka
3. Chuu2
4. Nisemonogatari
5. Space Brothers

Video Games:
1. The Walking Dead
2. Journey
3. Hyperdimension Neptunia V
4. Dishonored
5. Borderlands 2

I don't really watch movies. The only ones I saw in theaters this year were Batman, Spiderman, and then The Hobbit (last night actually). Hollywood as a whole is quite shit.

Veronin | 12-13-12, 2:05 AM
There's nothing you can do about them, man. They are far too philistine to understand the beauty of a sophisticated tour de force such as K-ON. Maybe one day they will reach enlightenment, but don't hold your breath on them!

Veronin | 12-02-12, 1:11 AM
Nah. There's a couple sites I tried to use, but either the database was very empty or the site itself had a terrible design which made listing all the games a pain. Plus, if there was a proper video game equivalent to MAL it would be very hard to remember the hundreds upon hundreds of vidya played.

Veronin | 11-23-12, 3:32 AM
Journey is only on PS3, though. You are smoking something strange sir.

Veronin | 11-22-12, 1:36 AM
MGS3, Majora's Mask, Morrowind, Journey, Deus Ex, Okami, Silent Hill 2, Paper Mario, Persona 4, Final Fantasy 6... and many others over the course of my life that I can't remember right away. I've also been heavily into the Hyperdimension Neptunia series lately, but that's pretty niche and won't appeal to most.

Archaeon | 10-22-12, 3:48 PM
Thanks, and I'm glad you're enjoying Sunred. Gotta love General Vamp :)

Veronin | 10-20-12, 7:15 PM
Sadly not. You just have to take what you get, unless you want to read the visual novel instead, which does actually have a literal translation along with a glossary to explain all the 2ch and science shit.

Veronin | 10-20-12, 6:31 PM
Cowboy Bebop is pretty much a must watch for any anime fan, and then Nodame Cantabile, Steins;Gate, Aria, Katanagatari, and Kaiji are some great ones that you could start with.

Veronin | 10-14-12, 12:27 AM
Don't download gg unless you like fucking horrid 'localization' and characters speaking in stereotypical English talk that was never used in the original dialogue. Commie is best but slow, so you could easily watch Nutbladder for the second episode if you find yourself impatient. They aren't doing a great job but it's watchable at least.

And then, of course, is Duwang, which are glorious trollsubs that originate from an in-joke of the series where the fourth part of the manga had low-quality Engrish scans.

Veronin | 10-13-12, 4:29 AM
Pretty decent. There's a number of good titles and then a lot of garbage as usual, but I've been avoiding those ones for the most part (thank god for that). Chuunibyou is the most entertaining of the season.

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