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Kannei | 02-20-14, 7:43 PM
vomic- seiyuu fanclub!

would you like to join us ?

Asphodelus | 12-16-12, 5:43 PM
Have you heard of G-Senjou no Maou?

Omniknight | 10-24-12, 5:44 PM
Did you get a chance to go see the Madoka movies?

RoCSC-006C1BST | 09-23-12, 3:14 AM
This song is kinda meh to me, the game looks pretty neat though.

Ketsura | 09-17-12, 11:38 PM
Hey you ladie, are you been accepeted.

Omniknight | 09-13-12, 6:24 PM
Madoka movies to air in 8 different countries!

Regicide | 09-13-12, 5:42 PM
i haven't yet

RoCSC-006C1BST | 09-12-12, 7:39 PM
Not bad, is this a VN? I'm not very big on VNs, I can count in one hand how many VNs I completed in my life.

SayakaMagica | 09-12-12, 2:18 AM
Interesting, but I wonder why these two characters, especially Vivio, are in a game that was supposed to be about Nanoha A's. Maybe they should have shown the Wolkenritter in action instead. ^^;

NadeshikoDamashi | 09-11-12, 10:46 PM

NadeshikoDamashi | 09-11-12, 9:42 PM
Ah, cool. Then you must know enough Japanese to watch raw anime. ...By any chance, are you Japanese?

NadeshikoDamashi | 09-11-12, 9:10 PM
Do you perhaps play more PC games (18+ ;p) than watch anime? I'm the opposite, and I should really spend some more time playing eroge and know, to broaden my knowledge.

Reconnquista looked really interesting. It's probably one of the most stable releases out there.

Regicide | 09-11-12, 8:45 PM
So it's the mm shooter game
I saw this tho I wasn't too interested

NadeshikoDamashi | 09-10-12, 10:02 PM
That was a pretty nice op for a hentai game. 0.o

Did you happen to play it before?

Omniknight | 09-10-12, 6:45 PM
Hideyoshi and Kyubey.
Shimada and Mami.

I would never have known =D
They sound so different!

Vernore | 09-10-12, 3:27 PM
Hi, how's it going?~

RoCSC-006C1BST | 09-10-12, 10:17 AM
Oh, hi, I just read it. It looks like they're trying to avoid the hypothesis that Walpurgis Nacht could be Homura.

Omniknight | 09-09-12, 6:20 PM
That's an awesome link! Thanks!
She does an amazing job even on a live show.

Random aside: Wouldn't you love an Oriko anime sidestory? =D

Wildcat17 | 09-07-12, 2:19 PM
I know the first is from A's season, what about the second?

Wildcat17 | 09-06-12, 7:43 PM
I already had watched this video when it came out, but thank you ;)

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