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nekoyaki | 10-12-14, 2:55 AM

=IALC Newsletter=
Halo halo semua member IALC, mohon maaf menggangu jika menganggu tapi kami ingin coba sampaikan beberapa hal yang berlangsung di IALC saat ini

Pertama adalah Voting Best Summer 2014 Anime sedang kita selanggarakan, bagi teman teman yang sudah menonton dan ingin mendukung anime favorit di musim itu silahkan datang dan vote~.
Berikut link threadnya, IALC Vote Anime Summer 2014 Terbaik

Lalu selanjutnya adalah Grup LINE IALC! beberapa waktu yang lalu kita coba buat untuk mempermudah komunikasi antar member dan ini berhasil, ayo bergabung di grup LINE kita bagi yang memiliki smartphone ataupun android user di PC.
Dan ini link threadnya, IALC LINE Group

Sekian saja newsletter untuk saat ini, semoga teman teman dapat ikut berpartisipasi di kegiatan yang sedang kita adakan ini.
Jika ada pertanyaan jangan sungkan untuk bertanya di club ataupun lewat kami admin dan officer. :3

Alfyan | 06-17-13, 6:09 PM
Well it might juggle between anime and gaming which happens to be a lot :P Oh well whatever rocks your boat I'm always here anyway lol which ones are you going to play then? I just recently started playing Final Fantasy 8 and quite hooked

Its addictive right? Ahh that is a shame, although I won't mind the lagg much :O

Ahh that is indeed a hinderance.. Shame that really happens though >.> I can't even play above 100+ latency lol. Yes I'll take a look at it to see if it appeals to me :)

Went ok to say the least lol
Haha yes that is correct :P I'm studying Geography :)

I have added :O yonuskun!

yui_iwisawa | 06-15-13, 5:25 PM

natsuzora | 06-15-13, 10:57 AM
Happy Birthday!

Saraph | 06-13-13, 7:05 PM
Happy birthday! Writing you a day earlier, but I would most probably forget about it tomorrow. ;)

Alfyan | 05-20-13, 7:06 AM
Ahh well.. My delay is even longer >.> I'm so sorry!!!
I never realised you replied back until now :O sorry for the delay! Ahh oh well at least your fine :P

Doing great atm lol yes I'm still playing it haha although I have stopped for a month due to exams etc. Haha yeah I know that is why I normally play pubs :P lol you will find out eventually ;P it changes a lot so there are probably new items you don't know about ;P

Is it still in beta then? I've been playing War Thunder as well :P haha time is never a friend if you have this much to do :P haha same, although if its from the 80's like DBZ its respectable

yui_iwisawa | 12-24-12, 8:58 PM

natsuzora | 12-21-12, 2:44 PM
A Christmas card from Natsuzora

natsuzora | 11-12-12, 6:34 PM
Lately I've been playing these, Little Busters!, Rewrite, AIR and Zelda Spirit Tracks.

natsuzora | 11-09-12, 12:12 PM
I'm sure you'll come up with something eventually.

How have you been?

natsuzora | 11-08-12, 9:40 PM
Hello, it can be hard to decide and find something to use when making a profile.

natsuzora | 11-08-12, 8:01 PM
About Innoxious
Wait for it...

Are you working on something then?

Alfyan | 08-02-12, 4:26 PM
Not really.. I found Baka To Test and School Rumble funny though ;) TTGL is more concentrated on Mecha, Action and definitely adventure. If you enjoyed Full Metal Panic! Then I guess TTGL would suit your taste as well.. however for me I quite liked FMP but not TTGL :S

I understand what you mean though, I quite like watching new airing anime compared to the old ones, but during the time when I'm up to date with the new ones I tend to watch the old ones as well ;) It doesn't matter to me really as long as it is good to watch etc xD

At least you know what I mean by experiencing it yourself xD I know right, but it is unique to have a main character like that.. Mirai Nikki is actually quite good ;O it's not actually Yuuki's fault that he got dragged into the game :S I actually understand his feelings at the start, but yeah he does get more aggressive after a certain part of the story; for which I won't spoil :)

Same, it's like sunny then it rains in a matter of few minutes ;) we get the same here!

Well at least you can substitute gaming with anime xD I know how you feel though, how about playing some old PC games that you used to like?

Yes! It is so addictive :P I can play it for hours straight; I never get bored of it either for some reason. Hmm I don't think so really.. depends.. Have you told him what overpowered items there are in particular?

I see :P please do then ;)

Alfyan | 07-12-12, 6:48 PM
No problem! My lates are later so don't worry about it lol

TTGL is quite a mixed anime for me. The anime style is not to my liking, it's like half assed animation with some fighting scenes occurring; but I don't understand what is happening since the animation style do not allow me to follow it. It's like rough, unclear and low quality

Also the worst part is Kamina's personality.. frankly I hate him and he annoys the hell out of me, thanks to him he puts me off watching more episodes of TTGL

However I like the story development and I'm interested to see what happens later on, although I will slowly progress through the anime one by one until I get annoyed with Kamina and stop for a bit

So yeah it will take me some time to finish it, but that anime is certainly not as good as it is hyped.. I don't see what is so good about it >.<

Haha I guess that fact really do pass people sometime ;) but either way you live around the equator so your climate is hot and wet all year round!

Now that is what I call progress ;D good to see your making the most out of your summer! I've started a lot of summer anime and enjoying most of it, especially Tari Tari, Kororo Connect and Sword Art Online

I'm going through that, my gaming in TF2 and also one old anime series all through summer.. so hopefully summer would go slowly for me :D

Have fun with Code Geass by the way! Please do tell me what you think of the anime you watch

Alfyan | 06-25-12, 7:39 PM
That reminds me I still need to watch it ;)

Hmm, probably the same experience I'm having with Gurren Lagann lol, Comedy and Romance are surely the way to go ;)

Haha shame :P nothing to be excited about though lol if you travel in the Northern hemisphere at December- January or go to the Southern hemisphere at June-July you are sure to go to it :P

I'll try to mix it up a bit, but I will still be trying to go for anime more than socialising :P

yui_iwisawa | 06-24-12, 12:50 PM
Okay,are you reading any manga?
What are your fave games?

Alfyan | 06-19-12, 3:36 PM
Truly no problem ;) Glad you liked the message! I didn't but It mentions it on the friends birthday tab on the site homepage ;) I always want to say Happy birthday to my friends ;D
So it's not like I remember the date though :(

That is a shame, I guess we switch our addiction between anime and gaming and right now your in the gaming side :) *Same with me* although I'm still making some progress in anime, just not as quick as I want it too thanks to my gaming :P

Yeah same for me, since they are both time consuming hobbies I guess alternating between them is really difficult.

Nothing much except for the fact that I have officially started summer woo! *Pops Champagne* I have much more time for anime and gaming now ;) so life is good atm!

yui_iwisawa | 06-16-12, 7:54 AM
Happy Birthday!!
Sorry i'm a bit late
Hope you enjoyed it

natsuzora | 06-15-12, 8:15 AM
Happy Birthday!

Alfyan | 06-14-12, 5:19 PM

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