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770312 | 08-25-09, 11:14 AM
I only just saw your comment in my blog thing. >_<

What comics do you read? [aside from Hellboy, Sandman, and Batman]

And Fallout 3 does require a lot of free time to really get into it.Elder Scrolls 4 is the same way, but possibly worse. >.< The new Batman game is pretty fun, I only played the demo but I'm thinking about renting it this weekend. 12 hours of gameplay isn't quite enough to get me to buy a game at full price. Aaand, there definitely are way too many good looking games coming out in the future... oye, my wallet doesn't like the looks of it.

What's your pic from?

LunarCry | 03-08-09, 9:25 PM
MAL spazzed.
lemz re-add ju, ya?
:x >.> ^_____^

770312 | 02-27-09, 12:57 AM
I think I'm the same way. There are a few series that I've not seen in a long time that'd I like to watch again, just to see how I'd interpret it now, but I'm always held back by new things I'm watching/want to watch.

There's just not enough time to watch em all. :(

770312 | 02-27-09, 12:52 AM
Haha, you're the second person that has said they're going to do that now. ^_^

It's good enough to watch a second time through... or more than that.

770312 | 02-27-09, 12:48 AM
And loved it so very, very much too. =]

770312 | 02-12-09, 7:24 PM
He does! The colors are quite fantastic, sunsets and partial silhouettes always make for a nifty scene.

770312 | 02-12-09, 12:25 AM
Ah! I should have recognized it. >.<

770312 | 02-11-09, 3:17 PM
Ooh, you changed yer picture. What is that from?

LunarCry | 01-20-09, 10:53 AM
and no problem fer sersssz~ =O
hope you had a goood onnne -^____^-


JusticeGundam | 01-19-09, 3:57 PM
Happeh Birthday!

LunarCry | 01-19-09, 11:28 AM


LunarCry | 01-11-09, 5:46 PM
Haha! woooahz sounds like uber fun :D defz crazeh XD super cool totz~ Thanks for telling me about it! ^__^

LunarCry | 01-11-09, 6:25 AM
Where's he from? :o

LunarCry | 01-10-09, 3:42 AM

vendettared | 01-09-09, 11:12 PM
Dont sweat it. I just happen to overlook your comment, thats all. Rest assured, its well taken.

I have set my eyes on Eureka Seven for quite some time now, but never got around to actually give it a spin. Time isnt on my side right now. Maybe after I thin out some of the shows I'm currently watching, I might be able to slip it in. Thanks a bunch.

LunarCry | 01-01-09, 4:57 PM
Ohhhh man that is super suck. Sorry to hear that. :'o it's a good thing that you three managed to slip away though. Cops just love crashing the fun. >__< fawkerz RAWR >:( What's gonna happen to the other guys? T__<!!

Hahaha XD Isn't that picture just great? SO FUNNEH~ COOOORNBRAAATTTOR~ =O People these days are just full of lolz<3 XD I WANNA BUY ONE TO PUT ON DISPLAY >________< >__> fer srrrrs

770312 | 01-01-09, 4:36 PM
Yeah, he's pretty awesome in all of his roles. Have you seen the video of him singing the alphabet song? It's pretty amusing.

cidz | 01-01-09, 2:55 PM
thanks you too!

rebornaraku | 01-01-09, 11:25 AM
Happy New Years to you too! :)

LunarCry | 01-01-09, 10:11 AM
Aw, thank you! Happy new year to you too!!!! :)

Awww!!!! RAWR >____< I should have stayed then.. <.< 'cause people always sleep when I'm awake and it gets garzeh T__< WHAT HAPPENED, HUH, HUUUH? Why couldn't you sleep? :O partied too hard? time awareness gotchu to worry? WHYY COULDN'T YOU SLEEEP!?? T_T TELL MEHZ~ I WANNA KNOW


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