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ZettaiRyouiki | 2 hours ago
I saw the second Mangaka-san special, it was pretty dumb xD. It's a dream from the mangaka where the four main girls showed up in swimsuit and acting horny, sadly while the tsunderie is awesome and wears a sukumizu the other 3 are in their butt-covering swimsuits from the awful beach ep! Then they make him take off his shirt and he has more muscles than Kenshirou, which looks awful and a bit "shoppy" since his face is still normal. The girls like his muscles, proof it's a dream right there xD. Sadly not only this makes them show their cleavage even more the assistant asks him to take off his top, but right before she does the real one wakes the mangaka up and he complains about her timing and blahblah. Not only it was mamocentric as said but also pretty generic and silly, though not terrible either; just dumb, as said xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 8 hours ago
I made it sound worse than it was, it’s a cool series still and the girls still get focus, specially on the bonus episode xD. Aye, but it may look like I don’t, like how anime never talks about girl butts! Indeed, boo region lock. Aye, especially because there is no known reason for Europe getting ORAS later :/. In the better side we’ll get Smash 3DS with America AND Hyrule Warriors a week before America, so it’s not all loses xD.

Right, tho at least it has Yozora and Kobato equivalents too, and for you a Rika that trades mecha love for traps love! The trap is Not-Hayate, he wandered into the wrong show xD. That Uranus was, though you get to use the BL Summoners more time. The ring only stuns tho, the attacks here actually hurt enemy groups xD. Have some random video showing that, tho since it’s of a bonus stage you can’t see the AoE-ness actually mattering. And aye, go my love for smart girls xD. Aye, Happy wins with hugs also during her movie and in her show so boo hug spam! Well, NS2 is from the time DokiDoki had just started, Mana wasn’t as bad yet xD. That might be! Aye, and for Diamond and Sword too, but boo that indeed xD. I figured, and aye especially if she left out a “Bakyuuun” too <3. Of course, Karen had a lab coat and a tie and reminded me of Kurisu, but poor Rikka! Aye, but probably because Karen/Aqua has a water bow too and they used it together xD. Aye! Glad you’re in agreement, and that they would both be xD. Sadly the Happy Robo is just Happy transformed by one of Majorina’s inventions, but good point with Cure Batman! Indeed, and don’t worry about Kuro in glasses and braids since it made for a nice surprise <3. No worries, without her sexy skirtless costume she’s another of the many white-haired girls in Fate! Right, hopefully it fights more than Primeape xD.

I know, that was my point so I’m sorry :/. Aye, like they usually do xD. Aye, but more boo what the ending did to Cruz ;_;. Aye, go paying my sins by watching Himegoto and go your amazing summaries xD. Aye, it’s an amusing twist in my anti-beach ep comments from earlier and aye about Momocentric being hopefully better, at least it lacks a dumb male lead! Aye <3. Shame about that, and in one hand go guys looking at asses but in the other sorry the meganekko isn’t getting chest focus! Boo ruining everything with random chest-grabs and random bigger chests, lame ;_;. So like Boobholder xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 2:47 PM
I'm glad you warned me about Prisma Illya, boo poor-looking previews! Tho this ep was fine indeed, go burumasses and we both approved of Kuro channeling Moemura in the endcard <3. Also the school nurse is Caren Ortensia, if you didn't know xD. Speaking of magical girls I forgot to note they FINALLY remembered the Smile girls got a second attack as Reika uses hers in NS3, tho sadly the rest just used their regular move. Also when the fairies summon Echo they just ask for a Cure so it would've been awesome if they had got Cure Flower, or even better: Cure Gorilla xD.

xm0123 | Yesterday, 12:21 PM
Look at Zettai's wall.

Now look at my updated list.

Now look at my cute list.

Notice anything? Well, suffice to say, the Key division of Visual Arts knows what the only thing that truly matters in the real world is. You said so yourself. XD

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 8:48 AM
I concur xD. Aye, boo poor both of them tho they eventually get better, and go the OG2 anime for you! Sadly the OG1 anime is more serious and the girls don’t get a lot of screentime xD. Indeed, boo! Aye, maybe if gaming anime gets popular Houkago Play will get adapted. Go awesome Ai Kora parts, since I bring it up mostly for Haiji I felt a reminder I liked everything else about it was in order xD. Even better, go lapdances showing off waists AND hips <3. True, go Raichi liking Ran’s bun xD.

True, D-Frag is a bit like Bokuetc in general and Takao being Sena is the most obvious, boo her! Cool and aye xD. I beat the game ages ago, and she and the gay old man are summoners and if placed on the same team their huge AoE summons can weaken enemy groups hard! The game plays like a SRPG but the fights are turn-based team vs. team and last a turn, tho you can also attack in the field with spells which is what I mean. I did xD. That’s cool, go Hime! Aye, so go White as I liked her a lot when I saw the show 8 years ago xD. Aye, even if the plot is unoriginal it still is better than NS1 at least! Right, boo Mana stealing the focus as always, she managed to be acceptable in NS2 and indeed poor Tsubomi and Hime :/. Aye, I was disappointed as once again Echo has been a Cure that does not fight, a contradiction in itself xD. I mean, they are called Legendary WARRIORS! Aye, still better than NS1 being won by Happy’s hug tho xD. Actually Rosetta was fine since the DokiDoki girls got a cool fight by themselves early, tho the problem was Megumi and Hime just stared instead of HELPING! The worst part is staring was a plot point since then the villain didn’t knew they were Cures, boo plots relying on idiocy :/. Aye and figured you’d like that, plus you’d love to “drill” from behind MOONlight and I get ASSe instead xD. Aye, they had Karen being a doctor too and 2 Blue Cures doctors would be a tad ridiculous, at least Pine from Fresh is a vet! Aye, boo Blue, Kooloo-Limpah xD. Aye, and Doremi also learned to leave “Adieu” untranslated so go that! In topic of shows for kids Pokémon’s latest ep had Ash get a Hawlucha, AWESOME xD.

I blame my confusion, it’s an unspoken rule using Roman numerals for the portable Mega Man games and Arabic ones for console games. That it would and knew you would xD. I’d like that too, and glad you agree <3. That’s fine xD. Aye, Blade sorta too until the end and go Misogi! Even better xD. Aye, poor Infamy even if it’s no excuse! Aye, and I mean more if I did one massive rant or something as I sometimes do xD. Momocentric sounds bad tho, boo terrible coverhair, boo excuses for more cows as birds don’t even have mammaries, and boo awful handbra bullshit ;_;. Boo traps and tentacles too, but go at least having some buttshots too and also go awesome swimsuit tans for you <3. Overall it sounds like the pool ep in DxD New, still mamocentric yet better than the rest of the season xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 3:00 AM
I saw the latest PreCure crossover movie, I dunno if you wanna watch it so I'll spoil box the commentary just in case:
So it wasn't a bad movie or anything, it was fun, but not as good as the other crossover ones but New Stage 1! Summarize as usual, this got long xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-29-14, 9:21 AM
I understand, boo MAL issues and glad you liked that xD. Actually this was OVA first and then was adapted in the PS2 remake of OG1 and OG2, but I know the twist as Signum in Force gets compared to it so poor Lamia :/. The OG2 anime has plenty of her tho <3. Aye, and true! That was it, I kinda feel bad for saying this but serves him right for being a jerk xD.

Right, maybe Houkago Play will someday; Ars Nova took 4 years! Aye, go your fav manga as other than Haiji it’s awesome, and deserves it xD. Exactly, especially if she was Peach-like as well and buttsmacked Hachibei <3. Aye, go both girls enjoying idols in pajamas and Raichi maybe has Ringo xD.

I’ll be fair and say she’s also a dumb rival-childhood friend of the main girl and a classic gamer, but 90% of her screentime is either breastservice or chest jokes :/. My bad as Hanayo is second and extrapolated or something, but agreed about the other girls being good xD. Right, unless it was gameplay-wise there’s nothing good about her! Thanks xD. Aye, boo! Don’t forget lizard caveman guy being a male version of Echidna, but true about Uranus xD. Aye, I feel bad for being so negative sometimes :/. Aye, White is great and true about that, the ED is where she attacks with the Original Butt Punch too xD.

They added MM I and II and all NES ones ages ago, so aye! Makes sense xD. Aye, we mention Kanokon a lot after all! Reminds me I saw a guy whining Kouta was voiced by Mamiko Noto and girls voicing 13+ old boys in general; clearly Kouta needed Takehito Koyasu’s voice xD. Indeed, nobody is perfect but sadly they did make a joke about the color of her panties! Tho perhaps she goes nopan when in kimono <3. That’s better, and my bad xD. Thanks! My bad, forgot about his change so boo him being like Misogi and going from lower body to upper body fetishes :/. That I did xD. Right, this guy and Issei should switch harems! Aye, and at least it’s better than just going “RAWR ME ANGRY” because xD. Thanks and you’re better! That’s actually pretty cool-sounding, go a nice plot and a great sadistic girl <3. Tho I won’t watch Himegoto unless I offended you with all my mean words against traps or the like xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-29-14, 12:12 AM
I concur, go liking gl-asses xD. Cool then, and that sounds silly so boo you being haunted by the ghost of the better Maken-Ki season! That’s awesome then, go Excellen and friends xD. Thanks and I do remember that, boo filler sidequests! Indeed, DRAKENGARD xD. Aye! Well, it was last time’s guy, the one who got angry with his friend because he liked Nowi, so you get the general idea probably. Aye xD.

Right, but since Princess Resurrection is #2509 and had a 2-cours anime and OVAs who knows! Also I feel bad saying this but Ai Kora is at #1481; maybe next year they’ll animate it for its tenth birthday and hopefully eradicating Haiji from the plot xD. Maybe Ayame will instead possess a perfect waist AND a perfect butt and walk around wearing solely a thong from the waist down so she can do belly-dancing and butt-shakes <3. And go Koizumi indeed xD. Aye and thanks! Aye, go Emi <3. Right, I’m sorry ;_;. Speaking of meganekko Aoi and Kii officially came out of the closet, poor Raichi xD.

I concur, boo hating Ume and Yozora and liking Sena and Takao! Err, Takao from D-Frag, sorry if this is random but I remembered her the other day and not finding anyone who disliked her at all despite “big breasts” making 90% of her character was quite irritating xD. Aye, go her since she’s your second fav girl I think! So I heard, boo people not getting puns and ruining jokes :/. Aye, and speaking of her HG101 had a Bahamut Lagoon article recently and was neutral or even POSITIVE towards Yoyo, boo articles being written by this guy! I even had to check the comments, no one called them on that but a guy reminded me of the utterly random line from the gay old summoner about the lead’s round butt; now I remember why I am more of a LaL fan besides the obvious xD. Aye! That’s cool and thanks; I saw the series recently and wanted any excuse to say I liked it, I don’t always complain you see xD. Thanks! Aye, at least it isn’t just Cures on a Stage xD. Aye, that would be awesome and I wonder that as well! Aye xD. Right since White is like Aoi from Aikatsu and Mercury! My bad, I forgot the pun so thanks xD.

Certainly, and it was a double update so awesome! Now I want even more MM III-V to be added to the 3DS VC, acronyms xD. Aye <3. Right, poor Hikage being a WANNABE! I know that’s the wrong band, but I don’t know any BSB songs xD. It was fair aside from that scene and go good meganekkos, and I thought of Akane too! Aye, she’s beautiful <3. Tho she has a massive father complex sadly, in fact the plot is her wanting to do yosakoi with the girls but fearing she’ll disappoint him as she’s the kind of ojou that has a lot of traditional feminine classes after school and all that. That depends, if “over-aggressive” means like Naru then great, but like Chizuru of Kanokon aggressive then boo! Go cute loli that is also a sword because this is now Bleach xD. Boo silly modesty, tho Blade’s dumb fetish was naked gloves! Boo doing a Dekinai tho ;_;. It happens, but still! Go Oniichan xD. Boo stupid female casts, I hate series like this or the first Seitokai no Ichizon season were ALL the girls are sex haters as it makes the series absolutely unwatchable :/. At least that had a good second season, of course after a studio change xD. Go Not-Kurumi’s talent at least <3. I suck at summaries, and speaking of short things I thought that you’d cover Himegoto too xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-28-14, 2:26 PM
I liked Hanayamata much more this week, besides the obvious lack of ruined lolis it was a nice ep about the TDB Yamato Nadeshiko, tho despite being a year higher than the other girls she's also 14 and oddly 155 cm tall; guess they wanted me to like her more <3. Also turns out the meganekko is pretty nice when not being "RULESRULESRULES" and stuff, sorry again for last week xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-28-14, 8:46 AM
I agree, the least many guys could do xD. Aye and glad you liked my joke! Exactly, they’re two different things other than being from the same franchise xD. No worries, I hope you like it all the same! Tho you already have 899 actually xD. Indeed, boo DRAGyate and I don’t mean it because he crossdresses! Aye, they only fix them on Monday or something xD

True! Aye, I thought the same joke for Seto no Hanayome and sorry for Lucky Star, if it helps Houkago Play is ranked #3723 which is awful xD. In that topic KOIZUMI is my best rated manga, go GAR doing well! Indeed, go Azunyan and her friends xD. For Mars yes, she’s awesome! Whatever xD. Thanks! Sounds cute, bet Maya oversees then and smiles <3. It definitely was unexpected, tho they forgot a key part of Maeka xD.

I concur; boo people not thinking by themselves except to be mean! Aye, or Maya xD. Also one reviewer insisted Poplar was Popura because that’s the direct romanization, as I said before this would be like calling Trunks from DBZ Torankusu! Thanks xD. Aye, at least she wasn’t put in the “Evil” setting! Aye, and go Kaioh pretending to be the narrator xD. True, incest is worst if covering Kirino! My bad, I already said Crime Edge is pretty nice and One Outs is awesome if you like manipulators. Hell, I liked it and baseball is to Spain what “soccer” is for Americans xD. Not that I’ve seen anyone complain about the baseball game in Wii Sports! But indeed, boo kids overriding shows for younger kids xD. Aye, the Olympics overrode Koicolate, screw that dumb show! Aye, and to be fair if it’s like the first HapiCha one I won’t mind xD. Right, but it is still funny because of how random it is, even the Big O joins in! I thought it was silly too and go spinning Megumi xD. True, with last best White I guess! Thanks and aye xD. I would <3. Certainly, boo Blue being more useless than Carpenter xD. Indeed! Aye and go their silly effective teamwork xD.

Right, poor Lunar series! Aye and indeed, next entry later today xD. My bad and go clearing things up, but go GAR dark-skinned girls <3. Aye, I wouldn’t mind in a generic mission but using it for a plot one and a serious one at that is a bit silly I think! Aye, and thanks xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-28-14, 2:33 AM
I have to say one thing about Aikatsu before you watch it: After the concert look at the crowd saluting the girls and you'll see Hiroko and Maeka! Watch if after your replies and stuff, of course xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-28-14, 1:33 AM
I concur with that, at least one of the girls Dandy hit on had normal glasses so he clearly doesn’t mind them that much xD. No worries about that and indeed go the buttshake and epic singing as well <3. Right, they sing praises of breasts but not literally xD. Aye! Indeed, it should’ve been made a “DxD New OVA” or something, like the appalling second Maken-Ki one for it outright was called the Episode 0 and the SYD one from the latest one onwards. Right, go getting better! Speaking of mecha go you watching the SRW OVAs, tho I haven’t seen those so I need to get around to doing that xD. Cool, go you enjoying it! Speaking of manga boo Hayate being still quite the troll and breaking the jewel so these months of filler feel even more pointless :/. It COULD be a new villain or something so we finally have a plot, but still boo so much bad overstretched filler solely to end this way! Also I got your Pixiv messages, cool xD.

Right, tho they were better in the specials! That I did xD. Aye, at least I have Steins as #2 but on your list the next after Kanon is Seto no Hanayome at #404! Glad you understand and aye, last year I saw the Macross Frontier movies for Ranka’s blog, while this one I saw the TTGL ones because of Nia’s xD. Aye, it’s meant to be closer to the manga! Right xD. Aye, don’t add a Squall! Aye, sorry I worry you so much. Aye, I bet it’s very sexy and Topaz gets flustered reading it xD.

I’m glad you liked it, but indeed I think people only like Ayumi and Chihiro and hate Kaori as that’s what the manga told them; why they hate Yozora and Ume even tho their animes make clear they’re good people is a question for the ages :/. Aye, maybe they’re like Tarou xD. No worries, I appreciate your theories! True, boo Asuna’s poor AI xD. Aye, like in DBZ when Vegeta gets depressed since he can’t beat Freeza and they gave this explanation to Kaioh when the manga had the narrator explain! Tho in Japanese they’re voiced by the same guy xD. Indeed and thanks! Aye, and boo people not getting incest is best :/. Aye, tho given he gave KLK a 3, Crime Edge a 1 and this a 6 I think it might be a troll, you can’t think these shows are from okay to awful yet call The Mana Show awesome; yuri fanboys are just as idiotic as fujoshis. Not just next week but maybe the one afterwards too and also no DBKai this week and the next one, and because of high school baseball! At least the Olympics are the motherfucking Olympics, this is dumb :/. Aye, sorry because I know you liked the DokiDoki EDs, but picture five years of that endlessly when the previous 5 seasons all did different things, or at least non-stage dances in 2D xD. And speaking of dances Overman King Gainer is still awesome! Aye, it was a silly ep as one site pointed out mistakes like Hime forgetting her bag or Seiji’s magical stretchy handkerchief, and of course the Cures thanking the cottage as nobody answered xD. Aye, it happens when the last 8 Cures have three Yellows, two Purples AND two Blues! And Sunny xD. Go Hime indeed, and no worries so go Wakamohawk! Even though we both saw him dubbed xD. Aye, and also go Hosshiiwa offering Seiji being one, that would be fun if you could serve her <3. Aye, boo Blue not going with the commoners as he’d prevented this xD. I guess they cure HP but not status ailments, so to say. She didn’t cure the tired Seiji either, just put her hand on his forehead xD. Right, seems Yuuko will be more the romantic counselor! Aye, Princess fought with just Lovely and just Fortune so just Honey is entirely fair xD.

True, boo not being weekly but true about Dragon Song being bad! Speaking of that site go their Mega Man article even if they’re being slow with it xD. That’s the same girl <3. That it is, and one Senran Kagura mission is named “Backstreet Girls” tho it’s about Mirai being literal and figuratively in the dumps and Hikage revealing her past, so boo references to old boy bands titling serious chapters :/. Aye, sorry I bring him up so much in a bad way! Aye, boo. Nah, August is a light month but hopefully you like it xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-27-14, 3:36 PM
I almost forgot for HapiCha, but the pompadour Kindabads were awesome! Between them, Dandy, the annoying yaoi guy from Akame and eyepatch dude from GGO this was like Pompadour Weekend xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-27-14, 2:24 PM
I'm surprised HapiCha came before Aikatsu, but anyway xD.
Overall a pretty good ep one or two silly complaints aside, go watch it xD. Also Gundam-san had another decent episode, cool! Not sure why they started with these awful two eps, they should've ignored them and started with the current non-crap ones xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-27-14, 9:07 AM
I agree, we need more series that feel the same xD. Aye, it’d be cool! Thanks and knew it would be cool for you xD. Aye! Indeed <3. Speaking of meganekko Space Dandy focuses on one, but sadly Dandy first says she might look better without glasses! She has coke bottle glasses so it’s not as bad, but still xD. Also Dandy has a fundoshibutt and the preview isn’t much better, but said meganekko had a nice buttshake after his shot and, well, ASS IS ALL <3. Now let’s hope next episode he won’t sing about breasts or something xD. Right, Cure Dream was popular! Of course, someone should punt him back to 1920 xD. True, go Kyouko! Speaking of OVAs of meh fanservice shows the new DxD one won’t come until MARCH NEXT YEAR. Now the entry is stuck on my “On-Hold” for 8 months just for one shitty OVA, thanks MAL :/. Anyway go the HanASS indeed <3. Aye! Also go you reading Puchimasu and being fast at it as well xD.

Right, better those two than Tsukiko and Tsukushi! Aye xD. Glad you see it and good point with Van’s mecha! Aye, and Clannad isn’t bad but not #3 material either xD. Right, movies take a lot of time so with some exceptions like Disappearance I tend to forget about them, sorry! I wanna watch it tho, for Azusa’s blog and all that xD. Go Yuki <3. Only in the anime, manga Mars is more the stern and serious type! Right, go “talented” Jupiter for you xD. Makes sense, and aye! Probably not, watching it all in a row I’m more tolerant and less dickish. Funny as I thought Emi would be the one too, I bet she makes manga based on the costumes Maya makes Topaz wear xD.

I see the similarity, both are beautiful and that she doesn’t! Aye, boo Ayumi being presented as one of the most sympathetic characters in the manga xD. Aye, to be fair Takanashi isn’t a nice guy like Keitarou either, but that doesn’t make Inami instantly forgiven! Aye, and no worries because as you know I read too much into things xD. Aye! Indeed, Asuna already heals xD. Indeed! Aye, the author didn’t know how to introduce his research xD. Indeed! Right, boo Fighter-Kirito even if Red Mage is the crossdresser xD. Aye, original Smash had to change sounds for their lightsabers too! Aye, no one wants to be like Citan xD. Thanks! That it is, go awesome siblings even if MAL ranks it worse than DokiDoki :/. Speaking of 2 positive reviews showed up; one is short and another is by a blind yuri fanboy, bleh xD.

Maybe! Aye, boo Tales of Filler and nice comparison, Dragon Song is apparently awful too xD. They added a LP of Lunar 2 not too long ago by the way, it has an awesome TDB-ish dancer & martial arts practitioner! And a lot of lame outdated jokes, boo Working Designs being the 90s equivalent of XSEED down to ignoring Europe xD. Indeed, go Ebiten until Conflict Boy got inside! Aye, I still like her and aye <3. Indeed, boo randomly changing everyone because at Sunrise they decided they could do worse than SEED DESTINY! Aye, you’ll see xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-27-14, 1:49 AM
I love how this topic is full of people pointing out how awful Inami is despite the title inviting to otherwise, go people not being blind to her failure! Unlike with Sena, boo people being superficial and having dumb tastes xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-27-14, 12:54 AM
I concur, better than the bishounen from the fourth game xD. Indeed, maybe they’ll say it’s her REAL peach and proof she’s the legendary heroine or something! Right, it’d be their eternal servant just as I always wanted <3. Aye, figured you’d love a sandwich of softness! Aye, of course she wore them when not bathing and glad you liked that xD. Right, as she was marking him apparently <3. That it was at least, tho you could tell it was “off” at times and thanks about that xD. Aye, she resembles Cure Dream untransformed but still! I figured, boo ;_;. Aye, at least Aki’s insane mamocentrism is stupid but regular stupid, like Leone’s bust in the Akame specials; this is so elaborate and out of their way as I described in my previous message that has no logical explanation except just plain cartoonish supervillainy on Xebec’s behalf, you can’t fail so badly if it isn’t on purpose! Aye, boo Xebec trying to hard to win when all they had to do is release a new Darkness OVA and they’re already going to do that anyway xD. Aye, thanks for your awesome efforts and go HanASS among others! Glad you like Akari as well, and go her using her Belly Button Forte on us <3. That sounds cute, she’d probably fluster from my “reactions” too xD.

Right, boo awful years and go Not-Hiroko and Not-Asuho and their nicknames <3. Aye, their Z version was uncensored but they only got the censored Kai, Blue Mr. Popo and all xD. Aye! In the topic the villain is called Steely Dan but the subs called him Dan of Steel, I guess they had again to write around a musical difference except he now sounds like a Superman fanboy xD. Right, poor Kanon being treated like it was Munto and Nichijou isn’t bad but Top 100 sounds insane! Aye, gotta watch the movie someday; the Haruhi movie is high too but no problems with that xD. Aye! Indeed, surely you’ll like her and Jupiter too as she will be come like two eps later or so xD. I did <3. Thanks xD. That I didn’t know, but it indeed makes her no favors! That does sound good tho, makes it more likely I’ll watch it when it’s done xD. Aye, or her BUTT-on! Of course, even if the one who writes manga is Yuno, and I wonder if one of the Topaz-girls is a pervy manga or novel writer too xD.

I figured you’d agree, she’s great <3. Aye, boo Kanon’s mean streak but at least she’s not Chihiro or Ayumi xD. Also now I think she could be Rikka and “special” is a nod to her Aoi resemblance or something like that! Yes, I have wacky theories xD. Aye, tho all 4 girls are cool! It is, go cap and jeans Piccolo xD. Aye, boo him! That’s funny about him resembling Yuri tho, Shinon now needs pink hair xD. Right, boo nonsense and that might be but is still silly! Aye, boo random mechanic and glad you liked my description xD. Aye as I didn’t mind that, and I know but she was fangirling for various guns and knew all the data and stuff; that goes beyond being all right with them! That is a good point actually, I’m surprised they didn’t have him buy another to dual wield them xD. Aye, nothing against Kirito, but going “When in Roma do as the- ooh a shiny sword” is really silly! Exactly, the English dub will have to change it xD. My bad, but boo suddenly knowing how to drive! Plus it reminded me of a gag in the Xenogears LP as Citan renting a buggy and NEVER returning it is one of the many things that make him the “greatest asshole” and I mean MANY things xD. Aye, sorry but with HapiCha being good I need to mock something, and aye <3. Indeed :/. Exactly, and at least he didn’t show his ass! Aye, like Sora and Haruka xD.

Thanks, go Udongainer! Great then xD. From the Japanese Game Wiki it’s a short game that only takes about 10 hours, most of it is walking around as you don’t get an airship or a warp spell of anything, the plot is weak and the last boss is lame and comes out of nowhere, the skits lack a variety of portraits and come as lazy, you can’t switch Arts or equipment during battles, plus other things I can’t remember right now! So yes, Tempest kinda sucks xD. Aye, go my two favorite body traits <3. Aye, and oddly Ebiten references it xD. Aye, poor Lindy scoring even lower than Naru, and by extension Momo and Asuna! Aye, I score eternal lolis high <3. I kinda forgot so I had to check Japanese Wikipedia: Both girls went through experiments and that made their bodies stop aging at 17 and 20 respectively. Also apparently her measurements are a gross B89/W55/H82 and Yayoi has B87/W56/H82 while Yukiho is B88/W55/H83, I now perfectly understand why everyone hates this series ;_;. And for you Azusa has B86/W57/H84, yes, no reason why they made several flat girls cows and then the cow lost FIVE cm in her chest, it seems this is to Sunrise what Boobholder is to Arms :/. Fair enough, remember August is a celebratory month for me as well xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-26-14, 2:49 PM
Im glad you warned me for Captain Earth, tho it wasn't too bad and go butts! Go Akari's Belly Button Forte as well, and I liked her screentime at least xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-26-14, 2:21 PM
I'm sorry for Mizuki without glasses ;_;. In the other hand go all the imoutocest, Tatsuya is a good caring brother <3. Hey, so far she was the only one showing interest, now it's clear both have feelings which makes it awesome! After crap like iMocho I deserve a proper imoutocest show, and Pixivpedia even confirms they really are blood siblings xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 07-26-14, 11:13 AM
I'm covering SAO, you haven't seen it so spoiler box time xD.
It wasn't a bad ep mind you, but it was really silly and easy to pick apart! Also go SHIRInon xD.

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