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ZettaiRyouiki | 9 hours ago
I liked your blog as usual, go Chifuyu! Nice Laura joke in the club xD. Good point about Tsukiko interrupting you, she's like Kayne West! Wait, that's kind of old already xD. Riri is wrong and she knows, I also love hearing your opinions in my blog <3. Go your recap all the same, even if your oneesans punctuate things! Nice reference to the Fantasy Mengele as well xD. Maybe she's an Unown Girl because she's been researching them, though poor Riri not liking to know these jokes! Holy crap it's Ryuuko aga- wait no, it's just Chifuyu with a weird pic as you later mention xD. Go Tsukushi being honest, but boo not seeing asses! Go you mirroring my terrible Futurama reference xD. Go Chifuyu, err, Orimura-sensei being dommy! That was clever of Tsukiko, though go Chifuyu slicing her gun off and Mikasa saving you xD. Go her hair being bla- Priscilla's brother! Her bangs are very common, but not bad I agree xD. True about her hair being a bit odd and wide but not bad, and I tend to forget about her ponytail! Go waist-length hair and go the times she has it down <3. From looking at images Chifuyu's eyes seem closer to brown or maybe orange than red, but go you liking red eyes with black hair! Go her tsurime as well, but agreed about girls who think glasses are hairbands as I mentioned that for C.C. as well xD. Go the S2 OVA having her actually wear them, that OVA got a point finally! True about her being masculine, but not as bad as Cattleya xD. Sorry about her nose, but go her being stern! Sadly I don't remember the exact joke, but go referencing Working Designs being goofy xD. True about resembling Ichika tho they are siblings; I blame modern character designers not knowing how to do MANLY men! Sorry :/. Go Chifuyu and Mikasa fighting Tsukiko, even if they aren't achieving much! True about her being shorter than her otouto, I think the author has a fixation with shorter girls because even the main guy's intimidating older sister is shorter than him and all the main girls are way shorter; even my harem has the two mature ladies be taller than Zettai xD. Go her hourglass figure, and her bent over butt too <3. Boo the show hiding her ass at least twice with pareos, especially since at least one they had a shot of Maya's cleavage alongside it that they tried to treat as equivalent; not even close, jerkwads :/. For the record had they shown Chifuyu's butt I wouldn't mind Maya showing her chest, the problem is the unfairness and not just showing breasts xD. And indeed boo Char's appaling nopan ep and all its many issues! Go her legs not being bad and her HUGE strength, now I want her to kick me on the side <3. Go her chest being big for you, and true about her nipples tho I blame her not being Houki! Seriously, Char gets her nipples censored in a shot that appears half a second in the first OVA while Houki's full frontal nudity being shown for several seconds is fine and her nipples are uncensored, you can't argue me this is backwards xD. Go her varied outfits, and true her teacher outfit is surprisingly sexy <3. She needs a wedgie tho xD. Go her other costumes but boo frilly swimsuits, they sure as hell don't have girls wearing shirts with thongs so don't have cleavage with skirts! Go her sexier costumes too like the maid dress, the lingerie and the sukumizu-esque bodysuit <3. I read she wears an actual bodysuit in the novels, they should've adapted that instead of the Char nobun ep xD. Their teamwork is terrible, but seems Chifuyu has an idea! True her screentime is a bit limited tho at least she's not Tabane, but go her being a strong and protective older sister <3. Go her being a stern and fair teacher even if she drinks, and you'd gladly cook for your TDB older sister! That's a relief you didn't do Chifuyu last week, two mecha amazons voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi would've been a problem xD. Go her voice otherwise! Go her possibly romantic feelings for Ichika and her teasing, if she ended with him you'd love it I bet <3. True about her yuri with Maya and Laura, one of her few official pics has Maya and Tabane hugging her while she looks resigned xD. Go her great age, and the gap with her brother is the same between Zettai and Asuho so it happens! That's a great score she got, pity she was 1 point away from a pic xD. The plan didn't work, they should've just done the AT-AT thing like C.C. in my blog! Wait, it did, awesome xD. Go Tsukushi trying to reason with her imouto! Go you not further stretching this battle, unlike Needless spending 9 eps in that room xD. Boo lolis being fully censored, this is Omamori Himari again ;_;. Tsukushi's reaction is funny tho xD. Seems she can dispel summons too, and also do terrible cat puns! At first I thought the savior was Yuiko, but she's not a goddess I think xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Today, 7:59 AM
I'm sure you figured this, but I like Emi from Jinsei so go her! Also Rino being the main girl is awesome for both of us, go meganekko wins AND ass girl wins xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Today, 7:12 AM
I don't mind the fact the butt word chain wasn't about butts in the episode proper, but why did they had to FOCUS ON FUMI'S BREASTS, I am so fucking tired of this fucking bullshit where they make it look like they'll focus on butts only to then appeal to retarded cowfuckers while the opposite NEVER happens ;_;. Also it goes without saying the joke was they kept using things that ended in "ru" few words begin with, as always fansubs obscure this point because translation notes equal losing at life or something xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Today, 12:17 AM
I’m glad you agree xD. Aye, boo trolling loli fans like everyone else ;_;. No worries, they barely say his last name in-series and go his tastes indeed! Right, it’s why it took me so long to watch the series, but indeed it’s otherwise good xD. Izumi is the funniest IMO and also the GAR girl who is the flattest and wears spats and a sports bra <3. And that’s funny you expected me to prefer Rino as I thought you were selling me Izumi since you always called just her by name when summarizing the eps xD. I do like Rino tho, and go Ayaka’s assy shower and also being dommy with her feet in the beach ep <3. Right, poor Fumi having dumb scenes but true about her being good otherwise, like Steph xD. Aye, it has its moments but Momo Kyun is better in pervy regards and boo terrible timing! Thanks for your support <3. Tho I still acted poorly xD. True, hooray SHIRIkaze <3. Also they need Musashi in the anime! I did <3. Aye xD. Indeed! Aye, though only when you mentioned it xD. Aye <3. Indeed xD. Boo ;_;. Sorry xD. Aye! Right, thankfully the second season was good and had fewer references. No worries, it was in the finishing two eps and boo mamocentrism! It is xD.

Right, sorry for the terrible pun but go clearing up DxD is poop! I think people just dislike Mega Mewtwo Y because it has a female voice in the anime, people are silly xD. Aye, go being less broken than Moody Bidoof! Actually I read they had to censor Tharja in Awakening just for having that Teen rating as otherwise it’d be ranked Mature, which goes to prove America is horrible when it comes to sexuality regardless of what xm says xD. For contrast we got a 12 equivalent to T and that’s without censorship, and Senran Kagura was ranked 16 whereas, say, Resident Evil 4 was ranked 18 so we do treat violence worse than sexuality. Note 16 is just a bit harsher T while 18 is the equivalent of M, the equivalent to AO would be X if my memory isn’t wrong xD. Also note this isn’t the first time we get trolled with trophies because of America, as for Melee we didn’t get the Devil World trophy even tho the game DID come here and that Ice Climber enemy that was a seal in Japan and a mini-Yeti in America was a seal in here too but regardless the trophy and Melee enemy was still the American mini-Yeti; I guess for Japan America is the only country that matters since, meh, why bother telling apart those white foreigner devils :/. And aye, boo Peach having a black hole since at least Rosalina’s galaxy pantyshots are canon I think xD. That I do, go great Warriors-style games <3. Sadly I had to check a Japanese Wiki to figure how to unlock Agitha, thanks GameFAQs for not having the information even tho it’s been out for a month in Japan xD. Thanks, and now I’m less emo go Nanae for you <3. Not really as if anything you’re the patient one, but thanks xD.

I do, go you knowing about stones <3. Aye, you’re only missing a kuudere meganekko and the Sailor Mercury and Aikatsu Aoi equivalent xD. True, Smile had that in the fake finale and was awesome, better than the true final battle with the sub-bosses! Aye <3. Indeed, especially cute black-haired middle school girls xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 2:37 PM
I must apologize on Jinsei: Fumi can be funny and likable as long she's treated as a character and not as a pair of walking breasts xD. On happier news I got Hyrule Warriors, from what I played it's quite awesome <3. Also Smogon didn't ban Mega Gengar to Ubers2 for the time being, hooray xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 12:39 PM
I'm sorry about my comments earlier, I overreacted and I should learn to behave like an adult and not like a spoiled brat :/.

xm0123 | Yesterday, 9:28 AM
Well I can't do Narcissu 3 because 1: it's not in English 2: It's not freeware like the first two. There does exist a fan translation in Chinese....but I don't understand Chinese either. And yeah, Narcissu's not for everyone, though it can't be as bad as those games Jim Sterling and Total Biscuit* looked at! XD

The only other game Hirameki translated that I know of is they did translate and release the 2000 version of Phantom of Inferno in America. Physical copies, too. However, I've read their translation of Phantom is supposedly even worse than Ever 17's. I can't confirm if that's true or not, but I wouldn't be shocked if that were the case.

Odd; all the Gundam fansubs I've been watching don't have tons of swear words. And I don't see myself getting into Ace Attorney anytime soon. If I do, and if I review it, expect my Youtube description to say, "Yeah, only now am I FINALLY reviewing the most popular VN series of all time." XD

If the Wii U's graphics are only slightly below my PC's, it can't be that much worse off than a PS4 and Xbox One, since those consoles still have trouble running games above 30 FPS*. If you wanna see some really shitty graphics, try looking up the first port of the original Ridge Racer for the PS1, then shut your mouths.

*Oh yeah, I found Total Biscuit's video about framerates. I happen to agree with him; games running on fast motion (48 to 60 FPS) do NOT look "less cinematic" than games that run between 24 to 30 FPS. I'm sure you agree, especially since 1: Games at 60 FPS are more responsive, like he said. 2: 60 FPS is the speed our eyes perceive motion in the world in real life, ergo, it's more realistic. 3: Smoother animations. Then again, note that TB mainly plays PC games, and that's the big advantage PC ports have; they tend to be able to run at 60 FPS when the console ports can't. I know for a fact that the Half-Life 2 games only run at 30 FPS for the 360 and PS3, when the PC versions run at 60. (And the PC versions all look better for that)

Of course, unlike TB, I don't mind games that are locked at 30. There's plenty of great games that are. However, if I have the option, I will always opt for fast motion.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 9:09 AM
I agree, as I’d gladly become a chair for SHIRInon any day xD. True, good example! There was also Akamatsu going from Love Hina to Negima, but then he did FU Holder ;_;. Though in the topic of people with that name go Yuuki Akamatsu the Jinsei lead for praising Rino’s ass and wanting to touch it, go adult leads <3. Too bad the series is disgusting and only lets him touch breasts even though as an adult he has NO interest on them, in general boo all the disgusting and gross mamocentrism in this series and especially the beach ep that proves beach eps need to get banned for all eternity, I fucking hate Fumi and I want her to get her breasts cut off so she will bleed to death like all fucking shit cows like her deserve ;_;. Also boo Izumi being truly dumb and liking her udders, it’s like they had to apologize for having a lead with a brain age of two digits :/. That said I do like Izumi and she’s my favorite from the show, with Ayaka being a deserved second place and Rino is cool too! And fanservice woes aside I do like the show in general, sorry for being so negative but it’s not the best show fanservice-wise in this season and on top of that I started it at a bad day xD. And true about Yamato! Aye xD. That is disgusting, boo taking the “assy girls VA” and forcing her to be “guys who deserve a hammer to the face repeatedly VA” for no reason ;_;. Aye, Maron is cute but she’s the only loli xD. Indeed, I hope she “just” fainted :/. Aye, go the Onmyou priest wizard dude being awesome and go also the trap weaponizing its suck; I thought of Miroku too xD. That’s a relief, so go Momoko being GAR and becoming Ultimate Momoko! Agreed about Enka of the thong ass and glad you concur xD. Aye, go Japanese Wikipedia helping and go Veronica! Aye, but still boo people hating good shows in spite of their quality and favoring good ones ;_;. That might be, boo people caring too much for drawings :/. I’m not dead yet xD. Aye, it was cute <3. Indeed! Aye, boo being like the Seitokai no Ichizon S1 and shoving in weak references to popular shows and thanks! It might be, since that was in Cuties and both Cuties and the current Hayate are equally awful; DarkWish gave Cuties a measly 1 xD.

Right, boo the specials getting a pass and boo QsB scoring poorly while DooxDie sells well even though it’s crap :/. If you don’t get this new pun remove the X and understand xD. True, go Airi being dommier like her companions and boss <3. Aye, tho Y Mewtwo is less popular xD. Aye, since Japan gives two fucks about these things and Smash 3DS is rated PEGI 12 in Europe the same than Brawl and Awakening then clearly we don’t care either, so that leaves America that saw her trophy since the leak was from the ESRB video; presumably she somehow pushed this game to a Teen rating because America fucking hates Tharja and thus Nintendo cut her, clearly giving two fucks about her huge Japanese fanbase and about Europe not caring AT ALL for her ass when it came to ratings; fuck you, America, you are a fucking piece of shit country ;_;. Don’t take this as a personal thing since you know I mean the general dumbassery when it comes to all sexual matters, especially if they involve sexy yankuudere stalkers it seems :/. This might be the reason for no Peach pantyshots all of sudden, thanks America for ruining the game for the rest; definitely you’re the greatest country ever. And anyway go Kuro <3. Aye, tho I’m not in the mood to be positive towards her :/. Aye! Indeed, too bad we won’t get it since we just don’t deserve it, people like me should just die as to not bother the superior breast fans xD.

I concur, go you and aye! Good point, go your knowledge of stones xD. Cool, go HapiCha being useful even if we’re almost done with the salutes! True, that’s actually rare in PreCure xD. Aye, go having assy lolis <3. Right, if only we had more of the oneesan xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 4:16 AM
I just saw one H-site I visit has banned all Loli and maybe shota content; I should just kill myself and be done with this, clearly nobody cares about me or shares my tastes so logically I must be insane and wrong and killing myself will improve this world ;_;.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 1:51 AM
I just want to add no, it can't be nobody hasn't unlocked it yet because they ripped the 3D models straight off the Smash ROM and Tharja's wasn't there but there was a suspitous gap in the FE trophies where she could go; thanks, America, the country of freedom if you don't mean sexual freedom :/.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 1:47 AM
I am still pissed off from the below comment's awful reveal, so here's what we are going to do: I post an angry rant in a spoiler box and you ignore it.
Wow, that feels better xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 1:33 AM
I just found out Tharja's trophy was removed from 3DS Smash, the JAPANESE one: Fuck you America, you retarded fuckshit country that hates sexuality, and fuck you Japan for being the same, all you sexuality-hating fucktards should have your fucking genitals cut off with rusty razors and then forced down your mouths until you fucking choke and die, since you clearly fucking hate sex so much I bet you won't fucking care, you retarded pieces of shit ;_;.

ZettaiRyouiki | 09-16-14, 2:36 PM
I didn't like the latest Hayate chapter: Comparing this to Saint Seiya after the vomit-inducing shitpile that was the previous chapter feels like an insult and an offense to Kurumada's masterpiece, and hyping up the Klaus battle only to have it end in a stupid and anticlimatic manner isn't funny; Hata, you aren't Brian Clevinger, so don't try :/. Besides, other than being a race against time and having to face trials there isn't much of a resemblance to the Saint Seiya arc in question; even the sequence in BttF where Marty has to get his parents together before lightning strikes the clock tower is more similar to this Hayate arc! And for Momo Kyun
Also I'd love an Oni Kyun Sword xD.

xm0123 | 09-16-14, 11:31 AM
Oh yeah, there's another video up. Next one will be the Type-Moon video, whenever that gets finished.

Or (speaking of translations) maybe the fan translators aren't under a deadline. Given Ever 17's translation, it must've been rushed on a shoestring budget. We know how that usually turns out. I'm not sure if that's true, but I do know the company that translated it, Hirameki International, is now out of business. Make of that what you will.

Then that image works on more than one level! Lucky me! XD And ah yes, the fuckers who used to be my "friends", making me sample Inuyasha back when it still wasn't officially out in America yet. Ah yes, tons of forced swear words (Japanese doesn't have as many-what we would consider to be-curse words as English), subs that disappear too fast; no wonder I used to hate anime. As for Ace Attorney, hmm, looks like we're in the same boat. The first three are available on smartphones. If I ever got one of those, I may look into it....

Oh yeah, look on Zettai's wall. I wrote a long report on me trying out the PSP Vita and the Nintendo Wii U for the first time. I came to the defense of both consoles. More details can be found there.

ZettaiRyouiki | 09-16-14, 8:45 AM
I approve of that xD. I would in a heartbeat <3. Aye, go the author improving xD. Right, boo the manass but go A-BUM-e <3. Thanks xD. Aye, boo that but go Dandy indeed! Aye, so go some buttshots and glad you liked that xD. Aye, unlike a certain astronomy show! Right, Est should move to Momo Kyun or Jinsei xD. If the Knight girl is Ellis, then her sister’s VA is Ayane Sakura! And go Veronica the siscom knight xD. Aye, boo Jinsei being under 6.5 and Momo Kyun under 5.5 when Blade Dance can break 7 easily ;_;. You know, I honestly wonder if at this point we’re the wrong ones or people are really that stupid, because KLK aside it’s like the best fanservice shows we know are lucky if they hit 7 points but the shoddiest ones always get high scores, almost like clockwork. Aye, go the loli coming back! That it was, and I blame the two being too shy at first and wearing towels over their swimsuits until they took it off to dance. Indeed, I found it funny xD.

Right, the series has a high and fairly deserved score so boo favoring the specials and hating QsB as people hate sexuality :/. Aye, that makes it sound like your kind of girl; I don’t mind xD. Of course, go shows full of great girls <3. Aye, boo Germany! And my namesake xD. Indeed, its weird ears must be the reason! Indeed, Utau is more Fire-ish and Holy-ish xD. Best possible death <3. Aye, I liked the other two lolis better but Mimi was cute too xD. No worries for Sky Girls since for one they do that with a secondary girl, and one you’ll love! And indeed, boo poor Wakaba lamenting her lack of back-aches :/. Aye xD.

I figured, and thanks! I remember that one, go our favorites fighting together xD. Aye, go you for that! Aye, at least Ace only put on lipstick briefly xD. Indeed, go people getting emerald isn’t a purple color! Indeed, tho no worries as it’s confusing xD. Aye, and to think Yes only used it to defeat important villains and never against regular monsters of the week! It’s not bad so far and indeed about Not-Koto, and that’s a good point so go your original catgirl xD. Aye, it was really unexpected in a good way! The friend hogs the fanart for a reason xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 09-16-14, 12:40 AM
I’m glad you see it, go the SHIRI-duo xD. Aye, she wouldn’t appreciate it! Indeed, go the author not overusing TOO much this joke xD. The manga was the same but boo indeed :/. Aye <3. Go liking my silly joke xD. Aye, go you! Indeed, boo the author favoring Syria over the superior classmates and boo no ass praise ever :/. Aye for both; they weren’t epic buttshots but there wasn’t much for breasts either, Hayate hogged it all xD. Boo male ojous like Valtome of RD indeed, and boo manservice too! Go the TDB dressing as a maid but boo misunderstandings as drama and DFC complexes :/. Go Est being the cutest <3. Also that’s funny about the Dragonar similarities, doubt she’ll be assy and awesome like Veronica or have a great voice for you tho xD. Speaking of Dragonar boo all the top reviews being the ones that treat it as bland or shit while the ones that see it as GOOD as no review is over 7 are on bottom, why does MAL hate all the good fanservice shows ;_;. On sad things Hanayamata was about the weeaboo loli’s mom being back but the loli having to back with her to America, maybe she’ll come back for the finale but was sad still! The episode was otherwise nice, it started with the girls training by the pool and had SCHOOL SWIMSUITS on <3. The meganekko kept her glasses on too! Sadly the main girl envied the Yamato Nadeshiko for her chest but at least they didn’t dwell much in it. In the weeaboo loli’s mom her lunch for her daughter was a random mess of food around the world INCLUDING SPAIN, and more surprisingly it was NOT paella! It was garlic-flavored potatoes by the way, go variety xD.

Right! Agreed xD. Aye, boo him and boo these specials only having two jokes and both being as overused as they are unfunny :/. Indeed, boo people hating so much QsB for no reason ;_;. That relieves me go Alleyne! Aye, I didn’t like the tentacles either but go the sad split, I agree ;_;. Though you’re now watching the first of the 3 eps about the villain trio, go my fav girls <3. Alongside Ymir, Aldra, Laila, Echidna and others, but you get the point xD. Germany can get their own version as it’s happened before tho, so boo screwing out the rest :/. Aye xD. True, go Eirika and her almost-hime cut! Aye, I laughed so much with that xD. Mewtwo confirmed as the worst musical chairs player ever! Cool about remembering her back then and go linking her to an awesome look-alike and sound-alike xD.

I agree, go Minna crushing Neuroi with her big ass <3. Aye, boo xD. Aye, thanks for being nice and understanding! I do like Mimi otherwise, don’t misunderstand xD. And true about both the butt shows having that and Sky Girls too, plus Vividred also has the DFC thing with Wakaba being emo because she didn’t have bags of fat ruining her sword practice :/. True, but Tatsuya isn’t in a video game about gunfighting at least xD. Aye, boo complaining without understanding things! Aye, boo xD.

Figured you’d love that <3. Aye, boo Toei xD. The other way around, they added one scene from the NEXT ep so they barely moved faster, sorry for confusing you! True, I guess they’re saying she has friends now but they can appear later. Good point, that’d be silly xD. Indeed, boo Toei making the middle school girls put on make-up because Ace did! That I did, and the reviewer sometimes I bring up also said the thing on emeralds not being purple and how Emerald Saucer was a better example of emeralds so go him xD. Aye, that they do so go good upgrades! Indeed, boo Muse having a less fitting name than Echo and confusing you as a result xD. Aye! Same, a shame Toei doesn’t xD. Speaking of shows for kids DraColle started a tournament arc and the announcer is a cute catgirl, reminds me of Koto the YYH foxgirl announcer! Meanwhile Hero Bank decided to be like both Gundam series you watched and have an epic fight after their tournament was over because the villains had the battling virtual world overlap reality so everyone had to fight an army of robots and the hero could save his love interest unarguably best friend trap tied up powering up everything, it was kinda cool xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 09-15-14, 12:39 AM
I blame SHIRIca never getting much focus, but go her still and Sinon being awesome xD. Knew it, go stat-boosting glasses <3. Indeed, poor Yui tho xD. Aye, at least go getting her scissors back! Also go Dr. Stylish dying, I can assure you we won’t see a yaoi dude ever again so HOORAY xD. So far at least, and go Akame’s buttshot close-up as it was anime-only for unexpected variety <3. And aye about Shino’s real ass xD. I did <3. Aye, to balance all these otaku dudes who like 2D ones xD. Shame, but thanks for the warning! Also Maken-Ki had two failures in the latest chapter: First shoehorning in the genderswap person because just to give them cosplay fanservice so boo the author’s fixation in this awful character, and second as Takeru the lead stares at an evil girl’s butt but when Haruko asks if he’s looking at her ass he says he’s looking at her chest instead even tho she has her back fully turned and you can’t even see her chest AT ALL, boo never letting guys admit they like asses ;_;. Otherwise it was good, as besides the evil girl Minori and Aki got buttshots too and the plot moved forward a bit, so go nice chapters xD.

Right, and boo Blue being a rather useless God! Aye, and don’t forget her long black hair and her glasses xD. True! That it was, and I think the latest or ep 11 might be the absolute worst mini-ep so far, this is so awful it’s not even worth mocking :/. And yet it ranks better in MAL than all things Queen’s Blade except S2 and the 6-ep OVA season, boo favoring juvenile “humor” over awesome sexiness ;_;. Speaking of the OVA season go you watching it, hopefully Echidna being abusive to Elina wasn’t too bad but go Alleyne’s episode <3. Aye, boo censorship, especially as one of Spain’s good things is we’re lax, so boo placing Nintendo of Europe in GERMANY ;_;. Indeed, boo Peach having another “Dark Pit” but go her Amiibo xD. Thanks, tho you’d prefer Tethys lapdancing her otouto! True xD. No worries, basically Hyakka Ryouran is to Nobuna what Ikkitousen is to Koihime Musou if that makes sense! Also if you remember me talking about Utau before as she resembles Fate, well, her Pixiv page gives Fate’s page as related so go them xD.

I agree <3. Aye xD. Thanks! Right, boo Pixiv being trollish xD. Thanks, go yours too! Aye, boo selfish people :/. And sorry if I act that way sometimes too, but I’m tired of the opposite being true and shows not catering to me AT ALL! I mean, just think of all the shows that have DFC girls being treated as ugly and not women while even infamous loli shows Kodomo no Jikan AND Lotte have Mimi, Miss Houin, Mistrune or Elfreda being praised to hell and back for having horrible backbreakers ;_;. Well, Mimi only half-counts since at first she was bullied because of that, but otherwise it’s nothing but praise :/. Aye, go Mahouka xD. Indeed, all the reviews bashing the nopan Char from IS S2 managed to miss one if not both of her being now unable to wear panties and not just she forgot them or whatever AND when she flashes to Ichika her crotch the punchline isn’t she hits him for seeing her panties but that Laura trolled her and Char ISN’T wearing panties so Ichika saw her “feminine bits” instead! I mean, both are very stupid things so it’s not like you can’t bash the show for them already. Aye, go DxD and Darkness getting what they deserve xD.

Go Sword and boo Heart! Aye, I say Makoto counts so go triple meganekko finisher xD. Aye, go Iona being adorable for you <3. Aye, I agree that was odd xD. Good point, I blame Toei pacing for that! I mean, the latest Kai ep was flat-out a Z ep aside from one scene, lame xD. Aye, boo that since even Smile left the New Attack Cure fight alone! Aye, less talking and more fights because you’re legendary WARRIORS, not legendary psychiatrists xD. Aye, boo making her upgrade look much weaker than ASScension as a result :/. That’s a good point, I’ve only seen purple Emeralds in Sonic games so go giving Iona an attack with your name instead xD. True, maybe Honey will while Princess gets Sapphire and Lovely Ruby! Aye, I thought of Mint and her very green Emerald Saucer so boo Toei not checking facts xD. Then again Suite claimed Muses are goddesses of music and not inspiration-givers, hence Cure Muse! Well, if Hime’s upgrade comes afterwards Megumi getting it now isn’t so bad, but still boo making the new attacks born useless :/. Aye and thanks, I blame all the CAS lately xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 09-14-14, 2:49 PM
I have to add a quick thing on HapiCha:
That's all xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 09-14-14, 2:44 PM
I saw HapiCha, you know what that entails xD.
In short this started well and got worse, joy xD.

xm0123 | 09-14-14, 11:42 AM
A poll I saw a while back asked, "What is your favorite Touhou game?" IN won by a fair margin, with Perfect Cherry Blossom in 2nd. I don't think it's just us. XD

That's what I always do for my reviews! >_< You must've noticed that for my review of Steins;Gate, for certain! And I know you'll notice that for whenever my "Other Type-Moon Stuff" video comes out!

I found that image on Beast's Lair. I don't think they would mind. XD Yeah, and what sucks is the only other VN I've seen with a translation that bad is the current one for Clannad, and now that Clannad is slated for an official release, that should be fixed soon. How is it that fan translations (effectively fansubs) for VNs like Fate Stay Night and Umineko turn out better than an official translation!?!?!?!?!!

Also, as I wasn't spoofing Apple nor iPods, that image was used because as I wrote the script, I remembered how some of the text mistranslated the voice acting I could understand. I was trying to think of what example to use. Then I remembered how "Naruhodo", which is usually translated as "I understand", instead for whatever reason came out as "wow." (They weren't saying, "sugoi", for fuck's sake! >_<) And I remembered how Phoenix Wright was renamed for English, and was originally called Ryuichi Naruhodo. (How did you not know that? I thought you still played Nintendo games.) I used that particular image because, oddly enough, it was the best "Objection" image I could find on short notice. Though yes, I do object to translations that can't print semicolons correctly, fuck up word wrapping, confuse "further" and "farther", say "all of the sudden" when nobody fluent in English says that, can't even translate basic Japanese terminology correctly. Yare yare, it's like I'm watching the earliest fansubs of Inuyasha all over again. ><

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