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ZettaiRyouiki | 5 hours ago
I loved your blog much more than usual, go Hiroko <3. Nice spartans joke, and the annals one too xD. Go this being the 300th regular blog and your introduction! Go mixing up Rika and Hiroko xD. Go Hiroko pulling a Sayaka, and go her awesome picture too <3. Go Hiroko giving great reasons to be covered! Go Hiroko's one-hit KO facesitting <3. Lapsitting is awesome too! Hiroko's naughty skirt and thong play is great <3. Hiroko is right, more people should be like you! Go Hiroko's wondrous long black hair in a hime cut you love as well <3. Go comparing her to Rin, guess she got her straight hair from her dad! Boo Dekinai pulling a Dekinai so often Hiroko's hair can't score perfect, tho I like her hair as is xD. Cool you remembered her braids! Go her long hair formula and you approving of it as well <3. Go her eyes being a red you approve of like Kirihime's! Go you liking red eyes from me as I like meganekkos from you <3. Go her tsurime and her thick red glases as well, speaking of! Go Hiroko mentioning that as well xD. Go her pale face and small features, included her nose and indeed! Go her dommy smirks, and I think a fang would fit Sayo or Yuno better so Hiroko doesn't have one xD. Go that Hiroko-esque Suzuka-sama doujinshi <3. Go your great blogs, always! Good plan to save gas xD. Go Hiroko's pear-shaped body! I don't mind taller girls, but go Hiroko being petite and cute <3. And true about the adult mature girls being taller, they have to be imposing after all xD. Go Hiroko's 108 cm ass <3. Go her thighs and jiggly cheeks, and go tushies! True about all my haremettes having huge butts while yours have glasses, and go Hiroko's 78% hip to height ratio <3. Go her having to sit down on Oniisama's face xD. Go giantess-shrinking and butt expansion <3. Zettai is pretty tough, he's been dommed by his assy family for years after all; think of the Mayo Chiki ep near the end where Kinjirou says all the abuse his mom and imouto gave him made him extra-tough, but not being ridiculous anime-only bullshit xD. Sorry about her natural scent! Hiroko, Asuho and Rin are all big eaters, and Zettai is no slouch either as he needs the energy to withstand his dommy family xD. Go sweet potato! Go Hiroko's crotch butt-drop <3. Figured as much for her chest and I don't mind xD. Go her pride tho! Go being a pet, a slave, and furniture <3. Hiroko's rant is AWESOME as well, I agree with everything! Go sticking "poorly-added cows" as well xD. Tho she has a point, just look at Haruhi where the most popular girl is Yuki and the least of the main trio is Mikuru even tho Mikuru gets more fanservice than the rest of the cast combined and then some! See also more or less every JC Staff and Silver Link show ever xD. No doubt Hiroko was gonna say traps manage to be loved despite being flat and whatnot! And true about her being like her brother xD. Go you being better than those in charge once again! Nice Adolf Stalin reference xD. Sorry if I apologize too much, but I never know when I overdo things and honestly I prefer apologizing too much to not enough. No worries as I laughed from that tho xD. Funny you mention Luigi given that Neptunia thing I showed in Pixiv! I'd say she wears her school uniform fairly often but not most of the time. True about the middle school students having a different color, I forgot what it was so let's make it purple xD. And indeed hopefully no one dies! The naughty underwear makes Hiroko sound like Kodama, which isn't bad xD. Sorry about fundoshi but go Hiroko putting the fun in fundoshi! Go mentioning her smelly foot wear and her CFNM fun <3. Clothed Female Naked Male xD. Go her Pastel Ink cosplay and that explaining the blog relations! When I thought you'd do Maeka I expected you to use Oneechan ga Kita xD. And go being in ANY cosplay we want, be it naked apron or a Kurumi Tokisaki cosplay or whatever <3. I like Kurumi's clothes and she kinda looks like Hiroko xD. Go her perfect score in clothes, and go your "reward" as well <3. Go Hiroko being a great teasing queen of gas! Mama-Rin makes me thing of how Tama from Sasami-san calls Sasami, figures xD. Go Hiroko's great horse abuse <3. Go Hiroko the great responsible imouto that doms her Oniisama! Go her cute rivality with her sister, and poor her for her sad past ;_;. Go hugging her, I'd prefer tightly <3. Glad you liked her future plan, and go her great inventions! I love they're mikos that live in a shrine, with hot springs as well xD. Go her being kuudere and domdere! Glad you also wrote about Magical Girl Wars and her mecha attacks, sorry we left this kinda forgotten xD. Go Yukari Tamura's voice and the Rika resemblance <3. Go the great timing indeed, and I don't mind tho I prefer Hiroko to TsukUSHI for obvious reasons xD. Go using a spoiled to avoid being defenestrated! Go Hiroko being a sadistic incestuous imouto that loves anal and does a lot more naughty things <3. Go being rewards as well! Thanks for enduring writing these things for me <3. And you would love being locked in a closet if Senne was locked in with you xD. That sounds silly, though I wouldn't mind if Ikaruga or Kan'u's asses broke wind <3. You'd love a paizuri from Girlfriend or Meme no doubt xD. And no worries as I understand you like writing it for me even if those things aren't your fetish, I also like writing about paizuri, fellatio, trap play, male nipple tease and "yaoi hole" tease for you <3. Nice hope joke xD. I always thought eternal loli was valid too for girls that have a normal lifespan but stay loli-bodied. But no, Hiroko has a normal lifespan! Not butts for once, Hiroko is 165 in Japanese l33t and from that 16/5 is not much of a stretch xD. Go Hiroko having such a great score <3. Go you being once again awesome! That's right for her score, and makes sense for Maeka xD. A quick overview gives me 86 for Maeka from me, go her <3. I do appreciate it, go Hiroko's great unexpected blog! Go Hiroko knowing how to "spice" a cake with her unfiltered aromas <3. I like how you describe her massive farts too xD. No worries since it's a special blog, go Hiroko's dominance <3. Go Maeka's great Kimi-esque reward and the reference to that Japanese meme xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Today, 12:08 AM
I’m glad you agree xD. Aye! Indeed, the comedy is mostly fine but that’s not an excuse to drag a plotline for years xD. No worries, it happens! Aye, Olimar has Alph from Pikmin 3 but besides that I dunno; maybe Peach will have Daisy xD. Aye! Indeed, I blame Ash not using Primeape except the episode where he gave it away xD. Thanks, and Blaziken can be Fei Long since he has Blaze Kick too! Aye, go Flying Pressing the opposition xD. Some do and for reusing the “pay for higher difficulty” system despite both things being fine! She’s kind of small I think but thanks, and indeed xD. Indeed! True, go Chifuyu the awesome pantyhose TDB and Shinra the dommy TDB ojou, and remember Kuroneko is an older sister too xD.

Right, they need to GAIN-ASS if anything! Aye, boo taking so long but cool it finally came out after a week xD. Go continuing the plot even if they didn’t succeed! Go Izumi being verbally a good dom and getting a fair spats-shot <3. Go the male lead being cool and funny! Awesome about them putting the “shiri” in shiritori, go the ginormous ass meganekko <3. Cool, so go Momo Kyun having peaches that are actually butts and go avoiding the other two like with Strange+ in Winter! That’s a good point xD. But they can always call it a cool side-effect of having a relaxing bath and that’s a great idea so go their butt-islands <3. Aye, better than not showing them and that makes 5 shows with bare girlass in 6 days, boo Monday ruining this as Blade Dance fails! Indeed, boo manservice in shows about cute or sexy girls. Cool and go you agreeing <3. I figured as otherwise you’d be praising her more xD. Aye and indeed! True, IS S2 was terrible; it ended with manass after all xD. Knew it! Aye, glad you liked that and Tatenashi’s cosplay can be Rain’s fighting suit xD.

xm0123 | Yesterday, 10:44 AM
If a show loses my attention, I have no qualms with abandoning it. Then again, you know how I am. And also, I love Funimation's dubs for Fullmetal Alchemist, Trinity Blood, Sgt. Frog, Eden of the East, and Mushi-Shi, to name a few.

You sure like LB, don't you? I'd like to see its VN come to Steam too, even if I prefer Rewrite. XD "I'm guessing that Witch on the Holy Night is an Umineko VN so it would be cool to have that as well." Where on Earth did you get the idea that Witch On the Holy Night was, in any way, developed by 07thExpansion? If you're curious as to why I'm anticipating this VN, you could wait for my "Other Type-Moon stuff reviewed" video to come out, or you could watch a Let's Play of the demo version in English starting here. This is currently the best-looking VN I've ever seen, and I love the soundtrack too, so if nothing else, you're getting superb production values.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 8:24 AM
I agree xD. Well, I just assumed he wasn’t as otherwise they’d point that out, and aye! True that as well xD. Indeed, boo building a lighthouse next to a lighthouse! Aye, go Hayate doing things and hopefully the plot moving forward xD.

Right, because American kids are so different from European ones! Indeed and other than each character having 8 costumes between palette swaps and legitimate costumes I dunno xD. That certainly would and aye! Indeed, better than Poliwrath the angry Poliwhirl xD. Aye and I said that for Aura Sphere so indeed! My bad, I figured you wouldn’t but I wanted to be through at least, and that’s a good point about Hawlucha so go it being the token short fighter xD. Aye! Nothing wrong with that, if ain’t broken don’t fix it and same for reusing the interface. Go Bonnie for you then, and nope as Clemont picks her up with a robo-hand xD. I have one; unfortunately I won’t see it in a few days as it’s a movie! Aye, go Suguha and her big IMOUTOPPAI for you xD.

I figured <3. Right xD. Aye, boo that when they didn’t advertise any loli for being loli :/. Aye as so far it doesn’t sound bad, go Jinsei! Aye, it’s half-length and doesn’t have issues like difficult language or on-screen text xD. Right, boo for both! Aye xD. That’s good about MomoKyun as one Pixiv friend keeps telling me to watch it since it has butts, and boo Boob Dance as well as Homogoto for me! Boo terrible springs, neither of us is pleased with that and we need one that magically increases female asses. ImoShiri can do that xD. Boo the DFC girls thing too, but go showing their butts <3. Go censoring manass as all fanservice shows should, go fighting against this manservice season! Knew androgynous=guy, remember everyone loves traps while hating reverse-traps :/. If that’s this lady shame on them as she’s beautiful <3. And while looking for her I also found about your fav girl xD. Go bondage <3. Sounds silly about the oni and go nopan fusions as well! Boo it being mamocentric, but it still sounds better than the nopan ep from IS S2. Thanks, go Ikaros xD. Aye, knew you’d like both teachers <3. And for completeness I get Lingyin’s loli Chinese buns and TatenASSY while you get Houki holding a shinai between her breasts and Kanzashi in the aforementioned Natasha sexy cosplay xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-26-14, 1:11 PM
I thought you’d agree, boo really silly plots xD. Phil isn’t a shota I think but figured you’d like him and true about having similar hair to the FE Monks! Go the meganekko and figured you would see it too xD. Aye, boo face-breakers and girl-kidnappers being seen as sympathetic! Indeed xD. Speaking of stuff go Hayate starting an interesting plot even if the recap now is somewhat random! Hopefully it won’t be mostly a wash like the latest storyline xD.

Right, boo doing that and on top of that saying it’s because those songs fit the tastes of American kids better when the first 3 DBZ movies aired with the original OST and no kid freaked out! Of course, I prefer the Koopalings too so go them being playable in a way xD. Aye, is better than Kirby with the clown’s face! Aye, go using the Pokémon they like advertising and the Gen 1 poster child for Fighting type xD. That sounds silly but plausible for Machamp, while I guess Lucario will be a shotoclone! Nothing to do with shotas, that’s characters who fight like Ryuu and Ken xD. Mienfoo can be Chunli, Hariyama Honda, Hitmonchan Balrog, Hitmonlee Sagat, Hawlucha El Fuerte and Throh Makoto! Pokémon has a lot of fighting styles represented xD. Indeed about Tharja’s great trophy, tho Phosphora just has her Uprising one! Uprising has a crapload of trophies too, the menus look like Brawl’s as well xD. Aye, and speaking of the anime’s version of Bonnie keeps trying to pair her brother with other girls like a reversal of Brock’s running gag! As Clemont is shota-ish and in glasses and she often goes for oneesans figured you’d like that xD. Indeed, and poor Schele! Aye <3. Indeed and not yet! Aye <3. Go imouto-ness not being a problem for cute meganekkos xD.

I don’t mind, Natasha is still awesome and glad you liked Kanzashi’s cosplay idea <3. It was a random gag, so don’t worry and go Dandy xD. Thanks, and indeed go you bringing it up! Of course and boo, and speaking of boo the Mahou Shoujo Taisen preview sounding awful ;_;. Shame, boo whipping! Aye, it’s not fair at all and that sounds terrible for Jinsei :/. Tho it has issues apparently, unlike Yama that is straightforward and doesn’t have weird language much! Boo both things, unfair this guy is mistreated when Cowychi went unpunished and boo hating DFCs because clearly that has never been done before :/. Aye, especially if they also burst in flames xD. Aye, Jinsei sounds fun but Blade Dance, well, doesn’t :/. Thanks and go being a similar to Ikaros character as she was one of my favs from SnO! Indeed, go our European favorites plus Cecilia the assy ojou and Tabane the Yukarin for me with Maya the busty meganekko and Chifuyu the TDB oneesan for you instead xD.

xm0123 | 08-26-14, 12:59 PM
I will say your time is better spent on DTB than Mahouka.

Not all of Funimation's dubs are rushed. Their dub for Requiem for the Phantom is excellent, for example. But there was a time that only certain anime had full effort devoted to them, and DTB sadly wasn't one of them, despite its quality.

Yes, I've read that. I don't have a lot of enthusiasm for that, as I prefer the Clannad anime, and I'd rather see Witch on the Holy Night receive an official release. (Seeing as how my two favorite VNs already have an official English release! XD) Regardless, it'd be nice to also see Little Busters and Rewrite on Steam in the future.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-26-14, 7:19 AM
I also forgot the aforementioned ZotE game also has a meganekko, that probably's better than a trap xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-26-14, 3:11 AM
I saw the LP site added a Zone of the Enders from GBA one that might interest you, as not only the gameplay is a cheap rip-off heavily inspired in SRW it has a trap! The lead reacts and the LPer compared him to Lucius from FE xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-26-14, 12:22 AM
I figured you would, go them being rivals and aye xD. Thanks and of course <3. Aye, a case from the fourth game has a middle school shota blamed for shooting a large burly man with a strong gun with massive joint-breaking recoil and dragging him to a faraway place; somehow this is NOT a contradiction you can point out xD. True, that he does and go similar references! True, see Infamy and Babi, and indeed go the rival and boo morons xD. Aye! Thanks xD. Indeed, and good point about being even less relevant than Blue! That I did, and aye, go silly comparisons xD.

Right, and sadly a lot of animes did that just to make more money from airing rights! Indeed, go Shulk and also Bowser Jr. since apparently he has Koopalings alts xD. Aye, go Tharja’s ass <3. Her trophy in general looks great, go not just recycling her Awakening model! Go you then for remembering that <3. Right, boo Arms being Silver Link! True <3. I figured, and I liked Schele too so poor her! Schele is German for scissors by the way, she’s named after her weapon xD. Go female asses getting appreciation! Aye, it sounds even worse than the regular show and thanks for that xD. That it was, so go HinaTUSH, Kokoa and Aoi’s bellies and Kaede’s glasses and a little bit of cleavage <3. Indeed, go their great middle school thick thighs and the tsundere got praised for her body too! Aye, go finally focusing on your girl even if she’s an imouto xD.

I’m not surprised, go Natasha as well <3. Kanzashi should cosplay as her xD. In the Tharja blog Dandy escaped into purgatory and met Chitoge, but indeed! Aye, and now I’ll get to Kamina’s death. Aye, that makes sense and to be fair Madoka is popular and it was its creators spoiling that! It was still silly tho xD. Aye <3. Indeed, and true that! Thanks <3. Boo flat girls being unpleased with their bodies, SHE needs the confidence and not the Nozo x Kimi cow :/. Tho awesome about the slap! And speaking of Homogoto boo that STILL having a lot of fast subs when Yama no Susume needed 5 days to get subs from non-native English speakers, boo traps being favored even in meta ways ;_;. Boo Blade Dance lead girl being dumb and thinking he is Issei! Boo that too, stop treating glorious flat chests as inferior ;_;. And stop ignoring asses as well, Dandy should punch harem show writers! That scene sounds terrible, I’m not watching EVER this drivel ;_;. Go Est being funny and confirming I should add her! Go the fighting somehow being the best part of a harem fanservice show, that says a lot xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-25-14, 3:07 PM
I think they want me to like the Hanayamata teacher: At the beginning she had a buttshot, praised the main and the yamato nadeshiko for their irresistible plump thighs, and told them to use their middle school charm! Sadly they took OFFENSE to the thighs thing, boo. The worst part is they were then show exercising and the tsundere proposed they did muscle training but they said nope because their legs must be SOFT and not firm, make your own goddamned mind! Also the meganekko fondled the yamato nadeshiko's plump thighs and liked them, makes me jealous <3. Speaking of the meganekko she was revealed to be the teacher's imouto, has a grudge with her older sister for some thing on the past, likes the yamato nadeshiko and liked seeing the girls dance, plus next ep is about her so stay tuned! Speaking of "Yama" shows go Yama no Susume being awesome and avoiding the swimsuit ep curse, HinaTUSH had the best swimsuit by far xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-25-14, 12:35 PM
I didn't watch the Recorder to Randoseru OVA because I want my #1700 anime to be something else, but I'm glad I didn't since it sounds ridiculously awful, boo! Thanks for the warning, of course xD.

xm0123 | 08-25-14, 11:16 AM
I'm not sure you'd like Darker Than Black. It's waaaaaaaay more serious than the anime you generally prefer. It almost feels more like a live-action American tv series than a typical anime.

Then again, that's part of why I love it so much; it's mature, and true to its name, it's dark, but somehow not excessively so. If, for whatever reason, you do wanna watch it, don't watch the second season. Watch only the first season, and the 4 OVA episodes, and then make up your own ending. Pretend the second season does not exist.

Also, I wouldn't recommend watching the English dub either. Granted, it's nowhere near as bad as anything Sentai puts out, but it's very obviously one of Funimation's rush jobs, and I do find it inferior to the original Japanese.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-25-14, 8:49 AM
I’m glad, and by the way Amuro from Gundam prefers older girls perhaps to balance Char being lolicom, figured you’d like knowing that xD. Sounds like a good plan, go C-non String <3. Cool and thanks! That she is as AA is a bit more “realistic” than other franchises, even if they have a teen or loli or shota around occasionally xD. Shame but congrats! Japan calls it a V or Victory sign, see Victini xD. No worries as I’m the one who spams it, and glad you liked that but go the BW2 rival indeed! Even if people say he was dumb for not catching a random Purrloin, logically if a villain kidnaps your son you should just go adopt a child xD. Aye, go Hime being nice and doing an offering! Figured you’d agree, and aye as it stands for Antagonistic Intelligence xD. That’s actually a good point for Hime, go waiting for her! Aye, I could see it for Ribbon but Glassun doesn’t really do much, Blue and even Seiji are more relevant but both are stuck as Supporting. That’s a good point for Aguri, but given she grows up when transforming she’s maybe Captain Marvel too! Who is a Superman rip-off so it all works out at the end xD.

Right, go wanting to see more of great dommy girls <3. Aye, though maybe Japan just thinks US the only country that matters, as a theory says DB Kai has that weird soundtrack like the Boo vid last week to cater to American viewers even though Europe and Latin America always had the original music xD. Aye, Japanese fans call BW2 Iris Ultimate Iris too! Aye, hopefully butts won’t get censored later like in Boobholder xD. Aye, I did check that so go peaching <3. Tho sorry about the angry comment, especially as a meganekko died recently so sorry about Schele again ;_;. And indeed go assy OVAs <3. Indeed, go great CULOincidences and hopefully there are more xD.

I figured and go dommy meganekkos like Kirihime <3. Aye and that I did xD. Aye, or at least a girl voiced by Nao Touyama so DarkWish would hate the show less! I might once I get to here, the last I saw is Seryuu about to fight Mine and Schele, yes ;_;. Aye, I can understand a bit the feeling but it’s getting too ridiculous! Aye, boo not liking her THICK glasses I like <3. Right, and go Leone-ass! Indeed, boo her not being C-Cup-me like in the manga and poor Schele as well ;_;. They also ignored the main ep again, understandably. Aye, boo lame fanservice and weak jokes! Indeed, and go you being awesome again xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-25-14, 6:46 AM
I wanna confirm the Akame manga has both the dumb "Schere is cute without glasses because meganekkos exist to have their glasses removed" scene and the X-Ray vision one, hooray. In the other hand the latter focuses more on Mine's DFC and Leone still has her buttshot when transforming, not everything is bad xD. Speaking of buttshots notice the past 4 days have had as many bare uncensored girl-asses and aside from JoJo's all have been in series that hadn't done that before, awesome <3. Hey, I don't just whine xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-25-14, 2:48 AM
I warn you that you might not like the ending for the Akame ga Kill theater :/. Once again the series would be better if this didn't exist xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-25-14, 12:45 AM
I figured you would like that, go your kind of couples xD. Cool that! Sounds awesome, go Sinon and Nonon having epic butt sumo <3. Aye and go your references! No worries xD. Indeed, tho she’s 37! Aye, hopefully you won xD. I guess her V sign still counts, and maybe they did not want so many DokiDoki girls in so few eps even if that’s their fault! Right, I get what this was trying to say but we could use a change from sympathetic villains, like Pokémon and its rivals all being the same since Gen 3 xD. Aye, at least the reason she made the rice balls was cute and glad you liked that! Right, especially when they could use Coconut Samba we haven’t seen on ages or one of Fortune’s attacks we’ve only seen once. Speaking of Fortune true about her new attack so go dumb AI playing on her favor xD. And true, boo Deep Mirror :/. Well, on other seasons they receive the upgrade and that’s enough to know how to use it, DokiDoki didn’t tho so I guess that’ll be a thing from the new director. Also boo MAL listing the fairies as mains because, they’re never important enough in most seasons and only serve to push the Cures down; just check Heartcatch’s page and you’ll see what I mean :/. Aye and go Un-Lovely being dommy perhaps <3. Right, boo Mana fanboys who claim her being hypercompetent is fine because she must be admired! Cures aren’t Superman xD.

Right, agreed with that but go her looks otherwise <3. Nope, but that made me read the manga so close enough xD. Aye, boo Europe being mistreated because! Aye xD. Right <3. Thanks xD. Of course, and with Aoi Yuuki’s voice no less! Aye xD. Indeed, go Sayla’s big ass especially since they censored her bare chest, tho only the nipples area! Nozo x Kimi sounds awful however, apparently shitty backbreakers aren’t fucking favored enough they needed to make an entire fucking OVA about praising them, cows should all suicide or cut their udders ;_;. Well, not REALLY, you can keep your busty meganekko, but you understand this is really stupid as fucking cows don’t need confidence because they already get everything, if anything they SHOULD make one about a girl with a huge ass learning she is superior to other women specifically because of her ass as THAT is what we are lacking, dammit! Thanks for the necessary warning however xD.

I blame fanart, and aye! Aye xD. It’s an all-girl team, and indeed tho I prefer meganekkos being dommy as they do sometimes now <3. Aye, go fairness! Right, go Not-Ai redeeming him and indeed go her hair <3. Right, now he needs to meet Chitoge xD. I thought that too, and I read they skipped things so Balut would die in ep 8 so I guess they played it up on purpose! Aye, people overreact when it comes to spoilers and that they would xD. Indeed, just saying not all problems are because of White Fox but boo forcing Akame to be F-Cup-me ;_;. Aye, and it had Tasogare too but thankfully it was small as well xD. Glad I could help too, and indeed ;_;. Right, thanks for your hard work and patience xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-24-14, 3:01 PM
I saw HapiCha, blahblah xD.
So not a bad ep, but could be better and it looked a bit QUALITY at times xD. And speaking of modern shows seems I got my unfortunate wish and they killed Bulat, poor guy! Tho it was hard to take it seriously because killing a Katsuyuki Konishi "Aniki" in ep 8 just makes me think of Kamina xD. Hell, they even had him punch Tatsumi and his Imperial Weapon did the Gainax Pose, the folded arms thing! Sadly people who pointed this out in the forums got modded for spoilers; fuck you, this show is 7 years old and everyone who doesn't live in a cave knows this already, Seitokai no Ichizon did a legitimately funny joke about it way back in 2009, if someone doesn't know about this by now it's their own goddamned fault and deserves to be spoiled, fuck people today being whiny bitches about spoilers and acting like knowing a minor character prefers his tea with crumps instead of with biscuits ruins any appeal the show had :/. And no, I don't get why all the tea jokes today xD. Speaking of Akame I'm reading the manga! Yes, Leone being busty in the first ep and Tatsumi's female friend being randomly violent in that flashback are in the manga too. What ISN'T is the stupid scene where Tatsumi walks into Mine's room when she's getting changed, and the anime also plays up Balut being yaoi and makes Akame's chest bigger so boo :/. Akame gets twice screwed out since the swimsuit scene HAD A BUTTSHOT ORIGINALLY, but nooooo, they had to remove that while making her backbreakers break her back more, fuck cowfuckers being the most selfish scum of all time ;_;. The anime also removed a joke with Mine telling Tatsumi she could send him to any other manga in the magazine and drawing a roulette but making it unfair and having Corpse Party get 3 spots that took a lot of room and the Higurashi and Umineko mangas also having big spots while stuff like Inu x Boku or Seto no Hanayome had tiny slices; this one makes sense to remove, but still xD. And to end this in a lighter note Gundam-san also had a mamocentric ep BUT THEY SHOWED SAYLA'S UNEXPECTEDLY HUGE BARE ASS FINE, HOORAY <3. The ep still sucked, but hey, I still got more than in most shows this year xD.

xm0123 | 08-24-14, 11:15 AM
Hell if I know. All I know is Mahouka failed to interest me.

True about Misaki's eyes. Then again, I wouldn't expect any less from a character design from a Bones anime. XD

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-24-14, 9:11 AM
I agree they are xD. True, like D-Frag with the meganekko forcing Not-Hayate to crossdress and the lead thinking they’re a silly pair! Aye, figured you’d like that so go Yukimura <3. Boo both things indeed, and hopefully they won’t say that and act like Sinon! Go SHIRInon indeed <3. Also “Si” means “yes” in Spanish, she’s Nonon’s archnemesis xD. That’s a good point, so who knows! Glad we agree and no worries about that, and that’s a silly reference xD. Tho I assume he was named after this guy. Right! Aye, and speaking of TDBs, turns out the GAR prosecutor of Ace Attorney 5 I mentioned has a TDBusty dommy robot-loving oneesan, figured you’d approve <3. Aye, glad you liked it xD.

She sorta does, she lacks blunt bangs but the rest is correct! And aye, I saw the anime because Ether told me about the TDBs after all xD. Aye, none of these things save the 8 month wait are BAD but still show Europe always is last :/. Indeed, hopefully she won’t hear you or she’ll cut her hair again xD. Sounds sexy <3. Of course, go HinaTUSH! Exactly, like Gamagoori Ferrothorn xD. Iris is my fav anime companion, aye! Aye <3. C.C. and Kallen’s are, others dunno xD.

I heard of Re Mii before finding out she was from Zoids Genesis via SRW, go great lolis <3. Go possible G-Gundam robots, tho at least they didn’t have a wolverine xD. Aye, knew you would like the clumsy meganekko, her, Miyuki and Taeko make me think clumsy meganekkos used ages ago to be a thing! Figured you’d like Miyuki’s chest even with the skirt thing, and indeed about EriCAN <3. Speaking of current anime Dandy died and complained about the lack of tits but redeemed himself liking a DFC girl with clothes tight around the butt: that HAS to be a very random blog reference xD. Right, figured you might like knowing about the manga just in case and indeed <3. Sadly is in an A’s manga where Vita says she would need to use an aging spell were her to spend some time around, boo causing a lot of awful fanart ;_;. Go Hayate’s longer hair tho! That I would, go my favorite smell <3. Aye, go femdom! I did, and no worries and indeed go Asuho xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-24-14, 1:17 AM
I just realized talking about reverse-traps being forced to wear female clothes Yukimura from Bokuetc is the other way around, going from wearing female clothing to male one and nobody really minding; go this show for once xD.

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