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ZettaiRyouiki | 55 minutes ago
I think Chaika wants you to watch but is not trying hard, it had two meganekkos but one had small glasses and appeared briefly and the other looked fine but being the secretary of Fantasy Switzerland's president she won't appear much I think, shame! Also I forgot to say that but thanks for warning me about NGNL, sorry I say such harsh things about the girls you like but cows do really attract bad writing, it gets stuck on the gravity field of their oversized breasts or something xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 1 hour ago
I hated NGNL, boo the fat cow making Sora degrade from awesome lead to Issei-type retard, boo him being a brainless fucking retard unable to appreciate his superior imouto who hates baths and fuck the fucking cow ruining the fucking show all cows do, they shouldn't exist, all women should be flat and otherwise they should have all their bones broken, all their blood drained, and be boiled slowly until they die in massive pain, and all men who are retarded and don't hate these cows should suffer the exact same destiny, for they aren't even human, they are nothing but living piles of shit that must be eradicated from this planet, they don't even deserve the air they brease, fuck every single of them! Seriously, why the fuck did I not listen to my crapdar, I knew this show would be awful like all shows about cows, they ruin everything and are an insult to evolution and humanity ;_;. Also boo Yukarin being only involved lately in incredibly shitty shows like this, Flag thing, Nourin, HenNeko and more, aside from KLK and you saw how her character ended :/.

xm0123 | 4 hours ago
Yes, remember that in April Fool's, she, Shion Sonozaki, Kotomi Ichinose, and Ruri Hoshino were on there. All of them would get a 19 or 20 in personality score; we know Shion did. XD But now a greater question; who could score higher than Akiha? I don't know!

Pretty sure Tiger & Bunny doesn't qualify as mecha, not that I care. XD Gargantia is by Production I.G. And oh, you meant KLK was upfront. Yeah, that's definitely true, but I'd still rather focus on Captain Earth.

Which Touhou fan anime? Do you mean the summer one, or Fantasy Kaleidoscope? I like Suika's voice in the summer anime, and I like how Marisa and Flandre sound in Fantasy Kaleidoscope. As for Remi, well, when I saw Nise, and heard Shinobu, I was like, "Wow, she has the perfect vampire loli voice. Kinda reminds me......that's what Remilia sounds like in my head! Holy shit! XD" Given that Remi looks like a child, that's why I can see her with a somewhat high-pitched voice.

Some of the girls do have very definite voices in my head, but most of them are English-speaking actresses, which I doubt you could recognize. (As NONE OF THEM sound like the voices from Nadesico's dub. =_=) And given how talented Kitamura Eri is, (look! Eastern name order!) she could probably do six different Touhou girls, and no one would know! Although I could imagine those servant girls sounding responsible.

A 1280 by 720 resolution still holds roughly 2.6 times more pixels than a 720 by 480 resolution. With that said, character models will look smoother and less pixelated in 1080 and beyond. Just note that 720 will not make your games look like PS1 titles, despite what certain fanboys would claim to the contrary. As for Mamizou, I think anyone who plays Hopeless Masquerade will take a liking to her.

ZettaiRyouiki | 6 hours ago
I have, boo Raditz calling Youmu trash and I’m curious what their butt level is xD. Aye, boo the light in Darkness! Aye, go Yukino for me and the teacher for you, and boo the “trap” who never crossdresses xD. Right, go clearing things up! Indeed, go GainASS <3. Aye, it took them a long while and indeed this franchise will never end xD. Didn’t think of that but go funny similarities indeed! Good xD. That must be, and good point for Rosetta! True about Muse xD. Also a friend wanted Sunshine but other than being Yellow and imoutos I don’t see the similarities! Aye, funny Hime turned out to be the smartest person around xD. Indeed, boo Toei brainwashing! Indeed, at least he’s not literally spreading his “seed” around like Athena’s grandpa from Saint Seiya, who fathered all five leads and the rest of the 100 potential Bronze Saints. Yes, it’s insane; sadly the anime removed this xD. Also thanks! That might be, or maybe they meant she became a Cure AFTER Megumi. Still, boo her hiding for 100+ days xD. Aye, poor her but still! Indeed, boo absurd Toei logic, but I liked Punching Punch too xD. Fair enough, go her! Indeed, I expected earplugs or similar and that’s a funny way to handle it, go you xD. That it was, and aye, go silly similarities! A friend says her move is Exodus from FFXII, but I like more what I read of it being Neo Granzon’s Degeneration Cannon xD. That sounds hot, I remember seeing an Infinite Silhouette Butt Punch so this would be similar <3. Aye, boo random Megumi ep tho it shows she’s not like Mana at least! No worries xD.

Right! Aye, like they should xD. Also I saw an AWESOME Princess Resurrection CG set about assy dommy goodness, included a triple facesitting AND a triple BUTTJOB, hooray <3. Right, some of the translations are just weird like the Preemptive Attacks materia being Pre-Empty! Indeed, go new stuff but boo Hoopa being terrible xD. Aye! Thanks <3. Indeed, and also some involving random DFC mockery like when Hinagiku was called the weakest girl for being also the flattest when Nagi and Miki look weaker :/. Aye, boo all those dumb moments, but to be fair the rest of the series is nice xD. No worries, I did like it and the last 3 eps were an arc against new villains so the cow didn’t do much on them! That I won’t defend too, boo one of my fav things ruined ;_;. Indeed, tho I’d prefer Chitose’s <3. Also, since her name is Takao, in another card she’s posing with Arpeggio Takao! Right, like in Darkness xD. Right! That she does, maybe she’ll ask for a girl’s panties xD.

I figured that was the reason, at least basketball gives two points for a reason! To be fair the true end of the first pulls a Natsuiro Kiseki, so the retcon is good xD. Indeed, if I liked Vert the most this’d be when I say I’d love being her chair! Aye <3. Exactly, and NISA is DLC, meaning she somehow is DFC DLC xD. Indeed, go unexpected references! Aye, I wondered if Domon was actually a name xD. Aye! Me neither, I only know her from her decent fanart xD.

True, boo! Aye xD. That sounds cute, go Hiroko sitting on Zettai’s lap like Sora and Shiro <3. Indeed! Aye, and speaking of Pretty Cure you’re right Yuuko has a Godfer, and the sub omit those are Indian spices so I wonder if he got them while visiting the Meganekko Cures xD. Awesome, go her being Kan’u’s better voice and Margery’s, and if you combine both you’ll receive Misa <3. She also is Hinagiku’s older sister, hence the joke in my blog xD. Aye, boo! Indeed, I don’t plan to have them all as villains but I found the idea funny and indeed xD. True that, and indeed a shame! Now you know and exactly, Ryomou was in a gym uniform with red buruma even <3. Aye, thankfully it doesn’t have bullshit censorship yet so there’s that xD.

I’m glad! Aye, go Miyuki being so good for me and Mizuki awesome for you xD. Aye! Indeed and that’s another good reference xD. Exactly, boo Jump corrupting our children! That he is, indeed that’s an awesome idea tho the manga has 18 volumes xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 8 hours ago
I just found out Silver Link is involved with Dragonar; suckiness explained xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Today, 1:13 AM
I found out the D-Frag main has a cute imouto, other than using "Aniki" for him most of the time but still! And of course most of the episode is stolen by Takao the cow, included a dumb scene where the imouto grabs her chest and gets punched, sent flying and hits headfirst a bookshelf, poor her :/. But seriously this is getting to the point it actually hurts the show, when nearly all episodes need to have a "Har har she has useless chest tumors let's have fanservice of them on an otherwise fairly clean show" scene it gets really repetitive and predictable. Between her, Chitoge, Minori, Mana and Hiyori you could make an evil team just from Winter 2014 shows, that's how bad that season was xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Today, 12:41 AM
I don't like the mom from the D-Frag cow, she's just as cowy but her other two daughters are flat and of course she needs to insult them because they aren't cows like her, boo awful parenting :/. Also I checked and the cow has easily the most fanart out of anyone, at this point we might just call her "Less awful Sena" because that's what she is. Also she likes not-Ghost and Goblins, they spend quite a bit referencing GnG which I thought you'd like knowing xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 2:05 PM
I think D-Frag heard my comments of Winter being the Nurse Cosplay season and took them as a challenge: First this moe girl was dressed as a nurse and annoyingly so was Not-Hayate, the eyecatch was first the moe girl still as a nurse with the second being the KanaHana loli as a nurse, and finally the end card was again the moe girl as a nurse with chibi versions of all the main girls as nurses and surrounding the chibi-lead, that's freaking overkill! It was a pretty good episode otherwise, it didn't have much of the cow either which goes to show big breasts do cause bad writing xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 1:45 PM
I was enjoying this D-Frag ep when suddenly the cow appears despite being entirely unrelated to the main plot and has for no reason several dumb scenes about her nasty backbreakers, boo making the TDB and the meganekko jealous, boo hitting the main guy with a zipper that flew off and boo the end card being the KanaHana loli being jealous of her inferior overinflated body! I think if we outlawed comedic and fanservice anime from having non-flat girls the quality in these genres would improve by about 1000% xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 1:19 PM
I concur, boo both of them xD. Actually I do, mostly for curiosity! Of course, why would I favor the dommy loli with a big ass in tiny sexy underwear and gothloli clothes <3. Exactly, and go Motto being “more” than Darkness as its own title claims xD. I did! Aye, poor him xD. And speaking of poor shows with traps and bad titles LoveCome somehow is getting an underserved second season, to think so many great shows never do and this crap gets one :/. Anyway ImoShiri doesn’t have a pronoun but otherwise fits, true xD. Aye, go great middle school girls! Speaking of middle school girls the main one from Mahou Shoujo Taisen showed her bare ass fine in her transformation, go her <3. Aye, boo Xebec xD. It did but it’s gone now, hooray! And checking whenever it was or not I found two entries in the franchise I hadn’t seen, this is a really huge series xD. And indeed, boo France smoking baguettes and making Freeza ramble! Good, the message this time came a bit too negative so sorry. Aye, go the good sides to Mana Sue xD.

True that ;_;. But at least the way it saves Domon is awesome xD. Sounds much sexier, let’s hope the guy doesn’t find that a turn-off but rather sexy <3. We didn’t get it translated, but we did get Illusion of Gaia-Time and Secret of Evermore translated and better than the average 5th Gen’s translations which had a lot of dud xD. Aye, I didn’t even recognize it in the VC! Aye, boo the random marshmallowing for me but go the HenrieTUSHES <3. That it was, sorry I am rambling always against breasts but you can’t deny most dumb scenes involve them; this, that Daimidaler fondling nonsense, Issei’s worries about chests shrinking and nothing else, Tenzou’s betrayal, Yami-Darkness thinking breasts equal perversion, the PhotoKano guy not touching a girl’s ass yet quickly touching her chest, Issei telling Asia and Koneko to expand their chests back in the first OVA and he gets two mentions because he’s Issuck, and more I can’t think of right now xD. Sure, there are dumb non-breasts fanservice scenes like the Char nopan ep, but breasts ones are the majority! And aye, that was her only really bad scene and chest woes aside the show is still nice, and indeed go that and an end card with the cow showing her bare foot in a teasing way, makes sense in context xD. The vice-president is M and with Tarou’s voice, but he acts right thankfully, go improving! He likes all punishments but that’s the writer’s fault xD. Aye! It’s usual for them to do, I think. Aye, that makes sense xD.

I figured, boo all the silly jokes about football never having goals when most matches have at least one! Fine, one, still xD. Aye, all the goddesses are, and sadly the sequel retcons the whole first game, apparently this is a Street Fighter Alpha situation! That she is, she says there’s a pile of food in her room so she doesn’t have to leave in a week xD. Not hearing it either, but still go girls farting and talking about it <3. Indeed, you wouldn’t bring the topic and I’d say they are really beautiful <3. Aye, Domon is a man’s name! or a surname, apparently. Indeed, that’d be cute xD. That it would <3. She was giving a speech in the first episode of the second season and apparently appeared briefly in the first, she even lacks an official name xD

Right, but sadly Tomoki “only” gets coverhair chest! Aye, thanks to them Nodoka got a slightly better score xD. Thanks! Aye, I bet Hiroko even says she’d glad to be born his sister as she can be always with him <3. Right, it’s my favorite non-pervy cosplay xD. I think so, boo making their mags more for children! That it isn’t, mostly xD. That’s awesome, go liking her voice tho apparently she’s MANA! Sounds great, go you liking Hakufu’s mom and her flirting with guys younger than her <3. Aye, I remember that and I liked more how she spanks Ryomou’s in the S2 specials, think it was there xD.

I concur, and go silly mathematician answers indeed! Aye, closest is Miyuki from Mahouka but she’s not a loli xD. That you do <3. Indeed, go her and Aila! That’s unfortunate, boo that and it reminds me of the game about Space Porn Mags Smugglers the D-Frag loli created xD. Aye, thanks for your warnings and I blame being in the same mag that gave us Momo! They need badly to learn from Senbei from Dr. Slump, when asked if he prefers breasts, butts or legs answers he likes everything xD.

xm0123 | Yesterday, 12:14 PM
Akiha was the second girl I ever did my charm evaluation for. She got a perfect score in face, a perfect score in hair, a perfect score in personality, and a 9 in physique. Of all the girls I did, she got the highest overall score. So if you were wondering why she appeared on my favorites list last April Fools...

Right, and right! I don't know Sunrise's trademarks. I know they made the worst original anime I've ever seen, but they also made Tiger & Bunny, which automatically makes them better than Deen, Gainax, and Ufotable, as far as I'm concerned. XD "KLK does have a strong impression" Uh, what strong impression? I felt like I was watching what stoned Newgrounds users would put out if they had a budget. :P

I dunno, lots of MALites in the forums are going, "No, seriously! The LNs are sooooooooooo much better!" I don't know what to believe, other than the anime bored me. As for shallow reasons for liking Mahouka, I've already exhausted them. XD Wait! The official Touhou games have no voice acting! I could never hear KanaHana at her best! Say, if there ever was voiceovers in Touhou canon, do you have anyone in mind? I would love to hear Remilia speak in Shinobu's voice from Nisemonogatari. XD

Hopeless Masquerade is a bit easier, once you figure out the controls. Mind you, it's no Blaz Blue, and while it is the nicest-looking official Touhou game, it's locked at a 720 resolution, so it won't look like a PS4 game. Nonetheless, the music is phenomenal, and I've taken a liking to Mamizou! You were onto something after all! XD What's also nice is, while most of the music is just remixes of earlier tracks (like with the previous fighters), the remixing is great. The only Touhou games with weak (by ZUN standards) soundtracks are TH 12 and 13 for me. This game has remixes of Byakuren's theme, and Miko's theme, which sound much catchier.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 6:55 AM
I wanna clear on my previous comment that dumb scene aside D-Frag was good, don't think it's like Nourin. It even had Chitose step without her shoes on right on the vice president's face so he'd do her bidding, so don't worry about me for now xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 6:42 AM
I wanna say D-Frag has a really dumb scene where the cow I mentioned tries to convert the lead by pressing her chest against the back of his head, as according to the not very knowledgeable meganekko no man can resist that, but the cow can't because of the lead having spiky hair, so the KanaHana loli randomly charges at the cow so the lead turns around in surprise and randomly gets marshmallowed, ew, and on top of that the cow slaps him despite fully knowing he's innocent here. I'm just telling you this to show there is yet another logical reason for me to hate all cows to death: their presence always causes awful writing xD. On better franchises there is a Neptunia scene where RED the wild loli apparently lets out a loud fart in front of Blanc and she of course gets angry; it's all offscreen sadly but still go RED <3. Speaking of Blanc there's another scene where she tries to beat up some guys as White Heart because they mocked her DFC and Nisa tries to stop her, but the guys are so dumb they mock Nisa too and so both girls join forces to beat up the dumb manbabies, it was awesome xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 2:09 AM
I also red the next Cure message is from Mana, boo her being the first but go her being in a filler episode xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 1:19 AM
I saw HapiCha, so here is the usual and you can watch it after your replies! Also good you can now watch YYH and Ikkitousen in a steady manner, boo watching too much all at once xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 12:30 AM
I agree xD. Xebec also did that on the first ep of Maken-crap, but boo Issei anyway! Right, and go my love for the lolitwins not being rocket science xD. Aye <3. Maybe Issei or any of all the terrible manbaby leads, their loss! I remember seeing them uncensored when airing but not too sure, and Motto indeed had an uncensored version because it’s the best season xD. Indeed! It certainly is xD. Of course! That’s a bit better I’d say, but indeed xD. Aye, boo all these anime with self-descriptive titles! Well, except Boku no Meganekko Oneesan xD. Indeed, at least she still has NGNL! Aye, it was my least favorite show of the trio and now it’s the XEBEC one, all went back to normal xD. Aye, boo that and no scissorhold from my fav girl! Aye, I don’t mind them preferring the dub or anything, but just because it was in a dub it’s not canon, as by that logic our dub would prove Freeza and Gokuh are Reshiram and Zekrom respectively xD.

True, but to be fair that horse belongs to MASTER ASIA! Sounds awesome, hopefully she’ll have anal with the bottom of her IS suit pushed aside or something xD. Aye, I wonder if the French or German translations fixed it! Aye, tho I was surprised to find out Zelda II: TAoL wasn’t the only NES RPG to come in Europe; we also got River City Ransom, but it was renamed to the BARF-tacularly generic Street Gangs xD. Aye, boo making half the main heroines cows when they have one available they use anyway, at least in S2 she shows her thieving ass like the other Henrietta <3. Aye xD. Glad you liked them! I expected a similar predictable joke to happen at any time, so don’t worry xD. And true <3. Well, not all of the ryokan have hot springs but most do, aye! Right, I guess they were banking on that, kinda like Gyarados xD.

I’m glad, go clearing up stuff! Right, I figured that’s where it came from, while European football is mocked for having few goals xD. That and new content, but still! Aye, but in the first game the Goddesses are optional lategame party members required for the best ending xD. Also while the party gets attacked by Noire and Blanc like 4 times each Vert only does it once, sorry! True, boo Xbox players not liking playing as cute girls over space marines xD. That they are! Aye xD. That probably was the reason, and indeed but to be fair Kamille isn’t as GAR as Domon! True, poor Nico but maybe it’ll be a DVD extra xD. Indeed, would love to see these idols playing the butt song <3. Indeed, so go Kotori and her oddly popular mom for you xD.

That would be silly, she’d end flattening the tiles! And you’d be jealous of them xD. That too, as the first season had no nudity but did show Nodoka and the tsunderie’s bare behinds in the DVD picture dramas and Achiga-hen outright had a shot of Koromo’s bare ass, no wonder she looks like Shimakaze! Aye, poor Zettai not having many friends but having his lovers <3. Aye, and hooray gothlolis in general as I love them and never see that many xD. Exactly! Indeed xD. Hopefully! I think they liked it but wanted it not to have as much, a screenshot is Asuka’s costume breaking so they must not mind it that much, and glad you liked my joke xD.

I could see that, I remember a silly webcomic I read long ago had a mini-arc where they had to fill for some paperwork the eye color of a guy who always wears sunglasses and when they do finally take them off he’s wearing another pair below. They list “Yes” as his eye color xD. Go awesome jobs <3. Tho these are the things that make her scold you xD. True, go Hinagiku’s bigger part falling first and that sounds like a plan! Aye, go your favs I assume xD. Aye! Go realizing it then xD. Aye, hooray the ASSistant showing her Hayami ass <3. Aye, and indeed being unable to say anything else is pretty sad! Aye, I doubt it’s too but maybe we are all being played xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 04-14-14, 2:12 PM
I think Mangaka and Assistant heard me complain about the girls trolling the guy and fixed it by adding a girl that likes him for no reason, good work xD. Otherwise it's the same thing, the assistant and editor still troll him and he still is generically pervert liking panties and breasts and breasts and panties and nothing else to the point those are the only damn things he can say when trying to give his manga variety. Butts and legs and feet are an illusion it seems xD. Well, not butts since the endcard this time was the ASSistant and the incoming loli as bunnygirls and, well, you can guess easily what the assistant showed from my caps <3. The thing is this anime is hard to gauge since the idea is the guy is a lazy self-serving hackjob whose manga isn't not too good and not really popular, thus I can't tell if this is meant to be a genius parody of the many many series we've discussed that are like that such as DxD or Nourin or just a bad show xD.

xm0123 | 04-14-14, 2:10 PM
Well, yeah, the PS4 costs less, and Sony has a better eye for indie games than Microsoft.

Akiha Tohno is better! :P

I didn't notice until I saw mention of it back at The Trainwreck. As for anime studio trademarks, let's see.....I also prefer rainbows over moeblobs with undetailed faces, as well as royally fucking up my favorite VN author's writings, but I digress. XD As for KLK, I meant, for how hard it tried to be, "ZOMG Teh Awesome!" it failed to impress me, yet Captain Earth did.

Getting back to Mahouka, there are some LN volumes translated at Baka Tsuki. I haven't read them, and I don't plan to at the moment. But I just wanna mention that it IS (for me) desperation if I must resort to praising how pretty a girl is. You know why? Because I just got back into a game series with a LOT of pretty girls in it, and we know what the only thing that truly matters in the world is. XD If you don't know what I'm talking about, wait till tomorrow when I talk to Zettai, then my apathy towards Mahouka will make more sense.

ZettaiRyouiki | 04-14-14, 1:56 PM
I have to boo Toei for cutting for Kai the DBZ scene where Videl scissorholds Gohan, it's a silly thing but I was looking forward to it! Speaking of in this ep Videl figures SON Gohan is related to former World Martial Arts Tournament winner SON Gokuh because of their same last name and last names being so rare lately; if only MAL would realize that and stop listing Bulma and Trunks as having last names xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 04-14-14, 1:15 PM
I use them a lot more xD. That they are, boo treating cup sizes like power levels! Thanks xD. It is, boo inconsistent translations! Aye, go one of the few Rina Satou girls I like and, well, cute twins that are lolis xD. I think if anything she went up <3. No problem xD. Poor Mikan! Even better; she could do it to scare a student not paying attention, but who would want to miss that xD. Definitely <3. True that, especially since LxB and Kanokon did not I think! I’ll remind you if such a time comes xD. Maybe you’ll get the Gundam Maxter! Aye, and go couples for you <3. Indeed xD. Exactly! Sounds like he’s half generic and half jerk, not cool xD. The rest sounds all really generic, glad my crapdar activated! Tsumugi is cute, shame about the lack of buttshots and poor Yukarin having to work on this show xD. On better sort-of series Hero Bank, one of these shows for kids airing today, redeemed itself with the main’s older sister, a middle school TDB who cares about her otouto, is smart and reliable, wears a blazer uniform with a tie but a RED one and even scares off bullies from her class who bother the main, go her <3. I even sent her quickly to the MAL Database! Otherwise show is nothing special, but go good surprises xD.

Right! True xD. Of course, or the cobra and the one with its own boat! Hope-fully, but given how poor official art is that’d mean finding a good doujinshi or something xD. Aye! I noticed, like in Secret of Mana Woolsey had to write around a reference to that in one of the last dungeons for some puzzle and then Europe kept that. I mean, the change for America fine, but not for us xD. Exactly, and another example is Cordelia from Milky Holmes! Aye, and indeed boo Mitsuko not being assy so her “wind” was stronger xD. True that, and indeed she wears a tiny swimsuit! Aye, don’t worry about that since perhaps she’ll comes back later, and boo Maken-Krap and No-win! Indeed, aye <3. Exactly xD. Also go Puchimasu catering to both of us; you got Ritsuko in the hot springs still wearing glasses and her hair down while I had demoness Takane kidnapping Chihaya dressed as a princess <3. Tho translators really got lazy this time, they called the ryokan a hotel when a ryokan is a ryokan and if anything “inn” would be closer, and worse they said Chibiki summoned a dragon when she called Orochi the eight-headed SNAKE! The average Naruto fanboy won’t be fooled, come on xD.

I guess so! My bad, I told xm but wasn’t sure if I told you xD. And yes, for some reason the one seen as boring here is baseball, probably for being different. Aye, probably to avoid it being a retread of the original but still! Aye, go KanaHana doms <3. Exactly, I find that funny xD. Actually I just got to the LP getting her and she’s really good, so it’s not that! Also I learned Vert’s characters are males so go her not using her feminine-ness to get favored, tho I am unsure that’s why she does it xD. Aye, no hurries! My bad, Alterna-Noire has twintails transformed, like her regular self xD. True that! Of course, go Glasses Kii for you and nice joke for Maria xD. It indeed did after 3 games and 3 years, and aye! And speaking of silly SRW related stuff, seems Zeta Gundam’s main has the Shining Finger Sword; yes, he really does that in his own show near the end xD. Indeed, go my crack addiction! Wait xD. Of course, go Nico being loved anywhere! Sounds delicious, I’d love sneaking in their tent and sniffing their night gases <3. Sorry about that, and I had barely forgotten you liked Kotori so go her for you xD.

Not surprising, boo her cheating! That it should, poor lolis being ignored because cows take too much room xD. That it is, there’s no better woman for a man that his younger sister <3. I bet Zettai says that kind of things all the time and the other teachers avoid him xD. Aye, go that indeed! Thanks for pointing both out and go both gothloli cuties <3. Agreed, and go helping unlucky girls! Me neither, just trying to be fair xD. Aye! Right, all her importance was for happening to be around, and poor both :/. Nope xD. Awesome then! Also I was hasty as the magazine finally covered SK, they said once the perviness was excessive and one it was a bit distracting, but they were fair otherwise and didn’t complain it was in English, I bet they didn’t notice xD.

I know, tho it’d be silly if they wore glasses over the glasses! Aye, my blog’s influence is making yours naughtier, Riri will use you as a bench again xD. That’s a relief, go the two girls who will get blogs eventually! True that, like Pretty Cure xD. Aye <3. That’s a relief, I said it for the bun mostly, I mean for the pun xD.

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