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ZettaiRyouiki | 1 hour ago
I figured you would, even if it’s like 3 months in advance xD. Also Esdeath has a flashback and she removes a dead dinosaur-like creature’s eye but I wasn’t sure if that’s a problem! Aye, poor her tho DarkWish would love two Chitoge xD. That they are! Cool, tho boo evolving into yet another Bug/Flying just like Surskit and Masquerain xD. Glad you liked my joke, and it just recently came back and saw Yama no Susume 8 is out, about time <3. Aye, go new server and glad I mentioned it then xD. Aye, tho Est is nude and MAL doesn’t allow that! True, DarkWish saw the crossover movies recently and didn’t know who she was xD. Aye, I also added Rom from Neptunia! Tho boo Marron saying gender doesn’t matter, the beach ep was a bit weak overall though not TOO bad. Thanks for your warnings tho xD. Aye, now I’ve seen more Onihime I can conclude I love her too <3. Tho she wasn’t much in the latest one I saw unfortunately, the friendship-breaking fog one xD.

Right, tho that FF6 Japanese mega-hack looks neat! Aye xD. I figured, I like more “back-up” if anything! Aye, boo Cavia hating you and I remember that so boo Kojima thinking Roguelike games are too generous xD. Aye! Indeed, since the Green from Yes is an imouto but has a college cool older sister xD. Aye! Indeed, boo Phantoms wearing masks and shadows xD. On that topic I beat AA5, go me! Minus the DLC case, but I also got MM 3-5 for the Game Boy so time to beat all of them <3. Aye, so I shouldn’t count him as a trap I guess xD. Right! I meant before you mentioned besides Hime there were 2 more traps but now you said 3, hence boo adding ANOTHER trap. Aye, they also mention Sakuya but that’s obvious xD.

I figured, go Leone one of your favs I think! Thanks xD. Well, more like 20 months but still quite a bit! Still lame, boo :/. Indeed! Aye, go him being the tallest dwarf and poor ojou. I do <3. And nice pun xD. Hence “decent” and not great, and boo in-fighting too much, even DxD did that a lot better! Aye, it’s my fav show of the season for something <3. Indeed, boo Kai being like a fanservice show without fanservice! Aye, talking is a free action xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 3 hours ago
I'm making a small exception on my "No Akame spoilerz" policy to warn you Najenda has a flashback and they show how she lost that eye, boo ;_;. It should appear by episode 20 or so, so plenty of time to get ready! In happier news I heard the Nyaa guys got a new server so today or tomorrow morning they should be back, awesome <3. If you didn't think of that already maybe you could blame Tsukiko or something in the blog! Speaking of villains and 2013 troublesome kids Dio's article in Pixivpedia mentions in related articles Gasper's for being a time-stopping vampire too, go them thinking like you did at the time xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 9 hours ago
I concur, go being warned xD. Speaking of manga, the latest Nisekoi was the typical plot where a runaway princess of some country happens to look like Chitoge and they switch places as she’s a weeaboo and wants to see Japan; it also has mistranslation jokes, thanks to the instant translation machine the princess has! Also Chitoge has over 50% the votes in both popularity polls in MAL so boo. Aye, go being a better Anti-Tyranitar attack than BubbleBeam xD. Aye, it was silly! It includes classic game music which is why I said it, go both of us being Nincada it seems xD. Exactly, though TokyoTosho went back up, went down at least twice and then came back both these times! It reminds me of the Bob and George joke where Mega Man and X go to the past to prevent time-warped Bass from wrecking Dr. Light’s lab and George complains even if the two Mega Men are doing their best he’s tired of blinking in and out of existence xD. That I did, go Rurumo’s defense and boo people disliking such a simple pic, it’s not like she’s mooning the viewers! Aye <3. No worries, you haven’t seen Suite or even the crossover movies with her anyway, but go Marron being a great KDEG and agreed about her glasses! I’ll add her too, awesome <3. And I do like Onihime too, but I’ve seen her in just one ep so far xD.

True, sounds like the thing worth asking to the Legends of Localization guy! Tho, I doubt it’ll be as epic as Shadowgate; I am a TRUE warrior xD. Aye, and nice blog reference! Aye, and you’re tempted by bigger “capacity” it seems xD. Aye, at least it doesn’t nuke you save file like Nier’s last ending! It has an in-universe reason, but the truth is Cavia just hates you xD. Aye and nice joke! Indeed, go Nana Mizuki and aye :/. That you would I think, they’re smart and reliable and sometimes older sisters xD. Aye, that’s a relief and of course as I overreacted <3. Indeed, boo! In humorous coincidences AA5 has the culprit of the last two cases and the origin of all evils for the new lawyer girl and the GAR prosecutor’s pasts be known as “the phantom” and turns out to be, get this, a spy that HIDES HIS IDENTITY UNDER MASKS; that’s quite the timing no doubt, it’s hilarious xD. Aye, boo fanart trolling me for about a week or two! Aye :/. Indeed! Exactly, hooray about mostly good and related specials xD. Go pareos having a use! Go the girls also getting buttshots <3. Boo MORE traps and boo a guy winning a girl contest for showing the audience his genitals, that doesn’t make any fucking sense! Poor kids too :/. That it is xD.

I’m glad, go your effort still! Aye, you’d gladly let her heavier body ride you xD. True, so boo Unlovely living to her name and go Esdeath causing “wood” and living to hers! Aye, so boo having 45 traps already xD. Sorry, boo summer shows attracting fake breasts :/. Go the first decent reason, but boo the stupid second one! Go the guy but not too much, boo making best DFC girls sad as that’s the same line that made the BIMBOgami ojou ask for a chest increase surgery ;_;. Go Est being best girl however <3. Go baths for you! Go a decent fight, but boo a dumb in-fight for stupid reasons :/. Agreed about Est looking delicious, thanks for the pic <3. Of course, go a great Hanayamata ep! Go her birthday indeed <3. Aye, go being fair but boo filler! It is, and Gokuh gets an “Ode to Boo” in the final battle but it’s in the manga too xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 2:47 PM
I also checked to see if the Zone of the Enders trap I mentioned was a shota or not and he's apparently 17, so likely not a shota xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 2:36 PM
I liked Hanayamata this week too, it's my fav show from the season for a reason xD. By the end of the ep it was clear what happened to the sisters: The teacher was a model student both in scores and sports so the meganekko admired her and tried hard to be like her, and the two even wanted to become doctors together following the footsteps of their parents. But while tutoring her imouto the teacher realized she wanted to be, well, a teacher and thus she had to leave their home, though she did so in a way that left her imouto heartbroken! The teacher still appreciates her sister of course, that's why she became a teacher in THIS school even if only a substitute, so thanks to the yamato nadeshiko's hard work the two sisters end making peace <3. The teacher being a substitute matters since substitute teachers can't be club advisors, but by the end of the ep she became a full-fledged teacher AND the meganekko joins the club, hooray! Also we got the meganekko's profile finally: She's 14 like all the other girls sadly for you, at 162 cm tall is one of the tallest girls and her birthday is, get this, AUGUST 5TH; go her birthday being so close to yours <3. She's also secretly an idol lover, must be a meganekko thing xD. In unrelated things DB Kai had a cool song during part of the Vegeta vs. Boo fight, since I mocked that weird Boo song I thought to be fair! Sadly they still have a lot of filler; they even left that scene of Vegeta saying how awesome Kakarrot is, or the "Ode to Gokuh" as my mother calls it xD.

xm0123 | Yesterday, 12:03 PM
Not everyone would agree with that. Trigun was originally a manga, yet I prefer the anime version. XD And funny you mention Kud, for while I already said this on Youtube, I agree with you, but only in the anime. In the VN, her route is the worst, even more so than Mio's. Also, I said, "In the flesh", not "In the buff." Basically, it's just me finally doing another live-action video.

No, they mean another game release. Of course a televised adaptation will have H scenes removed. (Most of the time, anyway)

As for my upcoming Type-Moon stuff, here's a recap. It will be: 1( A review of the Melty Blood fighting games. 2( A review of Carnival Phantasm. 3( A rant about something that kind of relates to Type-Moon. 4( A review of the novel version of Kara no Kyoukai, AKA Garden of Sinners. 5( A review of the Fate Zero anime. 6( A few words on Witch on the Holy Night. 7( A few words on the upcoming Fate Stay Night anime by ufotable. I predict I will lose half of my subscribers by the time I upload this. XD

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 8:48 AM
I guess so, go Akame xD. That it was, and that’s rather silly of Mewtwo! That it isn’t, boo ;_;. At least I got mIRC for current shows; let’s hope BakaBT will stay up for oldies! Aye, I can see the new club image at least xD. Thanks! That they are <3. Aye! True, go Marika <3. Also I tested mIRC by starting Momo Kyun Sword, so far it’s not too bad! I really like Marron, go KDEG adorable lolis that sound and look like Cure Muse <3. I should add someday her to the KDEG club, if you agree xD.

Right! No worries, it sounds silly enough to fit tho I doubt that game is known in Japan xD. Of course, go the tsundere goddesses <3. Tho I like the Lowee ones too, I’m not too traitorous at least xD. Aye, triggering the normal ending isn’t hard but thankfully the bad ending takes its time! Aye, and good point about Honey Baton xD. Exactly :/. Thanks, but so you know! Aye, Nana Mizuki is the busiest of them and she showed up early on. Tho I heard Makoto’s VA had some accident or another so her taking so long is probably not Toei’s fault! That she wasn’t, and indeed as a White or Green Cure alone would make it different that another Red. Aye to both stuff xD. Aye, go Yuuko! Aye :/. No worries, I wasn’t sure either xD. True, sorry again for a terrible attitude ;_;. And true about it being genderswap, not that I like that either! Aye, boo imoutohate :/. I thought that too, go Miyuki in charge <3. Aye, unlike Akame! Speaking of unfortunate the special had a trap “joke” as otherwise it was the best so far xD.

I have a few ideas at least, but thanks all the same <3. Aye, and go you xD. Right, boo ;_;. If she showed it more maybe, but she’s the older sister type so she’d probably still be yours xD. Aye, sadly not much yet! Of course, and glad you heard about this silly game so go thwarting the Japanese evil of mamocentrism xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | Yesterday, 12:57 AM
I didn’t know about that, my fault for being lazy and not catching up xD. Aye, boo Submission as the strongest Fighting attack not exclusive to Hitmonlee! Aye xD. Indeed, so go being able to use Miis! Is not, I have to use TokyoTosho if it works :/. I noticed, boo so many problems in so little time ;_;. Aye, go her C-leafa-ge for you xD. Aye and good idea for SHIRInon <3. Indeed, boo lazy healers xD.

Right, go making the imoutos more unique! Figured you’d love that, go Kaguya xD. No worries and poor Marika, though go her still surpassing Cattleya! Aye, go Fear and Kuroe <3. Indeed, good point xD.

I concur, that’s why he’s memetic! Indeed, and go me getting the right girl xD. Right <3. It’s an old game, I only mentioned it for its name xD. That you would and go getting the black-haired red-eyed beauties <3. No worries, go Nisa being GAR! Aye xD. Indeed <3. Aye, go you! Of course, boo bad endings being mean ;_;. Aye xD. That it did, boo ;_;. That could’ve solved by having Phantom get hit by the AoE-looking new attack! And boo fanart not helping, way to shit on the “Evil Cures” fanart that always cheers me up ;_;. I mean the Himegoto thing seriously tho, just tell me and I’ll watch it! Aye, boo having the last two Smile girls so close; Toei really didn’t put any effort on this xD. Or schedules for the VAs really came out this badly, but I believe the Toei sucking thing is more likely. Mirage might join at the end like Regina, just I don’t like it being the exact same colors as DokiDoki since until Suite they always tried to spice things for colors but from Smile on they’ve been really lazy! Also I want a dommy villainess to remain a dommy one, if she changes sides she’ll be second banana to Lovely. Aye, not terrible but it does not help; boo having multiple Megumi focus episodes in a row, AGAIN! Go the girls helping at least, but boo mind break ;_;. Fortune Star Burst was used before and Google says the same for Princess Swooping Dive, tho it was only used once so go remembering it! Aye, boo bland and out-of-place finishers, and boo Combination Spam indeed xD. Disagree, boo Phantom being suddenly treated as nice the second he becomes a fucking trap since those ALWAYS must freaking be sympathetic, why can’t we have an evil trap that gets hated and scorned ;_;. Sorry about that as I’m being mean again, but my point is not only there are too many traps, they get always a positive and likable portrayal while imoutos have Nadeko being the villain or Mitsuki from iMocho being horribly trolled YET people act like imoutos are favored and traps never get called out for their massive overuse :/. That said go Miyuki almost kissing her Oniisama <3. That wasn’t in the novel I heard, so go the anime for adding it xD.

Thanks, go you <3. Aye, go all the great VAs for you in this show xD. Indeed! Aye and go sexy fighting girls! Boo them and that’s hilarious as I hadn’t thought of that xD. Aye, and boo being like Yosuga no Sora and making the flat loli bigger despite it going against the entire fucking point ;_;. Aye, go Akame being awesome <3. Indeed, go Esdeath tho she’s more your girl! Aye, boo manservice seasons and true about Bulat xD. Indeed for both and aye! And in a random silly note I speak the language that can thwart evil xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-31-14, 2:43 PM
I almost forgot but Unlovely is getting a ton of fucking fanart, shit like this justifies all the hate I give traps easily :/. And now Akame, as I've wanted to mention these things for a week xD. First yes, Mine having coverhair for her DFC was in the manga but her chest in the manga is smaller so boo ;_;. I liked the push-ups scene however, I would love if Akame sat on my back <3. Not in seiza xD. You can have the heavier Leone! Speaking of heavy girls boo Esdeath shoving her chest in camera when leaving the graveyard and again in the preview, tho I remember the part of next chapter is the most mamocentric in the manga as far I've got so I've got a bad feeling about this ;_;. Being positive I loved Esdeath putting Tatsumi in a leash, that's how all girls should confess their love <3. Tho you probably like more how she wanted a younger man, in fact that was one of the first things I wanted to comment but I endured for a week! And in the topic of villains BOO DR. STYLISH, the author kills a yaoi jokes character and literally THE NEXT CHAPTER he adds ANOTHER, its like he thinks this shit is funny ;_;. Especially because as you'll see Dr. Stylish is nothing like Bulat at all otherwise, so there is no reason for this other than yaoi spam. At least I don't mind the other new villains as Wave is cool, Kurome is adorable and Bols is actually my favorite male in the show! Overall it was a good ep so go this show, hope you liked it too xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-31-14, 1:22 PM
I hated HapiCha, you might want to skip this comemntary ;_;.
In short fuck Toei and fuck this fucking fag season and fuck my life. And fuck Dandy's manass too :/. Akame ga Kill has stuff too but I wanna talk about that one when I'm less angry, so hold on xD.

xm0123 | 08-31-14, 12:04 PM
Again, that's just my opinion. Some people actually prefer the older FMA anime, and say that it's Brotherhood (and the manga) that portray the characters OOC. Again, Stop. Assuming. Everything. I. Say. Is. The. Gospel. Unless if you mean, "Unfortunate for you that you didn't like how the older anime ended." you really shouldn't trust me to the extent that you find my information on J-Pop culture to be infallible. You're allowed to comment on my Youtube videos about LB and say, "Nuh unh! I loved Mio's route!" is what I'm saying.*

TvTropes only says it has "Bleached Underpants", which means it has a porn-free version. i.e. something that can be released on Steam or a similar network.

Really just for Tsukihime and Melty Blood these days. My "Other Type-Moon Stuff Reviewed" video will go into more detail, but while I do respect what TM has done, their works are (Again, my opinion) outdone by Umineko and Steins;Gate. XD

*Oh yeah, you might get something in your inbox showing a video tab of me in the flesh showing off something. Make of it what you will.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-31-14, 9:27 AM
I agree, but go Brawl in the Family making him memorable xD. Aye, tho I remember a Smogon article saying Ursaring would be awesome in RBY! Aye, I didn’t expect it xD. You can tho just for matches with friends. Aye! Indeed xD. Awesome, go you <3. Aye, I was distracted due to Nyaa not working and boo in-universe MSTing! Aye xD. True that, and no worries for Leafa showing her “roots” since this season and even this ep had lots of SHIRInon! Plus it still beats Kiriko xD. Aye, and indeed so go Kirito not being very bright! Aye xD. Indeed, poor Sinon ;_;. Aye, go Asuna finally not being lazy! Aye, unexpected xD.

True, go making the haremettes more unique! That’s good plan, do Kaguya dommy paizuri with fellatio and a bit of orgasm denial xD. Awesome, go Marika matching Jinako <3. Aye! Indeed, though they probably liked the Yukarin and Ogura girls banding against busty girls xD. Right, and via flashback to 7 years ago we see the new main girl as a loli <3. Yes, exactly 7, in this franchise everything always is “7 years ago/later” for some reason xD.

I know, especially because in Mystery Matthis can say “Lena, I want to see you again” right as he engages Lena in battle! Aye, I try to be consistent with these things xD. True, Negima also had a Sakurako as the cheerful cheerleader! Aye, have Xenovia show her ass instead xD. Aye! Right, like David Crane’s A Boy and his Blob xD. Your ideal job <3. Aye, but Nisa is a girl and they were confused by her DFC! Aye, boo Jupiter replacing some of our fav girls and go Gust xD. Indeed, go cosplays plus skimpy Goddess outfits for Nepgear and Uni! True, I thought that as well xD. Indeed, and thanks <3. Tho after that there is another update covering the bad ending, and I agree it’s a really depressing one, especially the scene the LPer says is worst ;_;. Aye, DokiDoki wasn’t really well thought of xD. Aye, they better as boo whining for exposed bellies and sexy butt punches but not guys in drag :/. Aye, and thanks xD.

Right, boo no Jupiter and her Koshimizu voice for you! True, tho I wanna watch Free once it’s done for tradition xD. Aye, boo MAL being unfair. True, go awesome fighting girls xD. Aye, indeed! Makes perfect sense, and go your ideas xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-31-14, 6:37 AM
I believe yes, UnLove is fucking Phantom genderswapped-crossdressing-something; fuck this fucking manservice season ;_;. I'd rage more on traps but I don't wanna watch Himegoto; still, seriously fuck trap bias forever :/.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-31-14, 1:50 AM
I read Teekyuu is getting a S4, go more fast-talking KanaHana fun! And hey, it's more worthy than DxD and Working xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-30-14, 2:54 PM
I'm sorry for being late with my SAO comment xD. No need for spoiler boxes as you already saw it, so boo using the excuse of the harem and gay option watching the BoB tourney to have a nearly two minutes and a half recap! The jokes comparing this show to Naruto became truer xD. Also if a fairly generic catchphrase is all you need to know who he is then Hate Dung must be Snake. I like how even Lizbeth mocks Kirito using a sword, at least the series acknowledges he's a moron; if only they didn't have him blocking a bunch of bullets! Speaking of the way the random assailant flies off from Sinon's bullet was hilarious, GGO comes with rag doll physics xD. Also poor Sinon suffering from her past and being seemingly shot by Dean Thug ;_;. Speaking of Sinon just becase she, Kirito and Asuna have zero imagination for names doesn't mean nobody else does, you're facing a guy named after a king of England xD. Also go Asuna remembering she's the main heroine and doing things! Overall worrisome ending aside not a bad ep. Also, before I forget Neptunia mocks the infamous Jupiter group of male idols from Idolm@ster 2 by having them show up in a Leanbox concert and the audience nearly causing a riot until the imoutos came out to sing! The best part was Gust saying anyone with a brain can tell an overwhelmingly male audience has no interest in male idols, this loli is awesome xD.

xm0123 | 08-30-14, 1:19 PM
There are reasons for Trinity Blood, but I don't wanna go into detail. As for the older FMA anime, it was made when the manga version was only about a quarter of the through its run. As such, the last episodes make up a lot of shit, and also have some characters go OOC. And yet, oddly enough, it has better pacing in the earlier portion than Brotherhood. Of course, you could just ignore both and read the manga! XD (Also note, again, that I am only stating my own opinion. Some people think the entirety of the older FMA anime was perfectly fine, and would probably label me a "retard" for saying that.)

But where? Where did you hear this? It couldn't have been Wikipedia, as it clearly states there's multiple releases, including all-ages releases.

Even if Type-Moon is no longer my favorite VN company, they did make the first VN I ever played. (Tsukihime)

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-30-14, 10:17 AM
I guess so; a kid in school called him Warioluigi xD. Indeed, shame for the NU Bears! Aye xD. In the topic of Pokémon the anime had a watermelon garden where the watchdog was a large Electrode painted like a watermelon, I found that silly and clever! Aye, so we can have silly Hiroko vs. Maeka fights xD. Aye! Right, I get they mentioned Yui because she starred in the previous short chapter but still xD. Indeed, now she needs to meet Mayoi! No problem, go have fun and beat everyone xD.

Right! Good question, maybe a little but not as much as Rin’s xD. Sounds sexy, go stomachjobs from such a great girl <3. I’d wish for Kaguya paizuri for you but bet there are several of these already xD. I figured, go TDB mature beauties! Unfortunate for Marika, boo her not living to Brazil’s expectations xD. Aye, poor Asuho! Aye, even official art ignored her. Aye, I blame being an ONA for that and poor Miyuki :/. True about Nourin, bet she and Asuho loved C3 however xD. Aye <3. Nice joke and indeed xD. Aye! Indeed about Eva, and speaking of AA5 brings back a girl that was 8-9 in the second and third games and is 17 now, but thankfully she has a slender body xD. Aye <3. Of course, go your hard work xD.

I’m glad! Aye, he’d attack his sister while lamenting about wanting to see her once more, kind of how Hard Lyn Mode Dorcas will kill his wife to get money for his wife xD. Aye, hence why Rei and Akane have the same body score and indeed! It’s been a while since her show, but I meant this Sakurako as she also has a busty Himawari as a yuri love interest xD. Aye <3. Thanks xD. Aye, him around is a thing but his artwork isn’t cool! That’s awesome then, thanks xD. Right, and go foreshadowing! Right, thanks xD. I see, blame his name being in the European version’s title! True that, and go Chika as she has your ideal job <3. Aye, go being careful and go Takane! Thanks and go Akari indeed xD. Aye, go finally solving that and not turning out it was a fake like popsicle Marie Ange! Aye xD. All of these sound awesome, especially Kirihime and Tharja so go your hard work <3. Indeed, sadly I focused more on thinking combination attacks and the like xD.

True, boo subs taking forever and indeed! Speaking of it seems there was no Sailor Moon this week as it’s only the first and third Saturdays in the month, sadly you’ll have to wait another week for Jupiter’s talents xD. Aye, boo fanservice shows with guys being favored and boo disliking the better show :/. Aye, I tend to side with the weak xD. Indeed, go finishing a weak season and hopefully next is better! Makes perfect sense xD. That’d be even better <3. True, butt of course xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-30-14, 12:57 AM
I did, and apparently Waluigi is now a Wario series trophy for some reason xD. Indeed! Aye, and true so boo ignoring Tekken’s other bear xD. Right, but I meant more for Heat Crash! Aye, just one month and a bit xD. Nope, but that’s fine as finishing SYD is a great accomplishment still! Right, it also had Yui bias with Lala ignoring as usual but go MiCAN indeed <3. Aye, go cute silly ojous having problems with their silly names xD.

Right, and fair enough! That I do, hence Rin having it xD. That she does, go Suzuka getting her own sexy femdom doujinshi for her slender dancer body <3. Aye, I blame Zettai being tall-ish already and the adults needing to surpass him xD. That sounds awesome about surpassing the busty Cattleya, and Passionlip makes Asuho facepalm indeed! True, especially since the Mayo Chiki one woke up her brother with a butt drop <3. Aye aside from Kyou no Asuka Show, and indeed so poor Miyuki being so mistreated even Hayate no Gotoku mocked her :/. Indeed, so go moe Yuki with supporting Asakura <3. Of course, go Hiroko being ranty like me; I picture now the Kurona family watching Nourin or whatever and doing a wave of facepalms xD. Indeed, it happens but go Hiroko’s uniform and aye <3. Aye! Exactly, Zettai would love it <3. Aye, and DarkWish said he’d touch her flat stomach regardless of consequences! Aye, go spats xD. Of course and aye <3. Right, I guess eternal loli is the non-aging ones like Vita and until she got ruined FOREVER Eva while lolihag is both these two AND Hiroko! Aye, as “culona” is an expression for an assy girl <3. Indeed, go Maeka and go your hard work xD.

I agree, sorry if Kodama not being Fate confused you! Aye xD. That I did and aye, maybe Akane likes Matthis! Dude is memetically infamous in Japan, like Glass or Batta mixed with Virion or so xD. Aye, not too different from Rei but certainly next to Aoi and Himawari! Wakaba should change her name to Sakurako xD. Great then and I blame her other uniform being in the official artwork from day one! Exactly <3. True that, so go Falcon Punch xD. Indeed <3. Thanks, much like Richie I wanna think Gasper is a bad dream too xD. Aye, and you don’t mean putting butter on Akane’s butt! Awesome then, tho I felt bad taking forever to get to the plot as it’s the same thing I always call out shows for xD. Indeed <3. Maybe xD. Aye, felt I needed a small foreshadowing scene somewhere! Aye, it’s a Sony xD. Aye <3. Indeed, and if you call Kawashima’s game Brain Age I don’t mind xD. Hopefully so! Aye, it’s to avoid the girls from mecha series from overshadowing the rest, and you’ll see for Takane xD. Aye, one you know as well! Thanks for your hard work, and these sound cool so thanks <3. I wanna add them tho, since the point of this arc is having inter-series jokes SRW-style xD.

Course <3. Indeed, go Jinsei but boo its low score; at least Homogoto is worse xD. Meanwhile Blade Dance scores okay while Momo Kyun makes SekaTsuyo look like Kill la Kill, boo :/. It makes me like Momo Kyun more tho xD. Boo Strange+ and this manservice season! Aye <3. It is, and poor Regigigas having to wait 5 turns to split Pangaea xD. Go SamASS <3. Indeed tho it was a cool ep otherwise, and that it was so go that xD.

ZettaiRyouiki | 08-29-14, 2:51 PM
I'm glad you aren't watching JoJo because eye damage blah blah :/. In the positive side it had some more IMOUTOSHIRI so not all was bad xD.

xm0123 | 08-29-14, 11:35 AM
If you do, note 1: The last few episodes of Trinity Blood are lackluster because reasons. 2: The older FMA anime starts off better than the start of FMA Brotherhood, but its final episodes are lackluster too.

There. Is. An. All. Ages. Version. Of. Kanon. ALL of Key's VNs are available without poontang, so there's no reason ANY of them can't be on Steam. Where are you getting your information from?

It's my most anticipated VN at the moment.

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