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exec | 11-22-14, 4:35 AM
Well you should visit not only the staff, but community as well. We can have fun too you know >_> <- is a great place to chat with most non-staff people
IRC is kinda still semi-active
we have VoIP, but it's same as IRC
we have other ways to connect like FB and whatnot, but too much info is bad
join us whenever you can!

exec | 11-21-14, 1:33 PM
Well, i think that's what most people are doing, since BBcode is derped, clubs are dead, PMs are derped, there are soo many problems and it seams like no one even thinks of correcting them, but MAL still has the most user-friendly interface(MALu or Taiga) and largest database. The real discussion of anime is possible only outside MAL though, forums, image/text boards, chats, VoIP and what not. Btw i rarely see you in ISML forum as well, are you not into ISML any more?

exec | 11-18-14, 1:30 PM
Happy Birthday CP!!
This is turning into my annual "Happy Birthday CP" blog.
I hope you are fine and let it be better next year.

SalvatoreDoni | 01-16-14, 4:44 PM
Hello :-D
Would you like to join the Open Discussion Club?
If you don't want to, of course, that's fine, but if you'd like to join, we'll welcome you with open arms :-D

exec | 11-20-13, 6:03 AM
ikr, I don't think I was into one chara like this since Eva and Ibuki Suika... I guess we find new horizons the more we travel.
Btw, haven't chatted with you in a while, how are you?

exec | 11-18-13, 6:15 AM
Happy Birthday!
And let this year be a better year than any before.
(I'm not saying that previous years were bad, just let it be better than before.)

Alwerien | 08-07-13, 6:41 AM
Awfully late about this but thank you cp! <3

Marina27 | 12-31-12, 12:25 AM

uis | 12-24-12, 2:03 PM

oh cp...

Chibi_Hige | 10-11-12, 9:24 AM
Yeah, I like Blazblue, one of my favorite fighting games now. The three new characters will be interesting and I'm looking forward to the new story :3

VNs are cool, its kinda the opposite for me. Mostly anime and very few games XD I downloaded Kamidori Alchemy Meister and Little Busters so I'll play them eventually.

Chibi_Hige | 10-10-12, 10:50 AM
Yo, haven't been on your profile for a while, you're quite ahead of me on completed :o

OrikoMikuni | 08-27-12, 9:24 PM

Fraiiz-Wanderer | 02-21-12, 4:41 AM
Our Club

Alwerien | 02-15-12, 1:12 PM

uis | 02-13-12, 8:13 AM

Yo did you burn ur Negima volume ???

Ryami | 01-23-12, 5:04 PM
We need to Skype more Mr. Portugal. D:

frustra | 01-01-12, 7:40 PM
already nominated. this was my ballot

enxel | 12-31-11, 9:35 PM
Happy New Year!

exec | 12-31-11, 11:03 AM

uis | 12-31-11, 9:12 AM

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