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Slice of Life Club
7563 Members
A club for fans of the Slice of Life genre. We have official, SE and LE cards, games, events and more! Come take part in our Cute Competition!
Last comment 48 seconds ago by no_good_name
Last post 7 minutes ago
Created by toridoshi
Monster Girls <3
3701 Members
We that love monster girls.
Last comment 54 seconds ago by Rabbiac
Last post 5 hours ago
Created by Hollow90
4587 Members
We are members who LOVE Ecchi or Harem type anime.
Last comment 7 minutes ago by Zyx1995
Last post 48 minutes ago
Created by Arxx
Lilybeth's Card Workshop (LCWS)
344 Members
This is a club for chatting, providing everyone with card editions and loads of fun!
Last comment 7 minutes ago by Chartemis
Last post 1 minute ago
Created by Haine15
【Anime Guild】
54 Members
【Discuss anime,manga,and games】Just a club for people to hang out and talk about what they like. Why don't you join?【We also do Skype chats every so often】
Last comment 9 minutes ago by LetMeDeflowerYou
Last post 4 minutes ago
Created by LetMeDeflowerYou
Aincrad RP
137 Members
Join the 10,000 other gamers trapped in the game where when you die, you die for real
Last comment 11 minutes ago by Shalabi
Last post 7 hours ago
Created by MoniStar
MAL Chat
811 Members
Just a normal club that has a chatroom. Feel free to join in
Last comment 12 minutes ago by imperlast
Last post 09-07-14, 3:52 PM
Created by thunder10k
Blazblue MAL Club
571 Members
The official MAL club for Arc System Works title "Blazblue"
Last comment 16 minutes ago by Chloe-tsundere
Last post Yesterday, 3:53 AM
Created by ShadowDra
We <3 Girls
5 Members
To all the people who likes girls, you all are welcome.
Last comment 17 minutes ago by DizzleHD
Last post 12 hours ago
Created by DizzleHD
Vanilla Hentai Club
316 Members
Tired of netorare, rape, monsters, tentacles, and other strange things in hentai? This is a club for all vanilla hentai filled with normal (for hentai) sex scenes.
Last comment 18 minutes ago by EH3DP
Last post Yesterday, 4:23 AM
Created by Koibito-H
Quiet Discourse
82 Members
A club for the discussion of topics related to anime, manga, and animanga culture.
Last comment 19 minutes ago by superzarop
Last post 8 hours ago
Created by nil-
The Sky Guardians (TSG~)
150 Members
A little newly opened magical corner shop that provides its members with a variety of card editions & games. To meet new people and our magical staff JOIN NOW!
Last comment 21 minutes ago by Chartemis
Last post 16 minutes ago
Created by Zakuro-kun
I ♥ Yuri & Shoujo Ai
1636 Members
The Club for all Yuri and Shoujo Ai fans!
Last comment 22 minutes ago by Cyanwasserstoff
Last post 24 minutes ago
Created by Juffe
Akame ga Kill! FC
219 Members
For fans of Akame ga Kill! franchise.
Last comment 22 minutes ago by -Hyperion-
Last post 10 hours ago
Created by Sharurumagne
Yamakki's Library
85 Members
This is a club for talking about our favourite animes and mangas. Free to express your own opinion.(made recently so looking for club members :)
Last comment 23 minutes ago by Cyanwasserstoff
Last post 15 minutes ago
Created by Yamakki
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