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Visual Novel Petition Club
2501 Members
Petition for a Visual Novel list on MAL. We are of course also talking about Visual Novels in general and other topics.
Last comment 1 minute ago by Kitsu-nee
Last post 2 hours ago
Created by Quintessence
Kuudere, Dandere & Emotionless Girls Lovers
2640 Members
For those who are fans of the girls who display little to no emotions.
Last comment 2 minutes ago by kuuderes_shadow
Last post Yesterday, 12:25 AM
Created by ZettaiRyouiki
Melbourne Anime Club
52 Members
Anime fans from Victoria
Last comment 2 minutes ago by Treemonkey1887
Last post 11 hours ago
Created by Xaenlinh
Lilybeth's Card Workshop (LCWS)
308 Members
This is a club for chatting, providing everyone with card editions and loads of fun!
Last comment 2 minutes ago by NoelAkemi
Last post 2 minutes ago
Created by Haine15
Slice of Life Club
7291 Members
aka the Mio Akiyama FC. A club for fans of the Slice of Life genre. We have official, SE and LE cards, games, events and more! Come take part in our Cute Competition!
Last comment 5 minutes ago by HaXXspetten
Last post 2 hours ago
Created by toridoshi
Recommendation Club
9852 Members
A place where you can chat, ask for anime and manga recommendations, vote in polls, play games, and much more.
Last comment 6 minutes ago by Youjinbou
Last post 8 minutes ago
Created by hailacdc
48 Members
Last comment 8 minutes ago by TsunLemonDere
Last post 08-22-14, 5:17 PM
Created by TheAyaya
GoldenWitch's Cardshop (G.W.C.S) ☆ ★
2821 Members
Official Member Cards, LE, SE & RE cards & games!╹◡╹~ ♥
Last comment 9 minutes ago by Siion
Last post 10 minutes ago
Created by GoldenWitch
The Derailers
21 Members
"We're the users MAL needs, not the ones it deserves."
Last comment 14 minutes ago by Jovoo
Last post 08-21-14, 8:25 AM
Created by Jovoo
Eesti Klubi
165 Members
Klubi Eesti anime ja manga huvilistele. See on ka koht kõige muu Jaapani teemalise diskussiooni ja liikmete omavaheline suhtluse jaoks.
Last comment 15 minutes ago by Aphyxia
Last post 08-08-14, 8:06 PM
Created by Aphyxia
The Anime Uber-Elitist Club
1148 Members
The true, high-class, prestigious club for real critics and obviously superior human beings.
Last comment 18 minutes ago by cipheron
Last post 4 hours ago
Created by Nidhoeggr
Mafia Society
123 Members
Forum mafia.
Last comment 20 minutes ago by Bombolz
Last post 6 hours ago
Created by Bombolz
Open Discussion Club
567 Members
This is the club for talking about whatever you want! We discuss anime, manga, visual novels, openings, endings, ost, characters, actors and actresses - basically whatever you want.
Last comment 21 minutes ago by AlveeJK
Last post 6 hours ago
Created by SalvatoreDoni
278 Members
This club sucks, don't come here.
Last comment 23 minutes ago by zimno
Last post 22 minutes ago
Created by Yanoflies
Anime Alliance Club ~A AC ●
1631 Members
Anime Aliiance club is a club for everyone who loves Anime, Manga and the likes, basically It is formed for Anime Enthusiast like you and me. We offer a whole lot of exciting things. Interested? Swear your Alliance Now.
Last comment 24 minutes ago by Andruha
Last post 2 minutes ago
Created by Niiniberry
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