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kregkoda | 02-21-15, 1:11 AM
Hey everyone, new here. Just curious, how has this club been? Anything you all do together?

heinrich6745 | 02-17-15, 12:34 PM
Just joined, this still active or semi-active?

Yukine_Kun | 08-06-14, 8:15 AM
Arrigatou! For accepting my request to join this club and im feeling something! :3 -->

IotakudesuI | 08-03-14, 5:25 AM
this isnt anime or something else its just a fan art on pixiv

Des | 07-06-14, 3:48 PM
Does anyone here know where this is from?
Anime? Game? What?

jizzaloo | 06-15-14, 3:26 PM

This one perhaps?

SAndrews_18 | 06-15-14, 2:47 PM
Looking for a Hentai, I believe it about a guy using his semen to seduce women, and the guy and cum like buckets of jizz into these girl causing stomach to be enlarged. I cant remember the name but I believe it was "gauken Something" But I think it smen in the title.

Anyone know it?


Erelen | 06-02-14, 5:27 AM
What help do you need? Just saying "need help" don't make us know what help you need. Just ask question and if someone know answer, he will say so.

Blazebolt7 | 06-01-14, 6:20 AM
New to the site need help! anyone?

Erelen | 04-29-14, 3:45 PM
Nothing new, just life slipping through our fingers, when we are watching ecchi and hentai. And how are you?

bbmister5 | 04-28-14, 4:45 PM
What's up everyone I'm new to the club and I love harem and ecchi.

Erelen | 04-27-14, 9:08 AM
I'm always here even if I'm not here.

schiffer2495 | 04-27-14, 7:07 AM
any1 there herte??

Serious07-sama | 04-24-14, 11:08 AM
welcome all
look at my list:)

Erelen | 04-11-14, 12:29 AM
yup hello

ezaya | 04-10-14, 1:07 AM

iMentuhlz | 02-04-14, 5:34 PM
heyy guyz

krissy-n0-jutsu | 02-04-14, 5:01 AM
hello there, fellow perverts ;)

dizthecardking | 02-01-14, 1:59 PM
hey im new hows everyone ?

Rentah | 01-12-14, 5:36 PM
So... This is the third Ecchi club i join hoping ill be welcomed. Anyways. i see that this comment section doesnt seem WAY too active. Lets make it active then!

Im called Rentah and im from Sweden. Pleased to meet you! :)

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