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Rebella | 09-25-11, 2:04 AM
@mikalacain will do :)
@Mepah welcome and have fun! :D

Mepah | 09-20-11, 3:35 PM
Number 699~ It's a pleasure!

Mika-Chu | 09-15-11, 9:45 AM
Add our club to your affiliates, please. If you comment the clubs back, I will add your club to our affiliates, too.

Rebella | 08-18-11, 8:56 PM
Picture of the month updated! Check out the recommended manga.

Arwenia | 06-26-11, 3:30 PM

Kyodai club

[ url=][ img][/img][/url]


[ url=][ img][/img][/url]

Copy/paste/remove the space

And thank you very much.!

Rebella | 05-21-11, 8:21 AM
@LoveHina: Yes I am watching Love Hina these days and it turns out to be just what I need! Hehe

lovehina850 | 05-11-11, 5:28 AM
Does anyone know where I can download a batch file for Ouran High School Host Club manga?

lovehina850 | 04-28-11, 12:01 AM
Rebella I was wondering if you had finished Love Hina yet?

poochisuu | 04-27-11, 6:00 AM
*Hi! I'm 643rd-chan! :D (643rd member haha~)
Thanks for the fantasmic list of Romance Anime/Manga <3

Rebella | 04-15-11, 5:47 PM
I'll give it a shot then :)

Killahz | 04-09-11, 11:22 PM
Love Hina! was pretty funny at the end. and are they goin to finish making the anime for it.

lovehina850 | 04-09-11, 9:14 AM
Rebella you have to read Love Hina! even though its some what ecchi its really good!

Rebella | 04-06-11, 6:02 PM
Thanks but I don't like ecchi. I tend to avoid anything with ecchi.

Killahz | 04-06-11, 12:15 AM
@ Rebella
If you like romance for manga then you should try and read "Watashi no Messiah sama"

Rebella | 04-05-11, 6:29 PM
I'm a sucker for romance so yeah any romance development in any manga would be a plus for me. Gives more depth to characters in my opinion.

lovehina850 | 03-13-11, 4:26 AM
I know Great Teacher Onizuka isn't a Romance anime or manga but I was wondering for those who have read the manga do you get the same hope for a Onizuka x Urumi in the story? Because I was rereading this manga and I got to this point in the story and I really like the idea of these 2 characters being a couple.

Rebella | 02-05-11, 11:09 AM
Sorry for the delay lovehina:

lovehina850 | 01-30-11, 4:57 PM
Thanks tell me what you find out

Rebella | 01-28-11, 5:40 PM
Will look it up for you lovehina850

lovehina850 | 01-28-11, 4:11 PM
Hello, I am reading Hana Yori Dango and I only have 36 volumes for some reason that goes through chapter 241 even though it says it goes through 37 volumes and 244 chapters on here i also read the one shot but is there a 37th volume and does anyone know where i can read it?

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