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Jannabella | Jul 25, 11:54 AM
Smurfing ranked solo queue, come hang out and have fun:

rakusu_klein | Jul 25, 11:37 AM
*pops up randomly*
Here, some fanart :3

Jannabella | Jul 22, 4:33 PM

Killuan | Jul 21, 11:23 PM
Thanks for your contribution of Feito goodness. :3

WrongPriest | Jul 21, 1:55 AM
I've been a stranger, gomen. Please accept my offerings.

Killuan | Jul 9, 10:46 AM
Yeah, it's new. I try to only post new images. I found it on a persons twitter, but he just uploaded it to pix.iv, so it's there now.

WrongPriest | Jul 9, 6:37 AM
Super awesome art Killu, Megane Fate is love.

Is it new? I didn't have it in my omega fate archive and I'm usually pretty good at stalking all the usual image spots.

Killuan | Jul 6, 2:38 AM
Have some super cute and rare glasses Fate.

Killuan | Jul 5, 11:17 AM
Yeah, I was just pretending that didn't happen. Oh well, knew she would lose, Madoka Magica is too popular and not enough people know of Nanoha to compete.

WrongPriest | Jul 5, 2:32 AM
Fate lost to Homu-Homu at 40% of the votes.

Infinite pleb taste.

Jannabella | Jul 4, 8:59 PM
want to suck on fate xd

Killuan | Jul 4, 7:50 PM

Have some adorable Fate-chan (with some fanservice)

WrongPriest | Jul 2, 2:55 AM
Stupid sexy Fate-chan

Killuan | Jun 30, 10:29 PM
Cute images.

Who wants to go exploring with Fate? A one time low offer of only the cost of your soul.

Fateism | Jun 30, 10:22 PM
So many delicious Fate x Nanoha images. Once again, WrongPriest delivers. I could kiss you, RightPriest, but I'll reserve that kiss for Fate and spare you the full-blown gay. Fortunately, it appears Nanoha and Fate already have that covered.

WrongPriest | Jun 30, 9:48 PM

Fateism | Jun 30, 8:19 PM

WrongPriest | Jun 30, 3:12 PM

"Codeword for: They're fucking in the woods"

WrongPriest | Jun 29, 5:21 PM
Was going through my assorted folders of Fanfiction and I realised I never thought to ask you guys what your favourite Nanoha Fanfiction was.

Anybody have any they like particularly?

Fateism | Jun 29, 2:00 AM
Voted. Thanks for linking, Killuan.

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