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Jannabella | Feb 10, 1:16 PM
Ya she is xd

Killuan | Feb 10, 1:15 PM
Because Feito-chan is not a popsicle (even if she probably tastes better than one...)

Jannabella | Feb 10, 10:35 AM
Why not ?

WrongPriest | Feb 9, 10:46 PM
I uhhh..
Don't think that's how it works Jan..

Jannabella | Feb 9, 3:48 PM
Maybe if I lick her it will give her super powers to be able to open it xd

Killuan | Feb 9, 3:44 PM
That figure is a long time coming but glad to see it's finally nearing release.

Meanwhile, Fate-chan is in dire straights with this jar.

Killuan | Jan 21, 11:30 AM
Super cute.

Also if you look closely, the snowman(snowwoman?) is Nanoha. The side ponytail, lol.

Killuan | Jan 20, 11:02 PM
Completely jealous of Signum right now.

I could make a hobby about patting Fate on the head.

Jannabella | Jan 20, 8:04 PM

Fateism | Jan 20, 7:51 PM

WrongPriest | Jan 20, 7:43 PM
Fine =3=

But Vivio has to come too, she loves animals and wouldn't want to be left behind.

Killuan | Jan 20, 1:00 PM
It's working now, cute images.

Who's ready to go exploring with Fate?

WrongPriest | Jan 17, 9:16 PM
Probably just "Imgur over capacity"

Try again later.

Jannabella | Jan 17, 8:40 PM
need more naughty fate pantsu xd

Killuan | Jan 17, 8:28 PM
"image is over-capacity" w/e that means. But I got cockblocked before I could see anything.

WrongPriest | Jan 17, 7:30 PM
Not acceptable! >.<

For this transgression you must look at all the feito I got off pixiv

Killuan | Jan 16, 3:52 PM
I thought your Feito-senses would be able to sniff it out on your own.

Sorry. >':

WrongPriest | Jan 16, 4:02 AM
Why did no-one tell me there was a sequel to Innocent called InnocentS.

and why did no-one tell me it had teen fate in it!?!?


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