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rakusu_klein | 08-23-14, 2:56 AM
Thanks :) If anyone has a request, let me know :D

Killuan | 08-22-14, 5:24 PM
Nicely done, Rakusu.

Solvanas | 08-22-14, 1:39 PM
Really adorable, mostly cuz I love fate and don't really care about anyone else, I hated nanoha xd

Solvanas | 08-18-14, 1:45 PM
Well it looks really nice, keep up the good work xd

Killuan | 08-18-14, 7:14 AM
Nice trace, Rakusu. I like it. :)

rakusu_klein | 08-18-14, 3:39 AM
I am basically just tracing a pic I found on the web. I use InkScape to make a nice clean vector out of it. Some awesome pics have crappy quality or have text from magazines over them, and I like to get those and make a vector out of it. My hobby, lol :)

Solvanas | 08-17-14, 7:56 PM
Wow that is adorable, are you drawing that yourself with a table or something or just rendering in pictures together ?

rakusu_klein | 08-17-14, 3:27 PM
Progress update :) Nanoha, Vivio, Fate, Hayate and Zwei done :)

Mini_Lancer | 08-15-14, 6:33 AM
but-but we get to see more grown up NanoFate (with voice)!

Killuan | 08-15-14, 3:37 AM
Really not sure if I should be enthused about a Vivid anime or not. Suppose it's better than Force. Nanoha Innocent is the true gem (to me).

SilentTruth | 08-15-14, 1:57 AM
Well it's about time!

Mini_Lancer | 08-14-14, 10:20 PM

Mini_Lancer | 08-05-14, 10:18 PM
i think i will fast T.T

Sakurei | 08-05-14, 8:01 PM
For a second I was like "What the hell, a gray screen? What's that supposed to tell me?" Because it wasn't loading. Lol

Looks very nice.

Also man I don't even have money for food, much less figurines. Don't temp to fast for a month so I can buy it.

Killuan | 08-05-14, 6:14 PM
Looks nice Rakusu. :3

And yeah I did, definitely going to buy that.

Mini_Lancer | 08-05-14, 5:29 PM
Good job (Y)

Btw did you guys check out the new Blaze form Fate figurine from Alter? Looks stunning :DD

rakusu_klein | 08-05-14, 10:37 AM
My current project :)
I'll let you know when it's finished :D
Ain't Vivio cute? :D

Killuan | 08-02-14, 2:48 PM
oh larger res, thanks a ton. Fate way too adorable.

Mini_Lancer | 08-02-14, 7:45 AM
<3 left or right

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