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SilentTruth | 12-19-13, 11:23 PM
Photoshop eh? Not really that great, only know the basics.

Mini_Lancer | 12-19-13, 11:21 PM
I can't help much with that either orz

Killuan | 12-17-13, 2:49 PM
We could. I'm not that great with photoshop though. I'd need to ask someone for assistance.

Mini_Lancer | 12-17-13, 7:08 AM
Should we create a new club pic?

Killuan | 12-17-13, 4:05 AM
Hi there Silent. :)

It's true, not a whole lot of stuff to talk about, but I would like to keep this club at least a little active. If only to remind me that Fate still has fans that have not forgot about her. :3

...And yes, very cute doujin.

Mini_Lancer | 12-17-13, 2:49 AM
NanoFate news are few and far between nowadays... so of course ppl are inactive. Oh well...

Anyway enjoy a god-tier doujin :DDDD

SilentTruth | 12-17-13, 2:35 AM
@killuan lol cynical eh? I'm still alive btw. XD

Killuan | 12-17-13, 2:21 AM
Happy to know. Y'see, if I'm not around another Fate fan for too long I start to become cynical!

Mini_Lancer | 12-17-13, 2:15 AM

Killuan | 12-17-13, 1:46 AM
So insactive. Anyone still alive? ;-;

Killuan | 10-06-13, 8:03 AM
I'll check it out once I get to a proper computer. Thanks for letting me know...And welcome to the club!

SilentTruth | 10-06-13, 1:14 AM
@pkk well the creator (Killuan) should be able to notice it.

pkkprotector | 10-05-13, 11:07 PM
The picture dump file link isn't working. :/

Mini_Lancer | 08-03-13, 4:57 PM
Crossover :D

You need a pixiv account though

KannaRei | 07-29-13, 2:24 PM
I will just leave this here...

Innocent was the one with the fanservice-covers, right? And force the one where people complained about that one guy joining the main cast, right?

SilentTruth | 07-26-13, 1:53 AM
@Killuan exactly as he said, though I still read Force for the curiosity part. :3

Killuan | 07-26-13, 12:33 AM
Well that's why I don't touch Force and why I think Innocent is great. Sure, innocent doesn't have much in terms of story, but it's got great character interactions and the NanoFate dynamic. Plus some of the sequences look downright cool. The artist for this manga does pretty well with the character designs. It's moe when it wants to be, and bad ass when it needs to be.

Mini_Lancer | 07-25-13, 9:50 AM
@AirStyles well there is always Movie 3rd to look forward to xD also some of the stuff was explained in A's and StrikerS manga if i'm not wrong (read too long ago to remember orz)

AirStyles | 07-25-13, 9:40 AM

I'm not really fond of Force either, due to the fact that Nanoha and Fate don't get much attention.

For me, Nanoha is always about Nanoha and Fate, when the focus is shift away from them, I tend to get a little discouraged.

I mean, there's still so much more potential, especially in the timeframe between Nanoha A's and StrikerS, there could be so much more story to tell.

Such as
How Nanoha earn the title of "Ace of Aces"
Fate's journey of rising through the ranks and achieve commissioned officer
Hayate and her struggle with prejudice against her "former convict" status. *Apply also to Fate

Also, the mission that almost maimed Nanoha.

There is just far too many potentially interesting stories around that timeframe that I'm eager to learn about. I noticed that the author seem to favor "fist combat" toward strikers, and went almost completely at that direction around Vivid... I'm not really happy with that.

Maybe I'm just selfish when it comes to content I want to see.

SilentTruth | 07-25-13, 2:31 AM
@AirStyles so you mean you like Nanoha Force then?

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