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Turbe | 06-10-11, 10:19 AM
I dont really come to MAL much anymore. Mainly I have been focusing on manga but I use MU for that. Not only for tracking releases but also for my manga progress.

And yes, I am still alive. :)

Batmanfreak | 05-25-11, 5:35 PM
Kinda, I only go on mal like once a week now.

Yoake | 05-23-11, 4:40 PM
Hmm...I like the idea of this club but is anyone still alive? D:

Turbe | 02-06-11, 3:23 PM
I might be a little late with the reading. A game I'm following (RIFT) had a beta release this weekend and Ive spent around 30hours playing it which haven't given me enough time to do anything else.

Turbe | 02-03-11, 9:59 PM
Just finished

Very good, only took me 2 days to read. I highly recommend the series..

Only 1 thing that annoys me..

Turbe | 02-02-11, 3:31 PM
Just message saying which hoster has it so I don't have to search for it. :P

Other then that I believe its all accomplished, other then the banner.

Kino_no_Tabi | 02-02-11, 5:52 AM
Ok! I'm going ahead with the thread then.

@Batmanfreak: Hey, I sent you a PM about this. Is there anything else I should do besides the thread?

Batmanfreak | 02-01-11, 9:06 PM
I'll try reading it with you guys as well. I'm probably going to be behind on it though, since I will be getting it from my library.

Turbe | 02-01-11, 1:03 PM
this weekend would work.

Kino_no_Tabi | 02-01-11, 11:20 AM
wait, do you want to start it this weekend, or the next one?

Kino_no_Tabi | 02-01-11, 11:17 AM
Nice! and that's ok, at least it's a completed series, and a short one compared to others like Fairy Tail, Bleach, etc. I started watching the anime and like it so far, which is why I now want to read the manga. I also own all of the manga for season 1 :)

@Turbe: 2 volumes/week sounds good to me, too ^^

Turbe | 02-01-11, 11:10 AM
Alright that is fine. I would go with 2 vols a week mainly because I'm kinda busy currently.

Bluestreak2 | 02-01-11, 11:08 AM
I should really get around to reading it, I loved the anime and bought all of the manga, but I have yet to actually read any of it...

I'll give it a go, but I may end up falling behind rather quickly.

Kino_no_Tabi | 02-01-11, 11:05 AM
Yey! Thank you, Turbe! :D
Which schedule you want to follow?
I was thinking of starting it this Saturday, and then basically discuss every Saturday until we complete the series.

Ok, just checked online manga reading sites, and I've only found one that has it. The site says it's "ongoing", but that's because this series has season 1 and 2 and the site has both together. I'm suggesting we read season 1, 8 volumes, 43 chapters, because it seems like season II is still ongoing and going slow.

Turbe | 02-01-11, 10:47 AM

Nothing scheduled for awhile not. Most individuals are either to busy or have a backlog of anime and thus doesn't have much time for manga atm.

As for Rozen Maiden I will try it with you.

Kino_no_Tabi | 02-01-11, 10:28 AM
All right, I'm thinking Rozen Maiden. It's completed, 8 volumes, and we can either do two volumes per week or 2 volumes the first week and then 3 volumes 2nd and 3rd week (because the last volumes have less pages).

Kino_no_Tabi | 02-01-11, 10:16 AM
I remember asking if there was a manga schedule going on for december, but then was away on a trip for a while. Sorry for that ^^"

Interested in doing so for February, so is there any for this month? If not, I'll start one then :)

Turbe | 01-26-11, 10:01 PM

I agree with the art.I could get into Lone wolf and cub (, but I'm not fond of this style.

Bluestreak2 | 01-23-11, 8:43 PM
@Batmanfreak Japanator is a blog site dedicated mostly to Anime/Manga with a little bit of jpop. They cover things like currently airing shows to news to editorials.

@Turbe I actually found the first few volumes and so far find it to be rather interesting. Not in the this is sexy I need to go change my pants kind of way though, hell I don't think they've even had anything they need to have censored. But the mystery of how far it can go at this level intrigues me greatly. It's also pretty funny at times. Though I have to say the artstyle borders on bad, especially for the faces(can't even tell half the characters apart from each other).

Turbe | 01-22-11, 7:03 PM

I started it upon you asking. So far.. don't enjoy it. For me it has to either one way or the other.. go for a psychological/fighting/ect shounen series or strait for the prize.. can't stand these ones in the middle..

Although I would guess this series is a love series in its own perverted way...

Heres MU summary which is better than MAL

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