Read Everything And Discuss: Manga's Comments

Turbe | 11-18-14, 12:48 PM
I think the hardest parts will be getting us all to respond on MAL at the same time.

Batmanfreak | 10-22-14, 9:44 PM
Depends on the manga and how much we are reading each week.

hibertansiyar | 09-28-14, 8:50 AM
Oh well it's a little bit late for answering maybe, but I am here aswell.

Turbe | 09-21-14, 10:35 PM
Go away for like 4 months and this happens. I would say yes and would probably finish reading it but the likely hood that I would come back to MAL to discuss often is almost zero.

soaring_wings | 07-22-14, 3:57 PM
I wouldn't mind~ But I'd probably only be able to handle reading one manga at a time since I work full time now. ; w ; Still if anyone wants to try and revive the club activities count me in. :3

WhalnutWhale | 07-22-14, 3:17 PM
Count me in if it happens.

corwin_r | 05-30-14, 1:38 PM
After three years of inactivity, let me have the honour of bumping the club's activity, if only for a short moment.

Are there perhaps people interested in reading something together? I'd be interested in reading pretty much anything as long as it's finished serialization and available for reading.

Turbe | 06-10-11, 10:19 AM
I dont really come to MAL much anymore. Mainly I have been focusing on manga but I use MU for that. Not only for tracking releases but also for my manga progress.

And yes, I am still alive. :)

Batmanfreak | 05-25-11, 5:35 PM
Kinda, I only go on mal like once a week now.

Yoake | 05-23-11, 4:40 PM
Hmm...I like the idea of this club but is anyone still alive? D:

Turbe | 02-06-11, 3:23 PM
I might be a little late with the reading. A game I'm following (RIFT) had a beta release this weekend and Ive spent around 30hours playing it which haven't given me enough time to do anything else.

Turbe | 02-03-11, 9:59 PM
Just finished

Very good, only took me 2 days to read. I highly recommend the series..

Only 1 thing that annoys me..

Turbe | 02-02-11, 3:31 PM
Just message saying which hoster has it so I don't have to search for it. :P

Other then that I believe its all accomplished, other then the banner.

Kino_no_Tabi | 02-02-11, 5:52 AM
Ok! I'm going ahead with the thread then.

@Batmanfreak: Hey, I sent you a PM about this. Is there anything else I should do besides the thread?

Batmanfreak | 02-01-11, 9:06 PM
I'll try reading it with you guys as well. I'm probably going to be behind on it though, since I will be getting it from my library.

Turbe | 02-01-11, 1:03 PM
this weekend would work.

Kino_no_Tabi | 02-01-11, 11:20 AM
wait, do you want to start it this weekend, or the next one?

Kino_no_Tabi | 02-01-11, 11:17 AM
Nice! and that's ok, at least it's a completed series, and a short one compared to others like Fairy Tail, Bleach, etc. I started watching the anime and like it so far, which is why I now want to read the manga. I also own all of the manga for season 1 :)

@Turbe: 2 volumes/week sounds good to me, too ^^

Turbe | 02-01-11, 11:10 AM
Alright that is fine. I would go with 2 vols a week mainly because I'm kinda busy currently.

Bluestreak2 | 02-01-11, 11:08 AM
I should really get around to reading it, I loved the anime and bought all of the manga, but I have yet to actually read any of it...

I'll give it a go, but I may end up falling behind rather quickly.

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