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niko_hakubi | 12-20-09, 4:12 AM
and is there a problem with that oranj?

Oranj | 12-20-09, 2:05 AM
Oh good lord, you have your photo for the userpic.

hikura | 12-19-09, 3:49 AM
Rawr! Hey guys

Yukushi | 10-25-09, 2:38 PM
More of a games expo than anything else. Borderlands was epic though! Same stuff as every time apart from the games, meh.

Seasonreaper | 10-25-09, 3:30 AM
Shitty queue system though, was far worse than previous times. But hey, got to play Bayonetta and watch L4D2 in action so that's all good. Plus cute cosplayers is always a good thing to see.

I'm also still slightly amused at the combination of a nearly naked girl going around with a guy in a huge suit of armour. The difference was amusing.

Oranj | 10-24-09, 7:10 PM
Twas good. Fair amount of good cosplay and pretty girls.

Yukushi | 10-22-09, 2:55 PM
Two days... +_+
When it was confirmed I was going, they stopped selling early entry.. Now I have to line up or push in. Sigh.

Oranj | 10-22-09, 4:37 AM
Got my early entry ticket! Whe-hey, coupl'o'days left!

niko_hakubi | 10-21-09, 5:33 PM
was gonna go, but have no money now >_>

eddyak | 10-21-09, 5:27 PM
I can't go!


Biology trip, damn it.

Seasonreaper | 10-21-09, 5:16 PM
London Expo is so close now =|.

niko_hakubi | 10-21-09, 10:51 AM
strangely i gotta agree with oranj, to the untrained eye most of what he says would be mistaken for incoherant dribble, but he has a point. lol

eddyak | 10-21-09, 10:18 AM
Or you could go for a more fitting option, and hit them with the chess board. Take that, Lelouch! D:

Oranj | 10-21-09, 10:05 AM
Most of the religions are that : )

Life would be quite boring and short if there are no rules. Also there would be no games - what is the point of playing chess when you can just punch your opponent and declare yourself a winner?

eddyak | 10-21-09, 8:08 AM
What religion is that?

And rules are meant to be broken, not cheated.

niko_hakubi | 10-21-09, 7:30 AM
lmao, i see, well all i can say is good luck to him. :p

Oranj | 10-21-09, 4:41 AM
Niko, I believe eddyak is going through complex stage of adolescence where he perceives everything that moves or talks as an object of sexual desire. At the same time his religion allows only heterosexual relationships and being a clever boy eddy cheats the rule by adressing everyone he is attracted to as a female.

eddyak, sorry darling, I already have a date tonight.

niko_hakubi | 10-20-09, 4:20 PM

eddyak | 10-20-09, 4:07 PM
How delightfully vulgar, madam.

Oranj | 10-20-09, 3:55 PM
Well, I wave my private parts at your aunties!

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