Claim an Anime Bodyguard's Comments

Kannei | 11-30-09, 5:08 PM

Kannei | 11-18-09, 4:19 AM
hey guys

theGirlisIdle | 10-02-09, 11:02 PM
This was Francois I changed my DN to Eef-Barzelay

theGirlisIdle | 07-18-09, 1:34 AM
This is Honey-Anne to Kippi-chan :3 changed my username, again xD!

BloodFang | 06-04-09, 9:08 PM

shiayame | 06-04-09, 3:08 PM
hi there i am shiayame i am new here. (Deep Bow) Please take care of me.

theGirlisIdle | 04-29-09, 9:47 PM
This is Nocchi to Francois to my new username: Honey-Anne :3

FireFistBilly | 03-15-09, 4:29 AM
I DID claim in this club XD

But at the time, I may not have had 100 posts or something, thats the only explanation I can think of.

But never mind, I'll just have to claim someone else -_-

Monochrome | 03-14-09, 8:33 PM
Mugen was claimed by the other person on page 7, while you didn't even claim in this club. It looks like you're mixing up your claims.

FireFistBilly | 03-14-09, 5:55 PM
I claimed Mugen as my bodyguard I believe, and I just checked the list and someone else has the claimed character.

Wtf is going on? -_-

Monochrome | 03-09-09, 8:45 AM
I updated the list and re-posted banners I've made for others. I also changed the usernames on the list for the people who posted below.
At least this club didn't lose much.

angel_hearted | 03-04-09, 1:08 AM changed..!!!
..ayumi_0015 to angel_hearted...^-^...

theGirlisIdle | 02-28-09, 1:09 AM
This is Nocchi. I renewed my username.

Jewelyn | 02-26-09, 4:27 AM
how can i acclaim 100 points???

blahblabha | 02-21-09, 12:10 PM
I changed my user name. It used to be Flyleaf.

TheNotoriousKAZ | 02-13-09, 7:31 PM
Hello! :D

Just switched my claim :D

Animeblademan | 01-10-09, 12:58 PM
how is everyone doing

StabbyPWNS | 01-01-09, 12:04 PM
You're also the only list-updater and over-all do-everythinger. :D
I'm working on a few banners right now though. >.>

Monochrome | 12-31-08, 1:46 PM
I am the only really active banner maker, but Stabby and [I guess] Lovealchemist also make banners. Just a little more slowly.

ToxxicTeardrop | 12-31-08, 1:43 PM
Is this club still active?.. I mean as In are the admins or whoever still making banners for this club?

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