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tsubasalover | 08-14-14, 4:22 AM
Strike Witches: Operation Victory Arrow added to relations. Her character will appear on ep.2.

SilentTruth | 08-05-14, 8:53 AM
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei and Fujibayashi Kyouko added into relations

tsubasalover | 07-05-14, 4:01 AM
Michelle K. Davis and Terra Formars added to relations.

SilentTruth | 06-19-14, 3:45 AM
Suisei no Gargantia OVA added into relations.

SilentTruth | 05-29-14, 5:35 AM
Machine doll wa kizutsukanai special added into relations.

tsubasalover | 05-28-14, 11:32 PM
Hayate no Gotoku! OVA added to relations.

tsubasalover | 04-27-14, 1:50 AM
I don't think I will like Sailor Mercury's new voice (not liking the seiyuu's voice that much).

SilentTruth | 04-27-14, 1:34 AM
@tsubasa woot! So different casts, can't wait to see their performance.

tsubasalover | 04-27-14, 12:40 AM
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Crystal and Minako Aino added to relations. She is the new voice of Sailor Venus.

Ceruhe | 04-22-14, 6:17 AM
haha :D

SilentTruth | 03-17-14, 5:22 AM
Fate/kaleid 2wei added into relations.

SilentTruth | 03-15-14, 4:10 AM
Fate/kaleid OVA added into relations.

tsubasalover | 03-08-14, 6:18 AM
Blade and Soul added to relations. She will voice Yu Lan (ユ・ラン)

tsubasalover | 01-20-14, 6:14 AM
Date A Live II and Ellen Mira Meixaz added to relations (not sure if it's already added, but the error about not able to add duplicate relations is fixed, so I cannot figure out).

SilentTruth | 01-01-14, 10:21 PM
Fate/kaleid specials added into relations.

Shizukage | 12-15-13, 4:22 AM
Nice, guess i'll keep my eye on new pictures from now on but i haven't seen any normal* (i think you know what i mean) pictures of her for a while now

SilentTruth | 12-15-13, 3:18 AM
lol decided to change the picture eh?

Shizukage | 12-15-13, 3:05 AM
*Golden Time and Shii added into relations*

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