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FeelPein | 06-20-10, 11:19 PM
hi all i am new

alucard071 | 07-29-08, 6:36 PM
any Ikki Tousen fans in club :P

alucard071 | 07-26-08, 4:43 PM
i´m back from vacation so howis everyone :)

Sakana17 | 07-19-08, 3:24 PM
im good over here.
has anyone heard of/seen ani-monday on the sci-fi channel before?

Rag_Doll | 07-09-08, 7:40 PM
no worries :) how is everyone??

alucard071 | 07-08-08, 2:31 PM
hey guys srry for the sorry state of the club have been busy with work and all, and going on vacation for the coming three weeks so i won´t be updating the club for awhile so if you have any questions or comments please leave them here or sent me personal message.
alright for all who already have vacation enjoy it and hope to talk to you soon but if you still have to go to work/school i wish you strenght :)


Rag_Doll | 07-06-08, 9:39 PM
did anyone go to anime expo this year?

alucard071 | 07-02-08, 10:27 AM

shikachan16 | 07-02-08, 9:59 AM
I recommend shuffle and haruhi suzumiya ^^ totally hilarious :P

alucard071 | 06-30-08, 10:51 AM
is there any anime anybody wants to recommend.

alucard071 | 06-23-08, 9:01 AM
i don´t think so.

Cuttah-san | 06-22-08, 6:06 PM
ok i have a question for those watching cg the girl of the knight of rounds the same type of person like c.c.& v.v.?

alucard071 | 06-22-08, 7:03 AM
i´m good :)

Rag_Doll | 06-22-08, 2:59 AM
how is everyone?

Two-Hands | 06-21-08, 5:49 PM
barak ragoon desu~ (black lagoon) XD

alucard071 | 06-21-08, 5:07 PM
any anime news someone wants report

Cuttah-san | 06-17-08, 11:12 AM
hi rag_doll!

Rag_Doll | 06-16-08, 3:41 PM
thank you for the invite. umm hi? :P

Cuttah-san | 06-16-08, 12:30 PM
welcome welcome...if u all have any ideas for events please feel free to pm our creator alucard071 or me! :) oh and feel free to INVITE MORE PEOPLE!!!!

Dia-doll | 06-16-08, 12:10 PM
Thanks for inviting me ^^

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