The District 's Comments

imperius | 06-15-13, 1:53 PM
Thinking about it

snape | 06-10-13, 9:37 PM
anyone going to anime usa?

GlennMagusHarvey | 08-29-12, 11:27 PM
To the club officer: You should put "Washington, DC" in the description so that people can find this when searching "Washington". And work "capital" somewhere into that, too.

Devi | 10-31-08, 9:02 PM
Happy Halloween

Ginger_Snap | 05-22-08, 7:17 PM
Had a wonderful weekend, it was a bit soggy so I stayed in the house.

(Yes I relies how late this post is.)

Duelistbluerose | 05-17-08, 7:49 PM
anyone here going to otakon?

redboi | 05-04-08, 4:29 PM
How is everyone's weekend goin?