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lilblackfawn | 08-15-14, 9:21 PM
I miss having this channel :(

AnimeHonor | 05-26-14, 4:36 AM
thats awesome i didn't know it existed

TerrorH3ctor | 05-25-14, 9:56 PM
I'm in my grandparents' house in Puerto Rico for a while and what do I find? The Funimation Channel in their TV! Holy crap! O_O
I'm getting that channel when I get rich!

TerrorH3ctor | 06-23-13, 6:14 PM
I love Shuffle. Never expected to make me almost cry during the last few episodes.

Animewolfguy | 06-23-13, 2:16 PM
Really? I haven't notice that.

half-breed86 | 06-23-13, 2:07 PM
I'm trying to watch shuffle! and is it just my computer or is the dubbing off by that much. male voices are coming out when women are talking and vise versa. what the hell.

Animewolfguy | 08-17-12, 7:30 AM
They sound similar to someone I think it was what?

Angel_Beats | 07-26-12, 10:57 PM
the dubbed voices for C sound kind of funky.

LoveLessPain | 07-26-12, 5:29 PM

LoveLessPain | 07-26-12, 5:27 PM
Hello everyone just joined XD
Im def happy about this




Angel_Beats | 07-25-12, 9:52 PM
thanks, i just realized that myself after tossing it in google. zzz

zansabarshadow | 07-25-12, 9:27 PM
future reference: if you preordered it from rightstuf "(Hyb)" is next to the product name and it means dual audio.

Angel_Beats | 07-25-12, 9:18 PM
it doesn't say if it is dual audio yet; just a confirmed dub.

imperlast | 07-25-12, 8:44 PM
it woudl of said on the site you ordred from aswell

Angel_Beats | 07-25-12, 8:26 PM
thanks for the info, just pre-ordered the steins;gate box!

imperlast | 07-25-12, 5:47 PM
dual audio

Angel_Beats | 07-25-12, 5:20 PM
do funimation box sets usually contain dual audio or is it generally just dubbed?

windeen-windy | 06-17-12, 11:08 PM
No problem. I read about the region codes a while ago when I was looking for info on the different codes for regions in regards to video games(Got my first game system last year so I'm still new to it all).
I have the hardest time finding anime or anime-style video games for the North America codes that have been subbed or dubbed in English.
Does anyone know where I might find a list of video games that are anime-style or anime related that have been dubbed in English?

TerrorH3ctor | 06-17-12, 5:31 PM
Thanks windeen. Didn't know it was parts of Asia.

windeen-windy | 06-17-12, 5:30 PM
S. Korea, Macau and Taiwan use the region 3 code if I remember right, also Hong Kong uses region 3 and 6 codes I think..... I could be remembering wrong, it's been a while. I read that a while ago when reading about the different region codes.

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