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La_Flaga171 | 07-31-14, 7:01 PM
Hello all. Been away from the office where I can free load on internet and watch anime before heading home. Stuck here late nights so any good anime recommendation please send them over....

-Rice- | 06-23-14, 3:11 PM
ARA, I just noticed that I never responded to you and it's been 3 months. OMG TIME TO GET ON IT

Arakura | 06-23-14, 1:27 PM
Try coming again, sometimes that happens to me, Bro. Sorry ricey u.u, I've been lazy and other places. Got really into Love Live School Idol Festival/Anime recently

-Rice- | 06-23-14, 4:47 AM
Seems like everyone is either busy, or rarely ever on MAL anymore xP

Bro-K201 | 06-20-14, 9:54 PM
Blocked out of chatzy? what is this madness!?

Its been a while, how's it going SWA?

xxshiawase | 06-17-14, 11:11 AM
This club is so dead, huh? I mean... you haven't even started watching Jinrui ;w;

LuisDrk | 05-27-14, 11:00 AM

This SnK game so cool

Snow_Blind | 05-25-14, 1:40 PM

Arakura | 05-11-14, 3:55 PM
yo Zonpak. Summer is almost here ^^ (in some parts of the world u.u)

SoraAoi | 05-08-14, 11:38 AM
check out my amv:

Snow_Blind | 05-07-14, 1:45 PM
I hate Luis more then bount, but only just

Zonpakuto | 05-06-14, 3:57 PM
been long time hi everyone.

sushigirl | 05-01-14, 10:47 PM
Hey sub :D

LuisDrk | 04-29-14, 3:31 PM
you know deep inside u love him gray

Snow_Blind | 04-21-14, 4:58 AM
Man i hate bount

FPSxSubZ3RO | 04-20-14, 11:16 PM
Sushi, dang it!

DatDamnPR | 04-15-14, 8:46 AM
I'd have to agree. So far so good though.

SwerveThePerv | 04-13-14, 4:45 AM
After all the anime announcements I took a look all anime that are coming out and honestly say 2014 will either be one of the greatest years for anime since 2006/07 or a total fucking let down.

LuisDrk | 04-11-14, 3:20 AM
Mekakucity actors seems to have a pretty cool design hope they make a good story of it

sushigirl | 04-10-14, 10:15 PM
Is that a Higurashi eyeball?

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