The Royal Arms Tournament's Comments

Sajaho | 11-15-12, 5:02 PM
Bump because FUCK BALLS

-Snowman- | 07-30-12, 4:52 AM
Bump because it's good game for this club i think

Sajaho | 07-24-12, 1:14 PM
bump because i gotta piss

-Snowman- | 07-24-12, 11:06 AM
bump because of all the noobs in ps3 games

Sajaho | 07-24-12, 8:48 AM
bump because my fallout new vegas disk is unreadable

-Snowman- | 07-19-12, 4:49 PM
bump because the person below me might die.... gl candy

HelloCandy | 07-17-12, 9:38 AM
bump because I'm joining the US Air Force :P

Sajaho | 07-16-12, 4:17 PM
bump cause i hate snow

-Snowman- | 07-15-12, 7:31 PM
Bump cause i'm a snowman

-Snowman- | 07-09-12, 11:24 AM
Not if i kill you first

Sajaho | 07-06-12, 6:40 PM
if this club remains inactive i would like to challenge Zaemon Basotei to a duel for the throne. gotta have closure

Sajaho | 07-06-12, 8:26 AM

-Snowman- | 07-06-12, 8:04 AM
Everone died? *Puts up a gravestone on top of a cliff* -It reads as- "R.I.P. Members of the Royal Arms Tournament" There!

Sajaho | 07-05-12, 5:08 PM
idk, still waiting.

and yes a lance is a horse back weapon

Freischutz | 07-05-12, 4:50 PM

-Snowman- | 07-05-12, 4:46 PM
It's a lance made of lightning.... You cannot best me! Besides it wasn't designed only to be used by horseback.
Plus i also have a nyoi-bo with me at all times so.....

Sajaho | 07-05-12, 8:55 AM
your weapon is a large pole arm designed to be used from horseback, it was too big to be used by infantry

-Snowman- | 07-05-12, 6:54 AM
Bah! You will not win against me~

Sajaho | 07-04-12, 9:24 PM
i would enjoy winning this one, and i would enjoy even greater if this ties into the other rp when it is over, like the winner visiting homehnia on buisness

-Snowman- | 07-04-12, 9:21 PM
But still..... Wait... It goes perfectly~ As long as i win!

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