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Fu-Panda | 11-29-13, 4:08 PM
Please affiliate ^^

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tsubasalover | 09-01-13, 7:15 AM
Hayao Miyazaki will not make any more long animated movie

kirito_saiyan | 05-15-13, 6:44 PM
I've watched most of Studio Ghibli movies and they were all masterpieces.

Fabrice | 03-15-13, 8:12 PM
OMG, if you ever visit Japan you have to go to the Ghibli Museum, I had such a blast!
I wrote a review with pics here

Deathnote10 | 01-24-13, 6:34 AM
studio ghibli i love it

animeyay | 09-29-12, 3:24 AM
Studio Ghibli!! YAY!!

Arisu19 | 06-12-12, 1:31 PM
The best studio!! ♥

Eridanus | 06-22-11, 8:18 AM
best studio Period.

JoshMacdonagh | 06-22-11, 7:51 AM
Studio Ghibli is the best Japanese animation studio in the world!

tsubasalover | 05-22-11, 5:47 AM
And the club was made later than this club.

gokudo21 | 05-22-11, 5:45 AM
We 500 members ,them only 10 members.[/fact]

Eridanus | 05-22-11, 4:35 AM
Everything thats great has a jealouse competition, these guys just cant stomach Ghiblis superiority, just ignore them

tsubasalover | 05-22-11, 3:47 AM
Me, neither.

zetsuboSensei | 05-22-11, 3:16 AM
I can't believe something like this exists:

gokudo21 | 08-18-10, 3:14 PM
We all love it.

-Animewatcher- | 08-18-10, 12:31 AM
I own the DVD for Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and I just love it ^^

gokudo21 | 02-27-10, 7:15 AM
I haven't seen it,I might someday.If it does have good actors it will be good I think.

Eridanus | 02-27-10, 7:15 AM
wait! thats like for real? i didnt know! got to check it right now!!!
but i doubt it will any good, ive seen many live action adaptations but they were all a very big FAIL

Maat | 02-27-10, 6:53 AM
Has anyone seen the live action adaptation of "Grave of the Fireflies"? I just got it, but I haven't watched it yet. I doubt it can be as good as the original, but they seem to have chosen very similar actors.

gokudo21 | 02-18-10, 6:30 AM
Then I will.If you watch any give me your opinion.

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