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LAOG | 5 hours ago
Wait your not a girl Spiritchuck? I don't know what to believe anymore.

Q1: Boku No Pico. Just cuz.

Spiritchuck | 5 hours ago
Spiritchuck's Daily Anime Question no.5:

For the Men:

For the Women:



Spiritchuck | 12 hours ago
Soul Eater Not!

Spiritchuck | Yesterday, 3:38 PM

VyraLove | Yesterday, 2:59 PM
Yes, there is plot later. Read the manga/Novel if you really want to know. I will tell you though, that the sibling relationship won't cross any lines.

Dalek-baka | Yesterday, 2:45 PM
Just asking... is there some kind of plot later in Mahouka?

Black Bullet was nice, I would like to have more scenes with Enju and Rentaro living everyday life but it's decent so far.

Nanashi- | Yesterday, 2:34 PM

SweetKotomi | Yesterday, 1:34 PM
Black Bullet was very good this week again.

tsubasalover | Yesterday, 12:38 PM

Dalek-baka | Yesterday, 11:50 AM
that is my dream indeed but I would take stuff like: Aria, Azumanga Daioh (for being first and best anime about it... as far as I know), K-On! (which is still good, compared with some stuff that came later), Mahoraba or Sketchbook.
Over abominable creations like Sakura Trick, Kotoura-san or C³-bu. Which for some reason try to add fanservice and/or some kind of "twist" that is either dumb or remains forgotten along the road.

I think that sometimes it's harder to do good SoL/Character Driven anime than any other kind - not to mention iyashikei series (anyone else than Junichi Sato does them on regular basis?).

as for Aria-like things, I would love to see Amanchu! done including all diving informations (it's rather easy to see what Kozue Amano does in her free time).
or something of Hitoshi Ashinano but it might be also rather hard.

Spiritchuck | Yesterday, 10:59 AM
Oh sweet, we just hit 5700 members!

Spiritchuck | Yesterday, 10:55 AM
But it's not just slice of life stuff that's character driven, take Madoka Magica for example. And I just think people use "Slice of Life" for that because it's easier to put a genre on a show with that word, because for all intents and purposes "Character Driven" isn't a genre, it's just a way to describe how the show plays out.

VyraLove | Yesterday, 10:51 AM
Oh, I loved Aria to death. I would love another show like that. Also, I dislike the term 'slice of life'. I prefer 'character driven'. Because that's essentially what a 'slice of life' is.

It's a 'story' based purely on the characters and how they interact with one another. The setting/world doesn't even matter in the slightest.

Oh well. I don't dislike the genre, but I don't want it to be the only thing there is.

Spiritchuck | Yesterday, 10:47 AM
Dalek is a pretty big Slice of Life guy if I recall, I don't blame him either, a live action Aria would be quite nice.

VyraLove | Yesterday, 10:46 AM
@Dalek - So the only stories you want for anime... is just.. Moe stuff? If they were the only thing that existed.. (which, to be quite honest.. moe shit is about 85% anime these days)

They'd get old pretty fast. I for one don't want cure girls/boys doing cute things. I want boobs damnit. Lol.

Spiritchuck | Yesterday, 10:37 AM
Holy crap, I just thought of the best thing ever:

Dalek-baka | Yesterday, 10:31 AM
I would like to see Aria done as live action.
as for other way - Doctor Who audio stories (new TV series sucks) done by... Sunrise? as long as they have original cast in dubbing and Norio Wakamoto as Sixie, it should be fine.

I would move to very beginning and convince creators that anime should be only about cute girls/boys doing cute things or lighthearted magical girl shows, no other stories are allowed or needed (which is true but some people don't get it).

maybe not translated but published (good quality of paper, big format and so on) - Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and Kabu no Isaki.

Komandos | Yesterday, 3:58 AM
Q4: Silence of the Lambs by SHAFT ;] Hannibal Lecter doing chin-up™

Sakubo777 | Yesterday, 2:37 AM
Q4: Pulp Fiction made by Trigger? and.... Samurai Flamenco goes live action! *Directed by M.Night Shyamalan*

Q4.5: A few years ago when I decided to watch Kampfer. I'd not watch it instead. Oh god... that Christmas ending.

Q4.75: Fate/Hollow Ataraxia.

tsubasalover | Yesterday, 12:57 AM
Dragon Ball Kai (2014) ED PV

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