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LoneWizard | Yesterday, 6:43 PM
@ Izanagi My current lifestyle:
Go to school,dont eat lunch to prepare for the projects i will do,classes,go home,study slightly less than i supposed to do so that i can have time to watch anime a little bit,eat dinner,dont sleep to finish the homework given everyday,dont wake up because i didnt sleep in the first place,repeat these steps,sleep once in 2 days instead of studying....Quite fun ^_^

tsubasalover | Yesterday, 6:12 PM

-Izanagi- | Nov 25, 9:37 PM
It feels great to have a full-time job. I work so many hours that I am so exhausted afterwards, no time to play games or watch animes. My new permanent lifestyle: Wake up, breakfast, work, lunch, work, dinner, do paperwork and practice working techniques, off to sleep and day ends. Quite terrible!

ichii_1 | Nov 24, 11:05 AM
The girls und panzer movie is huge hit! :O
Season 2 here we come XD

tsubasalover | Nov 21, 9:53 PM
Aquarion Logos OP short PV

Comet Lucifer ED? Image Song? short PV

Girls und Panzer der Film Theme PV

Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen ED short PV

LoneWizard | Nov 19, 4:50 PM
i want more Owarimonogatari...

-Izanagi- | Nov 19, 4:35 PM
I want more Owari no Seraph. :(

Gotta wait another day or two.

tsubasalover | Nov 17, 2:11 AM
Musaigen no Phantom World OP short PV

-Izanagi- | Nov 16, 1:59 PM
Thanks and congrats Yoishi_!

Yoishi_ | Nov 16, 12:23 PM
Congrats on the job Izanagi. I just got a job too, only a part time xmas one, but I'm happy to be getting paid again :>

Xenocrisi | Nov 16, 7:44 AM
At least you found something.

Thank you Tsubasa-chan for your hard work everyday <3

tsubasalover | Nov 16, 5:00 AM
High☆Speed!: Free! Starting Days Theme CM

-Izanagi- | Nov 15, 12:57 PM
@Xenocrisi: It is a cleaning job. It is very dirty and I need to wear gloves at all times.

Xenocrisi | Nov 15, 12:54 PM
I'm happy for you! You found a job! That's awesome!
So, what kind of job is it?

-Izanagi- | Nov 15, 12:52 PM
It feels good to have a monthly income of $1450. A year, I'd have at least $18000 including birthday/new years/christmas red pockets as spending money. My parents said that if we earn lots more, some will go into the bank and I will get to use them when I have children. Basically, my annual income will be between $18000-$25000. (^_^)

-Izanagi- | Nov 15, 11:26 AM
I finally got a job and it is a full-time job, I gotta work 65 hours a week starting soon. I hope I will get a chance to grab a deal or two on Black Friday. :(

Xenocrisi | Nov 15, 7:53 AM
Meh. I don't like your TOP 40 tbh.

Kinushima | Nov 15, 7:46 AM
Here is a top pf music of this season:

tsubasalover | Nov 14, 6:36 AM
Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen OP short PV

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