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GuildMasterAinz | 1 hour ago
A moderator PMed me three times. When I replied to the individual here, the individual goes "ahok". Looks like I got trolled.

Xenocrisi | 2 hours ago
What's going on here? :D

tsubasalover | 2 hours ago
Ah, ok.

GuildMasterAinz | 2 hours ago
Let's just stop private talk coz I am never gonna change my settings either.

I don't even know why we are having private talk in the first place.

tsubasalover | 3 hours ago
Ah, ok.

How should we communicate? I don't want to change the settings. Or we just stop the private talk?

GuildMasterAinz | 3 hours ago
@tsubasalover: The reason why I can receive your pm is because you are a moderator and the reason why I cannot reply to your pm is because I have the same settings as you do.

GuildMasterAinz | 3 hours ago
1 second difference. Wow!

tsubasalover | 3 hours ago
That's why I initially PMed you when we begin to talk about private matters.

GuildMasterAinz | 3 hours ago
Kuusen Madoushi ep9

This is another one of those animes in which the MC is super powerful compared to everyone else. Other examples include Hagure Yuusha, Haimura Moroha, Shiba Tatsuya, and Ainz Ooal Gowns. It doesn't matter who they are up against, victory is always assured. I like this kind of anime but too many animes of the same type of MC may be a bit too excessive.

tsubasalover | 5 hours ago
@GuildMasterAinz: Wow, so eastern. I've heard of both ways too when the young people hasn't married in 20's (by their parents). Yeah, females are insecure of being with guys with no stable status.

Dalek-baka | 10 hours ago
Jitsu wa Watashi wa - ep 9

but in weak season* like this nice to find two series (another one is Dandelion but that took 5 or more episodes) that actually improve as they go.

*- except shorts and sequels those are good

GuildMasterAinz | Yesterday, 4:46 AM
I just done rearranging my master bedroom. I chose 32 PS Vita games out of ~100 PS Vita games to put by my pillow on my bed. These are the games:

Dalek-baka | Yesterday, 1:35 AM
Overlord - last episode was bit better but in the end it's disappointing. Halfway between Log Horizon (great start with MC trying to figure out logic of that world and use it) and SAO (well... he is so strong, that it's dull).
at least it's not boring so that's something.

also not 4 episodes of people walking from point A to B than back to A talking aka Rokka no Yuusha.

SheasonDuerulo | Sep 1, 11:51 PM
@GuildMasterAinz If you think Ainz has even the tiniest chance of surviving an encounter with Ninja Slayer, you are mistaken. Without a doubt, Ainz would be quivering in his boots at the mere sight of Ninja Slayer. His karate is too strong.

GuildMasterAinz | Sep 1, 11:01 PM
Don't be silly. Ainz can fight Ninja Slayer even with a handicap. I myself have studied karate too and this marital arts is nothing big of a deal. I also studied the Way of the katana and a little kungfu too. I am the successor to a legendary fighter who took down a kungfu academy's master and their top fighter solo. Ainz Ooal Gowns is to be feared! (^_^)/

SheasonDuerulo | Sep 1, 10:06 PM
@GuildMasterAinz Ainz and Nabe are pretty tough, I suppose. They're just lucky Ninja Slayer is nowhere to be seen. Otherwise, Ainz would be praying to Buddha right about now.

GuildMasterAinz | Sep 1, 10:01 PM
Overlord ep9 - 10/10

The battles were very amusing. The way those two losers were crushed after showing their true power and fighting at their full power was awesome. The cute hamster is very annoying. Next episode sounds kinda odd. I thought they are all loyal. Or maybe, its waifu battle? I wonder what's going on...

This season is possibly the best. So many great animes!!

tsubasalover | Sep 1, 9:19 PM
For upcoming Noragami event, they are doing some "plan" for audiences to participate... to dance on Noragami Ondo. For those who are interested, you can check this official site to check the instruction video and send your own video.

GuildMasterAinz | Sep 1, 7:10 PM
Lately, I haven't been watching animes again. I have been playing God Eater Burst. It is a fantastic game! I guess I will sacrifice some time tonight to watch and catch up on Overlord. Sounds amusing!

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