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Vaako21 | Feb 5, 3:28 PM
yeah we can only hope something good comes up in march, january february were pretty meh

Meioh | Feb 5, 2:44 PM
It's not bad... but some of the animation/camera angles are a bit funky. lol, too bad the full episodes weren't that hardcore though.

So now what? Let's hope 2016 doesn't suck for tentacles. lol

Vaako21 | Feb 5, 2:37 PM
thanks Meioh almost feared I have to wait for another episode and it was cut :(

Meioh | Feb 5, 2:26 PM
Vaako, you can find the post credits bonus scene in this package:

Doesn't seem to be working ATM though...

MelodicQueef | Feb 5, 1:54 PM
@Deknijff; I want her to sit on my crotch and fart heavily on it... the vibrations would be subliminal.

Vaako21 | Feb 5, 1:04 PM
Did anyone saw that Giant Ape scene in Rance 3 ? I think in the previews on getchu was something but havent seen in it in the actual episode I think.

Deknijff | Feb 4, 5:21 PM
No she lost her shirt in the middle of the zombie attack

Meioh | Feb 4, 5:20 PM
Is the girl on the left even wearing a skirt?

Meioh | Feb 4, 5:19 PM
Yup ^_^

Deknijff | Feb 4, 4:55 PM
The name gives you Inyouchuu Shoku feels doesn't it :P

Meioh | Feb 4, 4:53 PM
Rape Worms


Deknijff | Feb 4, 4:47 PM
So I just saw this while reading the second chapter of Infection

rampster27 | Feb 4, 4:46 PM
why thank you my good sir.

Meioh | Feb 4, 4:26 PM
Thanks Reine ^_^

rampster: You might prefer here... ;)

rampster27 | Feb 4, 3:59 PM
to much oppai...

-REINE- | Feb 4, 3:40 PM
Wow, I did not came for months, and page change, it look darn good

Meioh | Feb 1, 4:23 AM
Who? Mikoto and Sui's tits are bigger than ever, Takeru looks sluttier than ever, Ouka, Kikuka, and Rinko were always on the fence and petite.

Monad | Jan 31, 11:26 PM
Personally i am disappointed by Inyouchuu because they turned my favorite girl into a loli look

Meioh | Jan 28, 4:16 PM
Looks like an awesome homage to this scene in Hanamaru 2, I'm not sure how Meioki got bigger, but who knows with a demon who can de-age girls and curse them with immortality?

MelodicQueef | Jan 28, 4:08 PM
Looks absolutely lovely. Can hardly wait for it be upped into a gallery.

Rinko's breasts look a tad larger than before, but she's still got the shape/body of a Loli. I love how her entire waist is gripped on to just by one hand whilst having her pussy rammed by that huge demon dick. <3

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