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DynamicBeast | Yesterday, 9:32 AM
Utea hype, delicious Christmas present for us all.

Vitari | Nov 28, 9:24 PM
Whoa! that picture with the sample on it for Utea part 2.....

Very nice Jablonskas.

jablonskas | Nov 27, 7:08 PM
Looks like no girl ever really got... Boned ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

DynamicBeast | Nov 27, 9:39 AM
That's a close release between the first and second episode, we will not have to wait long for those! :D

Meioh | Nov 27, 6:51 AM
It looks like we're getting Utea episode 2 as soon as January! With episode one coming out in December.

Ep2 already has a DVD cover, looks amazing:

Serhiyko | Nov 27, 3:58 AM
@Metty, I think that's a futa

Serhiyko | Nov 27, 3:35 AM
Ane Haramix has a skull head, but it did not participate in any sex scenes
Also, 3rd episode of Soukou Kijo Iris had kind of a skeleton
Also Words Worth had skeletons IIRC, but I am not sure if any sex scenes involved them

jablonskas | Nov 27, 12:56 AM
I always wondered, are there any hentai out there involving skeletons? I'm kind of curious how one would make a hentai with skeletons.

Metty | Nov 26, 8:42 PM
is that a trap i saw
10/10 if it is

TheSandManX | Nov 26, 7:43 PM
Dunno if you've seen this yet, but one of the Pandras (I think its a spin off or something, never really understood it) got a trailer up now:


Metty | Nov 26, 5:45 PM
I like the new layout, its kinky. Im imagining im one of those girls being raped by tentacles right now. By the way, anyone know where I can get a pet tentacle monster for sale on black Friday?

Meioh | Nov 26, 5:02 PM
Added New Releases thread, just basically from Hongfire.

AiCon | Nov 26, 4:41 PM
I never even heard of noncon until now either

Why is tentacle the fourth one listed when it should be number one?

You could probably include DP and magical girls too lol

Meioh | Nov 26, 4:34 PM
Actually I'm not even sure why I put that there since I dislike the term haha. But I see it sometimes thesedays. Basically "rape"... lol

Serhiyko | Nov 26, 4:24 PM
First time I see noncon. I've already looked up what it means, I just never saw it till now

DynamicBeast | Nov 26, 1:27 PM
Looks great! :D

Meioh | Nov 26, 6:26 AM
Glad you guys like it. :)

Vitari | Nov 25, 7:49 PM
Wow, everything is so big. Are really not allowed to see the boobies? It's a big person site!

Monad | Nov 25, 6:01 PM
Nice. I like the choice of anime as frond face too. Those 6 are really from the best i saw.

Serhiyko | Nov 24, 8:03 AM
Better than before

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