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Meioh | 03-19-14, 4:41 PM
"I guess it's nice when both parties are enjoying themselves, sorta like in inyouchuu where the girls don't like it at first but gradually get used to it and enjoy themselves."

Basically what I prefer myself. The Aojiru games are way darker and more sadistic, but I liked the balance Inyouchuu and Shoku had... the girls are dominated into ecstasy and pleasure and end up loving it.

One of my favorite parts in Shoku is Takeru's VA when her and Mikoto are doing it and she cheerfully says something like "Let's have lots of baby bugs!" and looks so happy, haha hot as hell...

MyH-List | 03-18-14, 6:03 AM
Probably dull because its only been 2 weeks or so, and last week didn't have any releases.

Though next month has Pandra, and it basically is tentacle monster girl raping other girls as well as getting raped herself. Also giant orcs/monsters. And futa.

If we get the happy end, we'll get happy sex with tentacles, futa, and yuri. That's right, HAPPY TENTACLE FUTA YURI SEX.

CompaCD | 03-18-14, 1:26 AM
March seems like a really dull month for tentacles or anything that is the same as the same human gangbangs or the obvious cliche blackmail to rape. I'd actually like to see a female reverse rape tentacles or some monster for once. Which also sparks a question, which type of attitude would you guys prefer on a girl during H scenes? I prefer the Ahegao type females. I guess it's nice when both parties are enjoying themselves, sorta like in inyouchuu where the girls don't like it at first but gradually get used to it and enjoy themselves.

CompaCD | 03-18-14, 1:15 AM
That stuff looks really good, I'm not really a huge fan of lolis. :c however I have to admit that looks amazing. There's some really good H-games out there that can use an anime adaption. Softhouse-Seal makes some really good stuff it just sucks when they only have like 3 animated scenes while the others are CG images.

Meioh | 03-17-14, 7:02 PM
So who here enjoys this stuff and loli? hah... just found a cool couple of games that have some pretty cool animations, loli/monster/tentacle action. Actually posted some gifs from one of the games on my tumblr

Meioh | 03-13-14, 7:10 AM
Well they technically did the original Inyouchuu, back when they were called Himagin/Amour. So hopefully they can step it up again.

Vitari | 03-13-14, 2:22 AM
Oh that Pandra looks like something I can look forward too. Is it too early to want part 2 of it to be out? PoRo + tentacles sounds like a snooze, hopefully I'm wrong

Meioh | 03-12-14, 1:56 PM
But PoRo is getting more extreme and it's been awhile since they did Inyouchuu way back in the mid 2000's. There was also Kagirohi, but that one was forgettable to me.

So yeah... let's see what PoRo can do with tentacles hopefully with a more extreme edge.

Meioh | 03-12-14, 1:54 PM
I figured that one was next. Tinker Bell's stuff is getting adapted pretty often, so that was Aojiru's follow up to Mouyou no Nie (then there's Kagome, a ninja based one that also has more tentacles, impreg, bestiality, monsters, like usual with his darker games).

PoRo did good with Kowaku, episode 1 for sure. But I still hope we get a 4th one for that, the cliffhanger lead right up to Momoko getting banged by the bull in the CG... need to see that animated!

And yeah Kuraibito is very heavy on the impreg, but I have yet to see PoRo impress me as much as MS Pictures did with Inyouchuu Shoku. I'd love to see them take it to that level...

MyH-List | 03-12-14, 1:09 PM
Saw Kuraibito getting a hentai adaption. Don't know anything about the game but I see tentacles in the pic. Went ahead and looked up the CG's on G-E and it looks like it could be fantastic with plenty of tentacles, impregnation/birth, nipple insertions, etc. Though Getchu lists Poro doing it, so my expectations aren't too high. Also appears to be some guro, I'm not sure if they'll be keeping it, they did with Kowaku no Toki and a minor amount IIRC in Dark Blue.

Pandra trailer is up. Just go click link I previously posted a few comments below.

MyH-List | 03-03-14, 6:06 AM
Despite how enthusiastic a person on the episode 2 discussion thread is, the episode felt like a final episode too me. Though if they do continue on, that'd be great.

CompaCD | 03-03-14, 5:45 AM
I prefer the second episode of Jk to Orc instead of the first. The blonde girl with green eyes was my favorite! The ending scene is a possible episode 3?

Vitari | 03-03-14, 2:01 AM
JK to Orc 2... better than the first but overall kinda a tame series. I couldn't really get into it, the girls never shut up!

Meioh | 02-27-14, 6:23 AM
The penis' are still huge... but at least they toned down the length a bit. It looks a tiny bit less hilarious than the first episode.

I just need Kowaku ep4, lol.

MyH-List | 02-25-14, 1:01 PM
Oh, and the JK to Orc 2 trailer was hilarious. The size of one of the orcs penis was as big as the blond girl one scene and somehow shrunk after doing her.

Lol'd at the penis breaking through the door and her going "Is that silicone?" Almost as hilarious as the previous episode where one of the girls introduced herself before getting raped.

MyH-List | 02-25-14, 12:23 PM
Mahou Shoujo wa Kiss Shite Kawaru is getting a hentai adaption I believe.

Getchu. No PV or anything but seeing as how it's there, and there are tentacles. Totally relevant to this club.

Oh and remember I mentioned Pandra a while back?

Here it is on Getchu as well, with pictures. I'm sure you guys will be happy, I am.

CompaCD | 02-22-14, 8:20 PM
I haven't seen anything on Fela Pure but I'll give it some research.

Meioh | 02-22-14, 6:00 PM
PV for Orc 2... actually looks decent, a lot better angles and such compared to the first episode.

OrochiPL | 02-21-14, 7:07 AM
March looks good because of Fela Pure, no tentacles in that though.

CompaCD | 02-20-14, 2:54 AM
The only thing that is decent is JK to Orc ep 2. Other than that, I don't care much for anything else on the list of march. I just hope it's better than the first one and shows the blonde girl getting action this time.

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