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Serhiyko | 07-29-14, 12:00 AM
I randomly chose a character from her page and immediately stumbled on her role as Kuonji Otoha that is actually done by Sumishiro Kiyoka according to AniDB. I wonder where's the truth...

Meioh | 07-28-14, 4:19 PM
By the way has anyone else seen Momoko's VA page?

Note the "Also Known as:"

lmao, wtf? I know a lot of VA's have pseudo names for some roles, but wow. That's a list.

Meioh | 07-28-14, 4:16 PM
lol, I kid a little below there. Context can be nice.

But with fucked up weirdo rape stuff like this... eh yeah, it might even be best to not know what's going on.

I know the outcome of Momoko's story and yeah. That's enough for me. lmao

CompaCD | 07-28-14, 4:10 PM
I thought they just switched bodies or something weird..

I skipped through most because when I saw that the main guy ate some of the parts from the pink haired girl I was like

"NOPE SKIP TIME" then I saw the last scene where the purple haired kill cuts the ugly guy and he puts his hand on her hand and transfers something or whatever.

I watched it subless since I was very hyped to see it

Meioh | 07-28-14, 3:36 PM

Plus I know that the Tinker Bell games (Inyouchuu, Mouryou, Kowaku, Kuraibito), etc are massive and there is absolutely no way at all that the anime is going to be completely accurate. Well I also lose here because it's not like I can read the games either, but yeah. I can at least get an idea for them by some dialogue and just following along.

Still, I've never been one that'll wait for new hentai releases to be subbed before I watch them. The #1 priority with me and hentai OVA is to fap, so I don't even care lol. Heck in the long I prefer to keep the raws too or at least files with soft subs, so I can turn them off and they're not in the way.

What can I say, my dick does the thinking when it comes to hentai lol.

reira93 | 07-28-14, 11:20 AM
he only watches the sex scenes i guess.

Serhiyko | 07-28-14, 7:54 AM
But how can you understand anything without subs?

Meioh | 07-27-14, 6:12 PM
Also sweet, they updated Momoko's pic with a better one I submitted.

Meioh | 07-27-14, 6:11 PM
The gifs are below if you're looking for them Eros. ^_^

TheErosDeity | 07-27-14, 4:18 PM
Oh is it a kowaku no toki convo here too.

I want to know what the deal with the main girl was but after that guro I really just don't want to rewatch the episode when it gets subbed.


TheErosDeity | 07-27-14, 4:16 PM
I do. Subs are nice. Not completey necessary always. But I still like to have them.


Meioh | 07-27-14, 3:51 PM
Who gives a fudge about subs here? XD

Vaako21 | 07-27-14, 3:44 PM
from what I understood the guy ate that arm they cut off and transformed after that into a clone of that ugly guy but hard to guess without subs

Serhiyko | 07-27-14, 2:46 PM
But how could you watch it, it's not even subbed yet
btw, will there be more episodes?

Meioh | 07-27-14, 12:03 PM
I made a bunch of gifs from the first 6 minutes:

Meioh | 07-27-14, 7:11 AM


CompaCD | 07-27-14, 12:12 AM
I didn't get the ending with Kowaku.. Did that ugly defmored dude like transfer bodies or just somehow pulled some random power out to make the girl kill the other guy instead?

That to me was like.... what?

Meioh | 07-26-14, 9:51 AM
I think you're taking it too far. I can't imagine we'll get more shows like this. Perhaps PoRo were sick of being seen as the cute vanilla/NTR studio and just wanted to do something like this. These types aren't that common, I'd say the last one that was really fucked up would be something like Bondage Games.. which is 10 years old already.

I'd love to see more bestiality, but I don't think we'll see others touch the murky waters with the guro stuff here.

That's my guess. There's far nastier games out there and have been for years now, I don't think we'll see more stuff like this any time soon.

Kuraibito, which PoRo picked up too, is also another Tinker Bell / Aojiru adaptation. But it doesn't have this guro stuff. Instead it's more like Inyouchuu again with a lot of focus on impreg/nipple penetration and tentacles. The first episode sucked but hopefully PoRo improves that one and gives it 4 episodes too. Although it has the mansion setting and the fat guy again, I think it'll be more comparable to Inyouchuu and Mouryou.

Vaako21 | 07-26-14, 9:43 AM
I think splitting in half is atleast fast and she doesnt suffer long well more violent maybe but this shit got me. Maybe its the Poro's art style too I dunno and I thought that amputee stuff was already the worst. Just want some more Hentai like Lilia and Magicalgirl Ai but the future looks dark, girls only exist out of boobs,head and ass and to many clothes in most new styles what I really dont like also.

Meioh | 07-26-14, 9:14 AM
I thought about that with the bull scene being brief, but I guess I'll admit in the game, each girl only gets one CG for the bull. So it's not too surprising I guess. But yeah, I wish the bull got more screentime than fat man. lol

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