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Deknijff | May 5, 2:55 PM
I would assume yes

Meioh | May 5, 2:49 PM
Very nice! Are they all the same artist?

Deknijff | May 5, 9:56 AM
I come with Gifs my brothers

Meioh | Apr 25, 5:42 AM
Yeah, I really wish Aojiru would do something like Inyouchuu with nothing but lolis... hehe...

jimbo_extreme | Apr 24, 8:31 PM
What I want is more loli tentacle vn's. Never enough. Janne had some. Venus blood had a bunch, loved them. Haven't found much after that.

As for hardcore. I'm not sure what you're asking for. Hardcore without tentacles is vague. What's "hardcore"? BDSM? Rape? NTR?

Meioh | Apr 24, 3:30 PM
Did you know there's two Inyouchuu mangas now? The Shoku one is a lot better than the first to me. Lots of great stuff.

Serhiyko | Apr 24, 3:18 PM
Can you advise some hardcore manga with a lot of pages (100+)? Not necessarily tentacles. I know I can browse through categories and all, but I've been randomly doing just that for few days and everything was just disappointing: either too short (20-30 pages are too few), or too softcore, or didn't do anything. The only good read was Inyouchuu manga, and even that had many flaws for me

Meioh | Apr 23, 3:38 PM
I've always heard good things about Janne. Nice.

Here's Goku!

jimbo_extreme | Apr 23, 2:40 PM

I can't wait. What date is it out?!!

I've been playing a ton of VN's recently. This one is by the same people who made

Inda no Himekishi Janne, It's another bad end corruption game. (It got animated as well.). The developer is catwalkNero

I liked Janne A LOT. Animationw as good, and the game was soooo much better. So I decided to play their other games. Was not disappointed at all.

The white haired girl is a holy spirit who was trying to help them. After the 3 got captured she tried to help and then got caught in a trap and then got so well mindbroken. Of course she wanted to other 3 to experience the same thing.

Here's the game title. It's their newest game. Came out last year near the end of the year I think.



Meioh | Apr 23, 2:33 PM
Jimbo, you know about Inyouchuu (5) Goku coming up right? There's three demos out now too. It's going to be very hardcore and incredible. Also not a huge spoiler since it's in a demo... but even the horsedemon Nightmare is back! The art is better than ever. It comes out later this month!!!

What game is that there though?

jimbo_extreme | Apr 23, 2:01 PM
Like, I just beat this game. So fun.

Triple penetration all the way through 3 girls.


jimbo_extreme | Apr 23, 1:56 PM
Tentacle hentai animation has been pretty boring to me compared to most Visual Novels. I need more stuff like inyouchuu. Tat animation was pretty good.

Is there anything good out? Taimanin yukikaze kind of disappointed me. Erena bonus is something I'll watch soon

DynamicBeast | Apr 21, 1:02 PM
I've seen like one link on Nyaa, but I'll watch for a more legit looking source.

reira93 | Apr 14, 10:28 AM
erena bonus is out? waa~ give its link pls!

TheSandManX | Apr 14, 7:20 AM
Lol, cum implosion sounds horrible! X.x, I didnt know the Erena bonus was out, sad it wasn't up to par. I've had to resort to..... NON-tentacle OVA's O.O;.... Lol, ah well, will just try and remain patient I guess. I've actually never played an Inyouchuu game. Only watched OVA's, might give it a try I guess

Meioh | Apr 13, 7:52 PM
The bigger that cum implosion will be!

I'm just happy we have a new Inyouchuu game and CG's to look forward to... but OVA wise yeah, it's dead.

Also people on Hongfire posted the Erena bonus scene finally, but it turned out to be pretty average and disappointing. :(

TheSandManX | Apr 11, 8:45 PM
I wonder if this is what tentacle beasts feel like.... Waiting and waiting for an unsuspecting busty woman to fall prey to our.... Whims >=D. Lol, Ugh! Tired of waiting for something new x.x

DynamicBeast | Mar 25, 3:50 AM
Looking niiiice! :D

DynamicBeast | Mar 20, 6:46 PM
Don't think so, I think it was linked a while back

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