Truth of The Shinobi 's Comments

Tamoball | 07-07-11, 3:46 PM
Woo >_>

ender95 | 07-07-11, 3:44 PM
zero and rock have been added to the curent villidge and character lists~

ender95 | 07-07-11, 3:37 PM
8 gates system, is up~

ender95 | 07-07-11, 3:34 PM
@zero: i will add it when im done putting up the gate system~

Tamoball | 07-07-11, 3:28 PM
Isn't Iwa the rock village?
It's not in the Current Villages and Characters thread...

ender95 | 07-07-11, 3:28 PM
almost done with 8 gates system woot~

Ruseo | 07-07-11, 3:18 PM
lol ok^^

Tamoball | 07-07-11, 3:12 PM
@Ru: Don't worry, you're talking to an experienced roleplayer/admin/dungeonmaster. :P

Ruseo | 07-07-11, 3:09 PM
lol well then your character is aproved for now just dont op with them we might have to make changes in the future based on how he is played but right now it seems ok

Ruseo | 07-07-11, 3:05 PM
he has confidence and anger in spades

Ruseo | 07-07-11, 3:03 PM
well then sasuke is screwed XD

Tamoball | 07-07-11, 3:01 PM
Also, a person with no emotion or no confidence is not affected.

Tamoball | 07-07-11, 2:59 PM
Yes, stuff like that.

ender95 | 07-07-11, 2:59 PM
@rus: also, another way around it is it is a genjutsu. the person only need figure out the right way to move there hand, to praduce the correct sign; kinda like kabuto's attack that rewires the brain~

Ruseo | 07-07-11, 2:59 PM
ohhh i see so as long as they arent using there best move then it doesnt effect them so like sasukes chidori and amaterasu wouldnt work or like narutos rasengan stuff like that?

Tamoball | 07-07-11, 2:56 PM
There is a way around it.
If it isn't a persons signature move or trump card then the ability is useless.

Ruseo | 07-07-11, 2:53 PM
maby im readijng it wrong though

Ruseo | 07-07-11, 2:52 PM
and the only thing that needs to be changed is that there has to be a way out of it and maby it doesnt effect taijutsu and maby only half effects kekkei genkai cause if it ruins everything then there is no way to fight back

ender95 | 07-07-11, 2:49 PM
and what about zero's character for iwa? i say yes, but not sure if i need a vote to approve a character..

Ruseo | 07-07-11, 2:46 PM
you can assume its fine cause we can always make changes later

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