Code Geass Gaiden: Boukoku no Akito's Comments

DoubleC | 08-11-12, 10:25 AM
Thanks for the news ^^
I'm so happy C.C. is coming back :D

Roloko | 08-11-12, 10:04 AM

Although if you have Crunchyroll you probably already know this.

Good news familiar faces!

Firixizu_Mint | 08-08-12, 4:47 AM
Thanks for the 10 minutes preview ^_^ Roloko
After watching it, I can't wait!

tsubasalover | 08-08-12, 4:12 AM
Thanks for sharing. It seems like there's not much action going on in the first 10 mns.

Roloko | 08-07-12, 8:42 PM
Me too I hope the actual DVDs and Blu-rays are subbed since that seems to be the trend with Bandai/Sunrise's new releases since Unicorn

Stark700 | 08-07-12, 8:39 PM
Ok, thanks :>

Can't wait for the full subbed version to come out soon. Big fan of Code Geass here.

Roloko | 08-07-12, 8:32 PM
Yes it is very interesting just got finished with it.

Well sure I guess I looked at the video descriptions and it didn't say anything about not sharing so it should be ok. =D

Stark700 | 08-07-12, 8:29 PM
Are those the beginning 10 minutes of the first OVA?

Also, do you mind if I post them into a thread on the Akito Discussion boards? (not in club)

Roloko | 08-07-12, 8:23 PM
10 minute preview!

Roloko | 08-06-12, 11:26 AM
If anyone found any camrips and watched it you can discuss it in the episode thread. Please use spoiler tags when discussing important parts of the episode until the Blu-ray/DVD comes out for episode 1 and its available online subbed for stream and download.

ilovesebby7 | 08-02-12, 4:19 PM
to tsubasalover: i read the spoiler, and it sounds awesome!

keiji09 | 07-17-12, 12:01 PM
and Lelouch was my favorite in the whole anime

Roloko | 07-16-12, 4:27 PM
I was just saying since that Zero is executed then that means the real one (Lelouch) is currently living with Rolo at Ashford so that means there will be no Rolo in this.

Zero is just a symbol that anyone can so yeah Zero can still come out.

keiji09 | 07-16-12, 3:47 PM
but Zero(Lelouch) didnt die in R1 right?
means zero can come out?

Roloko | 07-16-12, 3:40 PM
Well I guess this takes place between R1 and R2 since Zero is executed. I guess that means no Rolo since he is playing little bro now, but I got Yukiya so its all good.

I did see on livejournal that Suzaku and CC are rumored to appear in the second part.

keiji09 | 07-16-12, 11:17 AM

"Battle Cry"

tsubasalover | 07-16-12, 10:37 AM

Roloko | 07-16-12, 3:39 AM
Hope someone camrips. xD

Roloko | 07-16-12, 3:39 AM

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