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TMultimate | 07-08-11, 5:37 PM
I think this manga is awesome.
People who haven't read this are missing out.

Taiga_Ryuji | 07-08-11, 4:30 PM
guess my prediction of this manga being popular didn't come true xD

kanrei | 04-21-11, 2:29 AM
you can also try inviting random people......but I don't think thatd do very well ^^;

kanrei | 04-21-11, 2:25 AM
yup! they awesum!!

Taiga_Ryuji | 04-14-11, 2:00 PM
ok ch 16 17 18 are out Finally

Taiga_Ryuji | 03-25-11, 1:38 PM
still waiting for new chapter, untill then, i don think we can talk or discuss anything

Waffocopter | 03-14-11, 12:54 PM
Well, finding manga readers isn't a problem on the internet. But sometimes I like to discuss stuff in person too. Barely anyone reads manga unless it has an anime adaptation first, it seems. Shame on them.

ArcherCiel | 03-13-11, 10:35 PM
just spam it out in other clubs, if ur convincing enough and have a good argument they'll see it

Waffocopter | 03-13-11, 5:37 PM
Nooo, why don't I have any manga-reading friends to recommend Iris Zero to?

Taiga_Ryuji | 03-02-11, 3:21 AM
Sry for my absents, my internet was not working well. anyway, who would have thought that there would be

YubiJane | 02-17-11, 5:06 PM
That I agree OrochiPL. :D

OrochiPL | 02-12-11, 6:50 PM
It's getting interesting with newest chapter. ‿‿

Taiga_Ryuji | 01-28-11, 8:40 AM
yay lucky number 13!

Taiga_Ryuji | 01-22-11, 7:59 PM
interview time~ I am looking for Single member for Admin, and Single member for Office, i will make a new club discussion, if u r intersted in becomming admin or office plz come to the new discussion and ask for it.
(PS: also add how you will help the club once u become admin/office)

Taiga_Ryuji | 01-22-11, 7:56 PM
i will be editing now

another_railgun | 01-22-11, 4:34 AM
yeah 1 first goal reached XD

OrochiPL | 01-22-11, 3:28 AM

TMultimate | 01-21-11, 9:40 PM
Yay im the 10th~

Taiga_Ryuji | 01-21-11, 5:18 AM
i'll wait till i get 10 member for that, because if i invite them and about 5 people join while i was away, i won't know who was the 10th member, so i wouldn't be able to edit about that in the front page

kanrei | 01-20-11, 10:27 PM
well you could invite some people who have Iris Zero on their manga lists ^^

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