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musicalsushi | 12-26-12, 6:51 PM
Hey there
It would seem that the banner from our club has been erased
We would highly appreciate it if you updated it to one of our new banners
Thanks so much!!!


kisa28 | 10-12-12, 2:20 PM

kenshin_sama | 09-17-12, 8:46 AM
Well that's a shame. :(

blueunicorns | 08-11-12, 3:24 PM
manga's gone? I'm gone too Bai!

Bishie_Kaichou | 08-11-12, 2:55 PM
I'm going to leave this club forever!! Bye people!!!! >.>"

Bishie_Kaichou | 08-02-12, 11:07 AM

blueunicorns | 08-01-12, 11:46 PM
Lol that vote was from meXD

Bishie_Kaichou | 08-01-12, 11:38 PM
BWAHAHA! It's official! This club is dead. My poll has only one vote XD
How sad. :P

Bishie_Kaichou | 07-30-12, 3:40 PM
I have a poll open. Do you think we should revive the club?

Bishie_Kaichou | 07-29-12, 6:57 PM
This club is hard to keep alive. I think we need some new (super active) admins :P

Bishie_Kaichou | 07-23-12, 10:19 PM
It's fine blueunicorns. I've been busy too XD

blueunicorns | 07-22-12, 6:42 PM
Ah sorry i've been busy in real life t-t I'll try to stay active

Bishie_Kaichou | 07-22-12, 5:16 PM
Thanks Alianna.
It is dead >.> How many times has it died now? Lol
We need to find the rest of the admins :P

Fin-san | 07-15-12, 11:54 PM
uuguu~ Hopefully it goes through a revival soon!

Alianna | 07-06-12, 12:18 PM
Welcome back manga_addiction! :D Yeah this club has been inactive once again >.< Let's try to revive it again!

Bishie_Kaichou | 06-28-12, 12:56 PM
Hi guys! Dropping by to say hi after a super long hiatus! I'll probably make all the cards I owe people as soon as I come back from my trip and hopefully I'll be more active again.

Love the new layout, it's so cute (sorry for being late in saying this)
Seems our club has died again >.>"
I wonder if there is something we can do about it.

musicalsushi | 06-05-12, 4:43 PM

_Angel_Wizard | 06-03-12, 5:56 AM
Would you like to affiliate with us ?

love_tezuka | 04-23-12, 6:47 AM
hey guys thanks for helping me ... for my profile :))

Minagi-chan | 04-17-12, 3:15 PM
Affiliate? :)

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