Purple and Blue Haired Characters's Comments

Doggie-Chan | 09-16-13, 6:18 PM
Rei from neon genesis evangelion and kotomi and tomoya from clannad are my favorites

Leonard93 | 10-11-12, 7:49 AM
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TerrorH3ctor | 09-04-12, 8:18 PM
I love Tieria. Athrun was the only Seed/Destiny character I liked, though (aside from Cagalli and Lacus).

Master_Of_Faster | 09-03-12, 7:11 PM
hello! Tieria and Athrun!<3 Yay!!!XD

TerrorH3ctor | 07-11-12, 8:05 PM
Welcome, RoninOtakuKnight

RoninOtakuKnight | 07-07-12, 12:52 PM
joined the club, my all time fav is Misato Katsuragi from Evangelion, and also Tsukasa Hiiragi from Lucky Star

mangafreakZX | 04-08-12, 1:52 AM
Can I join, and where's Aichi Sendo?!

TerrorH3ctor | 03-07-12, 6:25 PM
YES! I see my 2 fav Lucky Star characters! ^___^

Primity | 03-07-12, 6:00 PM
anyone maintaining this club? looks like character relations haven't been updated in a while.

SilentTruth | 03-07-12, 3:24 PM
Blue and Purple FTW!

Sush | 08-16-11, 12:13 AM
I just realised I love purple haired characters more than other.

JinxedFox | 06-14-11, 9:42 PM
Ya the new layout is nice really good choice of font

TerrorH3ctor | 06-14-11, 5:27 PM
Welcome, cutiep809. I like your pic. I'll watch K-ON. I enjoy just about anything by KyoAni.

Did someone just made a new club layout? I like it and the pic too.

cutiep809 | 06-14-11, 5:22 PM
joined~ ;3

TerrorH3ctor | 04-27-11, 3:10 AM
Hi thesoleone! Didn't know you're in this club. :D

StardustReverie | 04-27-11, 2:58 AM
English isn't taught in Russian schools? That's really bad.

TerrorH3ctor | 04-26-11, 7:03 PM
Hi. New member here. :D

MisaTange | 04-26-11, 12:34 PM
Это клуб, который только говорит по-английски.

Summary of conversation: Deonix is Russian and he can't understand what we're saying. Told him this club is filled with English speakers.

Deonix | 01-18-11, 6:03 PM
Не говорю по-английски и не понимаю о чем вы тут говорите. :D

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