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Liddo-kun | 09-14-14, 1:07 AM
There is a new video where the True Tears, Tari Tari, and Hanasaku Iroha girls come together. :)

Dave-Brooks714 | 10-10-13, 3:06 AM
Im pretty active every now and then. i come to jot down the anime i finished watching.

FuwaSho | 07-07-13, 12:32 PM
jjpak119 | 04-07-13, 10:58 PM
hiii any active members of this anime fan club? D:

hi yeee

jjpak119 | 04-07-13, 10:58 PM
hiii any active members of this anime fan club? D:

artemisthemp | 01-16-13, 6:34 AM
Can always hope Funanimation/MangaUK or KazeUK pick it up

desolato | 01-15-13, 1:32 PM
It's a Japanese release only, unfortunately enough. :(

artemisthemp | 01-15-13, 1:15 PM
Is that Blu-ray been released by MangaUK or KazeUK or is this US only?

desolato | 01-15-13, 8:09 AM
Some new images for us True Tears/PA Works fans.

First, the Blu-Ray complete collection is getting a second edition release with a new cover:
Lovin' it as always.

Princess-Star | 07-05-10, 8:11 PM

CursedBlood | 07-05-10, 8:06 PM
Oh well, enjoy your music! i'm off to snore until morning!

thank you bloomers!!!!

Princess-Star | 07-05-10, 7:48 PM
cool xD im just listening to music ^.^

CursedBlood | 07-05-10, 7:46 PM
i'm watching mayoi neko ep 11 (waiting for the vid to load completely) you?

Princess-Star | 07-05-10, 7:43 PM
hehe yup ^.^ so how u doing?

CursedBlood | 07-05-10, 7:41 PM
Oh i see, now we're 2... xD

Princess-Star | 07-05-10, 7:34 PM
im new here idk really ^^"

CursedBlood | 07-05-10, 7:19 PM
hey! there. i see the club wasn't active for some time...

Princess-Star | 07-05-10, 7:11 PM
Hi ^^

CursedBlood | 07-05-10, 7:07 PM
~new member approaching~

Ohhh! if i had known this club existed i'd have joined earlier!!!!

desolato | 05-14-10, 4:12 AM
(I know Liddo-kun, I just got mine in the mail two days ago! :) Love the cover btw..)
'The Story of Raigomaru and Jibeta' has just been ripped and uploaded to TT:

It's basically a picture drama of the storybook Shin drew..

And another request: if anyone has the translations for the drama cd (all three characters), much appreciated! (Not the one that's been floating on youtube, but actual text files.. I remember someone once upped them in the forums, but the links are down now.. and I lost mine :( )

Liddo-kun | 05-04-10, 7:15 AM
Just in case it hasn't been mentioned here yet.

There's a new album for True Tears. :)
True Tears Image Mini Album ~Nostalgic Arietta~

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