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Javera | Yesterday, 5:49 AM
Lol you are a day older, August Birthdays for the win! (Which includes Miku ^.^)

Luka V4X has so many mixed opinions but so far its doing pretty well overall. I can't say much of my own opinion of it since I've never worked with her voicebanks. I do like that video you shared, she sounds amazing!

On the other hand, Miku's V4X beta has been well received due to her new crisp, clear voice and how powerful he can sound. As an owner of her V3 voicebanks I can say her pronunciation of certain vowels and sounds have improved.

MelonMilk | Sep 30, 3:47 PM
Speaking of Luka, I realized I haven't heard her new V4X much. It's just a cover, but this one's quite good.


On an unrelated note, I just realized I'm a whole one day older than Jav.

Hayato_Matsuo | Sep 29, 7:37 AM
though another song i'd love to see done is Corruption Garden, one of my fave tracks by Luka

Javera | Sep 29, 7:29 AM
I'd also love to see Viva Happy and Ai Dee. Ai Dee was a huge hit at Magical Mirai so it seems most likely they will consider it. I'd like to see Burenai ai de on the game. Giga-P's Drop Pop Candy seems like a likely candidate. I really want Hibikase but I kind of doubt it.

Not really predictions but some songs I wish to see:
Shake it by Emon
Hand in Hand by Livetune
Common World Domination by PinocchioP (even though it may be on Future Tone for PS4 since its already on arcades)
Nina by PinocchioP
Desktop Cinderella by HachiojiP
Delusion Tax by DECO*27

Hayato_Matsuo | Sep 29, 6:59 AM
i'd still like to see the first song i heard pop into one of the games, but after a bit of research i found out it's linked to touhou, and i doubt it will be incorporated unless someone skilled in the edit mode can pull it off

i'm referring to Yukkuri Shiteitte ne

MelonMilk | Sep 29, 6:34 AM
What songs do you guys think will come out in Diva X?

I'd like the prediction of Viva Happy, but I kinda want Ai Dee for a Miku/Luka duet too (#><).
Well, i'm hoping this is the song from oster

Javera | Sep 24, 11:22 PM
Well I managed to successfully add this to MAL's database:


Here's the video

KoleiK | Sep 15, 11:49 AM
Hi everybody, check my profile and made comments about my profile and about my anime list if you wish, I would also make it :D good day or evening to all. ;)

Javera | Sep 15, 3:03 AM
Its confirmed! Project Diva Future Tone is also getting a PS4 release in 2016


MelonMilk | Sep 10, 3:58 AM
A bit late, and not exactly gundam, but I realized I haven't posted any birthday wishes here.


Happy 10 days belated birthday! Excuse my cheekiness.

Javera | Sep 10, 12:43 AM
Any Gundam fans? Check out this neat crossover featuring Miku!

ミクとザク | saitom [pixiv] http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=42155529

Javera | Sep 8, 6:59 PM
No new info but they gave a chance for fans to try out the game on vita. As much as I wanted to try it, the line got really long and i noticed a lot of merchandise were selling out.

MelonMilk | Sep 8, 8:09 AM
Thanks for the video, it was a lot of fun watching.

Ha.... I really want to go to a concert in Japan one day. I've been to a local concert, and that was great, but the energy just seems so much more intense in the Japan concerts. On another note, did they release any new info about Project Diva X there?

Javera | Sep 8, 5:12 AM
Here it is everyone! I'm not a professional and it was thrown together a bit hastily but please enjoy!


garydai | Sep 5, 12:09 AM
@Javera Oh I see you live in Japan. I'm jealous. It must be nice being able to go to her concerts. I only got to see her once when she came to New York last year. It was great.

Javera | Sep 4, 10:41 PM
Just got back from the concert, expect a blog video from me soon

KoleiK | Sep 1, 1:58 PM
Hi everybody, check my profile and made comments about my profile and about my anime list if you wish, I would also make it :D good day or evening to all. ;)

Javera | Sep 1, 5:12 AM
In celebration of Miku's 8th Birthday I uploaded a remix of "39". I hope you enjoy it ^.^

Javera | Aug 31, 6:48 PM
Personally i'd get Vita first. If it did what Project F 2nd did and had cross save functionality I would eventually get the ps4 version.. So it doesn't matter if you did it vice versa unless you wanted to enjoy it on the go.

MelonMilk | Aug 31, 9:26 AM
hmm, now this is a pickle, do I get the vita version or PS4? opinions?

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