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Marco-Kun | 12-13-10, 2:33 PM
You're welcome! :D

Lady_Death_Cat | 08-06-10, 11:52 PM
arigato for inviting me Marco-kun *hugs* ^.^

It took me off guard to see you didn't own this club XD I'm so use to you owning the cosplayers lloll

Marco-Kun | 05-07-10, 2:04 PM
We are all waiting for the return of Rayneholde! =3

Marco-Kun | 12-31-09, 9:59 AM
Well .. Happy New Year to everyone!! =D

Marco-Kun | 12-23-09, 6:25 PM
45 members. Nice! But this needs more attention!

Marco-Kun | 12-21-09, 5:15 PM
Hey rayneholde! How are you doing?

I really want those membercards! <3

rayneholde | 10-04-09, 1:13 PM
she is^^ and thank you for joining us^^

Seme | 10-04-09, 3:40 AM
she is really cute *___* nice club ^____^

rayneholde | 10-01-09, 1:00 AM
oh worry not, in fact i would even welcome anyone who would want to use the above template for their clubs^^

Marco-Kun | 09-29-09, 1:40 PM
Sorry for "stealing" your layout for the the official banner, affiliated clubs and message board :P But it does its job greatly xD

Marco-Kun | 09-29-09, 8:13 AM
Well that's ok ^^ I changed my clubs and we are affiliated clubs now! =3

I can't wait for the membercards!! =3

rayneholde | 09-29-09, 7:21 AM
oh it's ready now ^^" got a bit of connection problem last 24hrs only now i can manage to get myself online lol :3

Marco-Kun | 09-28-09, 11:12 AM
lol that is OK! =3 Welcome to the club now ^^

And where is the club banner? :P

rayneholde | 09-28-09, 8:38 AM
oh i forgot to sign with the club lol. i tot i already did XP

Marco-Kun | 09-28-09, 7:58 AM
haha ok! I will put it on both clubs as soon as you give it to me =3

BTW you are not a member of the Arisa club =O lol

rayneholde | 09-28-09, 7:53 AM
marco-kun : working on the banner right now, i shall have it PMed to you when its done^^

Marco-Kun | 09-28-09, 7:40 AM
hehe you're welcome ^^ I also love it to be affiliates! These awesome/cute/good/etc. cosplayers should be spread over MAL xD

But do you have a club banner/card/etc. I can use for a club affliction? =3

rayneholde | 09-28-09, 4:29 AM
marco : thanks^^ and it is such an honor for us to be affiliated wif yours :3

Marco-Kun | 09-27-09, 1:14 PM
Yay another cute cosplayer club!! Did I start something? :P

Anyways.. she is very nice! This club should grow! =3

If you need any help with anything .. you can always ask ^^

rayneholde | 09-24-09, 10:01 AM
lol. anyway do enjoy her stuff :3

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