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Origami-San | 09-10-14, 9:37 AM
i'm stuck and need a good horror anime i haven't seen any suggestions?

bluco | 05-13-14, 12:39 PM

AlabastreAizo | 08-05-13, 10:55 AM
Would one of the admins be so kind as to add this club to their Sister Clubs? I made the True Horror club to promote Horror manga with Horror as the central theme. It could be seen as a thoroughbred Horror appreciation club. Thanks for your time.

JohnDon99 | 07-24-13, 2:25 AM
The best horror anime I've seen aren't even up there, like Another and Shiki! These two rock! Oh yeah and how could you forget about Deadman Wonderland and High School of the Dead?!! These are Awsome!

Anubis46 | 04-09-13, 6:19 PM
Meeeee :3

DemonHunterSaya | 03-30-13, 8:23 PM
Who's excited for Higurashi Outbreak?!

yuiamano | 03-24-13, 1:11 PM
I watching's not horror for me but it's ok

Zpektre | 03-15-13, 11:19 PM

D3VON | 03-08-13, 3:33 PM
Is the club even active? :/

RickyRexIbarra | 01-23-13, 4:17 AM
Most of the anime here are NOT horror AT ALL... lol, this club is lame if it doesn't even follow it's name -...-
Here are the ones that SHOULD be on the list and the ones that are also ACTUALLY Horror.
Ghost Hunt, Another, Monster, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Jigoku Shoujo, Shiki, Tokyo Majin, or a few more I can name that are actual Horror anime and not like most you've put up on this club. I doubt the person(s) posting all these "horror" anime up, actually know what horror means since more than 90% of them are more action genre or something else -....-

Otrajenie | 12-31-12, 4:07 PM
Happy New Year and happy new fear! :)

yuiamano | 12-31-12, 12:33 PM
Happy New Year!;)

SexxxyBake | 12-29-12, 1:34 PM
hello mofo!

Otrajenie | 12-29-12, 1:00 PM
1234 members! :D

Hello yuiamano!

yuiamano | 12-28-12, 9:22 AM

DemonHunterSaya | 09-05-12, 3:07 PM
I noticed that Shikabane Hime: Aka and Shikabane Hime: Kuro are not on the relations list.
I think they are highly relevant additions. :)

rausis | 06-23-12, 12:52 PM
welcome to everybody!
I am new in this club. I hope that you will accept me.

JetElric | 06-23-12, 8:31 AM
I loved 'Another'! Anyone got any good recommendations?

RenaPsychoKiller | 05-29-12, 4:23 AM
"Mirai Nikki is a great psychological thriller"

I lol'd.

XwolfreaperX | 05-26-12, 1:32 AM
wasn't that gory? hmm...might've been the sounds/sound effects then, or i'm just squeamish. "Another" was very slow, but i liked the mystery side of it (though it was very obvious once you found out who it was)

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