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hsuzumiya | 04-11-13, 3:35 PM
Add please this anime and tis novel to the club relations:

OrochiPL | 05-22-12, 3:35 AM
It's just a doujin with a genderbend Archer being a servant.

TheUnknownMerc | 05-21-12, 10:20 PM
Sword Dancers, i believe is a spin off having to do with Archer and someone who imo is basically a gender bended shirou who has grown up trying to follow in archers least from reading that's what i got from it =,=

AndrJordh | 05-21-12, 9:39 PM
Does anyone know what 'Sword Dancers' is?
It looked like a spin off, Archer looked like Irisveil, and everything was bloody.
It might be a Illya spin off, who knows.
something like Prisma Illya?
PS: Prisma Illya is a spin off of Illya in FSN. I heard they are making an Anime out of it.

Yuenku | 05-09-12, 9:04 PM
Must vote for Illya!

TheUnknownMerc | 05-09-12, 8:59 PM
post it everytime and i'll vote

AndrJordh | 05-09-12, 5:26 PM
The voting is every tuesday, thursday, and sunday.
It starts aunnualy on may 6.

AndrJordh | 05-09-12, 5:16 PM
Every one, go vote for Illya in ISML (International Saimoe League!)!

Shwele | 11-24-11, 7:34 AM
He took her heart... and it belonged to me. :<

Myna-chan | 11-24-11, 2:49 AM
Seen the Unlimited Bladeworks movie a few days ago.
Poor Ilya....
Damn that bastard Gilgamesh for what he did!

Breakstaff | 11-19-11, 12:19 PM
soo anything new to say, ilya-related?

Shwele | 11-14-11, 12:33 PM
Oh that, well... its kinda fun, but I am mostly sick over weak since its pretty cold outside. We chill outside for about 1-2 hours, so its not that good. Though that is up to your personal choice, if you want to stay or just go home after orgy is over.

Lordofthedeath | 11-14-11, 9:37 AM
Shwele is keine lonely... There are some girls... I envy you guys in BG... You have fun every week at that place... :-)

Apollonas13 | 11-14-11, 7:26 AM
meh meh i would never want old good shwele to stay lonely. I guess you will have a good 2 years to come

Shwele | 11-14-11, 7:05 AM
I knew it that you were into that sick bastard... oh well, nothing you on your side megame-chan.

OrochiPL | 11-14-11, 6:58 AM
Get along, bitches. Or Covey'll come.

Shwele | 11-14-11, 6:28 AM
Sure thing, if that stops you from bothering me, even better. ^^

Apollonas13 | 11-14-11, 6:04 AM
Nuh you are no fun when he is not around.

Shwele | 11-14-11, 5:40 AM
Yeah and we are kinda glad.

Apollonas13 | 11-14-11, 4:28 AM
Welcome then. Though the main spammer have run away for the next 2 years.

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