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Kaizoku_Mugiwara | 11-11-12, 11:48 PM
Yay! I just joined!

XsapphireblueX | 08-14-12, 10:59 AM
I finished this anime! & fell in love with it! I can't wait to start on season 2!!!XD Love the music too~

sakura010 | 07-13-11, 10:23 AM

This club needs more activity!

sakura010 | 06-29-11, 7:30 PM
hahahaha ^_^

sakura010 | 06-29-11, 7:24 PM
Im fine!!i I am watching a serie called Maria Holic Alive
very funny!!

and Seikon no qwaser II


sakura010 | 06-29-11, 7:01 PM
wow!! you are quick to answer!


How are u LLP?? ^_^

sakura010 | 06-29-11, 6:57 PM
No movement in this club.

sakura010 | 06-24-11, 6:30 PM
Himawari sucks!! LOL ^_^

Yuuko is the best witch!! yeeaah!!

I recently did a post with opening and ending of this anime!! ^_^

if you want to see...

sakura010 | 06-24-11, 6:23 PM

I expected a different story and a different ending too.

I wanted to see again Watanuki with Yuuko

sakura010 | 06-24-11, 6:15 PM
What do u think about Rou Adayume??

sakura010 | 06-24-11, 5:52 PM
yeeeaah!! xxxHOLiC is the best!! CLAMP too.

sakura010 | 06-21-11, 10:13 PM
Hi everyone I'm new and I love this anime

yuuko ichichara is the bes!!

blacksama | 03-28-11, 12:23 PM
school still

blacksama | 03-22-11, 11:33 AM

blacksama | 03-22-11, 10:42 AM
just bored

how are you

blacksama | 03-22-11, 10:34 AM

melloangvil | 03-21-11, 7:39 PM
NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is xxxHolic really gonna end???!!!!!!!! D'x

white_alyss | 03-08-11, 9:14 AM
So sad xxxHolic is over. It's definitely one of the best works CLAMP will make, I'll miss it. :(

ReelFolkBlues445 | 09-28-10, 6:57 PM
alright so ive watched season 1 like 3 times and its currently on episode 5 of kei and im past the part were watanuki gets his eye eaten and doumeki gives half his eye to yuuko, but how come watanuki's eye is yellow at first but the next two episodes after its blue again??? do i have to wait longer to find out? has my impatience gotten the best of me??!! or is there something else....

melloangvil | 04-27-10, 8:25 AM
the manga leads me to make a conclusion that Watanuki is someone who we all really know well....but.... so many complications.... Yuuko-san.... how will Watanuki meet her again? In the past? In the future? In a stand alone dimension? it's all hitsuzen....I LOVE xxxHOLIC!!!!! XD

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