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xoTalim | Nov 24, 6:08 PM
Just joined..this club seems a little dead but I had to join if only cause it was created on my birthday (February 24th lol)..and cause I love K-ON!. Feel free to add me cause new friends are rad. ^^

sbyrstall | Nov 10, 5:43 AM
Welcome swirlplums. I agree. An storyline doesn't need to have a deep, philosophic storyline to be a classic. Believe it or not, life isn't that deep. Some make it that way and lose the whole meaning.

swirlplums | Nov 7, 5:25 PM
Hey I'm new, feel free to add me, I'm up for making some new friends :)
K-ON is one of the cutest animes ever omg, I feel like I can relate to each of the characters too <3 def one of my favourite slice of life animes

sbyrstall | Oct 31, 4:37 AM

YukiNatsu | Oct 30, 9:26 PM
hello i just want to say happy Halloween guys :D

sbyrstall | Oct 13, 6:42 AM
Welcome JuSt. Always good to meet other K-Onaphiles. :D

JuSt_BeInG_oTaKu | Oct 13, 5:32 AM
Hi everyone! I'm new!
And I love K-On! so much >w<

ithesebastian | Sep 20, 8:55 AM
this anime means a lot to me, honored to join :)

zaloner | Jul 26, 2:01 PM
ah, k-on my favorite anime. I'll join

sbyrstall | Jul 23, 6:58 AM
I think it's about time the K-ON! comes out with a new single. It's been a while. I miss them already.

sbyrstall | Jul 14, 11:27 AM
Welcome abbatarclay/Clay.

abbatarclay | Jul 13, 11:32 PM
Hi I'm new my name is clay and I love K-On! oh and I can play guitar:)

trebmeg | Jul 11, 4:48 AM

YukiNatsu | May 12, 6:01 AM
@sbyrs all of kyoanis anime nowadays artwork are from k-on seriously...

sbyrstall | May 12, 5:13 AM
Nothing wrong with that Yuki. If you haven't started yet, I recommend "Hibike! Euphonium". It's done by Kyoani. Sadly many are calling it a "K-ON!" clone, but it's not even close.

YukiNatsu | May 12, 4:47 AM
@sbyrs im addicted to k-on hehehe its my number 1 anime :)

YukiNatsu | May 12, 4:46 AM
@trebmag sorry dude im busy in life xDdd

@Fabrice they are addictes to animes and they watch more xD

trebmeg | May 11, 8:37 AM
@yuki: the fact that you replied to me 1 day after i asked "how" is already ironic to your suggestion xD,

and the hell with MAL, it doesnt show up the tag "New" more often

Fabrice | May 11, 8:22 AM
Clubs nowadays has been very quiet even with series and such, not as popular as before but good to see those who are still active!


sbyrstall | May 11, 7:59 AM
It seems to be a "rule". When you have either a specific person or anime, the only time there is a lot of talk is when it's currently showing. "K-ON!" hasn't been on in over 2 years. The only things being worked on is the anthology manga.

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