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Creator_Izanagi | 10 hours ago
A song for Azu-nyan..

sbyrstall | 07-24-14, 10:05 AM
Got my vote in.....and I will again later today.

Creator_Izanagi | 07-24-14, 9:34 AM
Azu-nyan, ganbatte!

tsubasalover | 07-24-14, 8:04 AM
I will vote her even if you didn't remind us, she's the only one I'm interested.

sbyrstall | 07-23-14, 10:22 AM
Just a reminder, vote of Azusa in this round. Let's get our favorite rhythm guitarist a tiara.

sbyrstall | 07-22-14, 7:55 AM
Azusa always gets my votes. It never matters to me who she's up against.

smartboyhw | 07-22-14, 6:59 AM
Please support Nakano Azusa for her ninth try on International Saimoe League necklace! She will be facing a lot of competition (especially Yuki Asuna and Shiina Mashiro) but please do vote for her at from 15:00 UTC 24/7/2014 to 15:00 UTC 25/7/2014!

Creator_Izanagi | 07-17-14, 7:27 PM
Wow! A new club pic; it is nice!

YukiNatsu | 07-08-14, 7:31 PM
Happy Birthday Mugi sorry for the late greetings but yeah :D

trebmeg | 07-07-14, 11:34 AM
Belated happpy birthday mugi!

sbyrstall | 07-02-14, 4:07 PM
Happy birthday Mugi!!!!

I caught most of the "parody". I didn't find it a bit funny.

StormSky92 | 07-02-14, 3:23 PM
Happy Birthday Mugi!!

bakaboy | 06-26-14, 9:47 PM
Hey guys, check out this funny K-On!/Dethklok crossover parody!

sbyrstall | 06-17-14, 7:28 AM
We'd have to find AngelRin or recruit someone new to make member cards. Since discussion has been slow it wasn't a priority, unless there is enough interest in one. We could make some general ones.

Fabrice | 06-17-14, 7:25 AM
Unfortunately we stopped making members card :(

jonjoy | 06-16-14, 11:02 AM
when will i be able to request a member card?

sbyrstall | 06-02-14, 4:51 AM
Did you watch "Live House"? I thought it was very good.

AnimeFanFTW25 | 05-30-14, 7:33 PM
So, I recently finished both seasons of K-On and the movie. And I loved it, which I thought would never happen. xD

ThisNameSucks | 05-23-14, 8:39 AM
Aww...I wanted to see Sumire, Nao, and Akira in the anime. :<

dhota_jr | 05-23-14, 8:33 AM
but..... T_T

and yesterday i bought manga K-ON college

i want to see azunyan XD

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