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Andrasius | 08-14-14, 2:41 PM
@Sbyrstall, oh ty man, that means I've read em all :D

nitsher | 08-14-14, 7:02 AM
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sbyrstall | 08-13-14, 4:52 AM
@And, here's the deal. IN TOTAL there are 78 chapters. This includes both the high school and college chapters. Chapter 53 would begin the college and high school chapters if they were never taken out of the series and combined into their own volumes.

Andrasius | 08-13-14, 3:03 AM
Btw, voted, Mio all the way! xD

Andrasius | 08-13-14, 2:52 AM
Hi there, I have a question to ask, so I am counting on you help :D I've finished K-ON manga long ago, but I've been reading on mangareader, and read 78 chapters at the time. Now while checking my graph I found a mismatch, and truly, K-ON manga has 57 chapters. Well, I think some of 21 chapters I've "overread" are from K-ON college and highschool , but I don't which one of them I finished and which I have to read more. Any other reader from mangareader that knows what's the thing with those 21 over chapters?

YukiNatsu | 08-08-14, 7:50 PM
@Grincito Yep i agree :)

Grincito | 08-07-14, 1:31 PM
Azunyan is clearly best girl among all girls. Obvious choice.

sbyrstall | 08-06-14, 4:57 AM
I already voted. All my votes go to the girls.

chaosflame5 | 08-06-14, 4:55 AM
@sbyrstall: Maybe that's why I guess lol.

Gotta vote now xD

Creator_Izanagi | 08-05-14, 7:18 PM
Voted Azu-nyan, Mio and Yui..

Good luck Houkago Tea Time!

smartboyhw | 08-05-14, 7:10 PM
Please help to create a miracle! Vote for Azu-nyan in !

smartboyhw | 08-04-14, 6:12 AM
OK, guys, please vote for Nakano Azusa!!!!!! This is emergency!

sbyrstall | 07-30-14, 6:45 PM
What's odd that in the high school arc she didn't seem as critical. Maybe she thought she knew they were going to be bad so why fight it?

chaosflame5 | 07-30-14, 7:05 AM
Maybe, lol. But I guess she is still being critical in her mind after all. Or else she wouldn't say it sucks xD

sbyrstall | 07-30-14, 5:43 AM
She could have been emotionally effected by the words more than their playing abilities.

chaosflame5 | 07-30-14, 5:22 AM
Oh yeah that's true. But her crying means she like it still, lol.

sbyrstall | 07-30-14, 5:04 AM
She's always been critical of the songs and their playing abilities.

chaosflame5 | 07-30-14, 5:01 AM
Haha, maybe that was sarcasm. She actually loves it xD

sbyrstall | 07-30-14, 4:53 AM
yep, yep, yep.....
It's still funny that Azusa cries at the end of the song (both in the series and movie) then says the song sucks. LOL

chaosflame5 | 07-30-14, 4:04 AM
That song always makes me cry ;__; nearly

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