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Hey everyone, here in this club you may claim any character you like, from anything.
Just these 3 rules:
* No Habit Of Claiming Every Damn Sec. And Asking Your Banners To Be Made.
* No Bringing Groups Here To Destroy It All, This Is For Fun Not Otaku War xD
* Have Fun =D

So in other words, you can claim as many times as you want, whatever you want, just please don't force it since there are banner makers who want free time too, including me ^_^ and we have other work to do too.
Oh just 1 thing, for the banner makers.
Every banner maker has to at least make 5 banners a week. Please.
If this is not possible then please post it in the section: Couldn't make it.
So have fun claiming, and good luck with everything in your life.

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Claimz ( 1 2 )
51 replies by NothingLeft »»
11-19-11, 8:37 PM
Finished Banners
6 replies by vanRenN »»
01-06-10, 5:18 PM
1 replies by nMoura »»
02-19-09, 12:55 PM
Couldn't Make It
0 replies by AccountClosed »»
01-31-09, 3:59 PM

Club Comments
Crazyz | 05-02-09, 3:31 PM
Oh wait, no... I answered that question myself XD. No offcers = dead club being dead.

Crazyz | 05-02-09, 3:30 PM
Anyone even alive in here? O_o With that being said, are claims still being carried out?

Reiku_Sai | 02-19-09, 11:35 AM
Yay! Take as long as ya want XD
*huggles Faisal*

AccountClosed | 02-19-09, 10:40 AM
Haaaai~ ^_^
Just gimme some a bit =P

Reiku_Sai | 02-19-09, 8:08 AM
Faisal sweet can you make my banner T~T
my photoshop is being men to me *slams her head against her desk in class*
it hates me

Reiku_Sai | 02-19-09, 8:06 AM
XD thats great! hahaha

AccountClosed | 02-17-09, 8:03 AM
I'm not deletin it, it's just that someone uploaded it and I dunno who xD

Reiku_Sai | 02-17-09, 7:38 AM
you didnt upload it XD
thts bad!
upload another pic, but don delete that one its cute!

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