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A club dedicated to Natsume Takashi from Natsume Yuujinchou.
If you do like him, feel free to join ^^

Character description :

The main character of the story. Like his grandmother, Natsume Reiko, Natsume has the ability to see spirits. He has inherited the Book of Friends, a book of names that no one but Reiko, Natsume, and other spirits can read. Because of Natsume's strong resemblance to Reiko, he is often mistaken for her, causing spirits who hate Reiko to chase him constantly. He decided to dissolve the Book by giving all the names back to their owners. He is accompanied by the spirit Madara, who he calls "Cat," promising that he can keep the Book of Friends once Natsume dies.

Natsume is an orphan. When he was younger, his parents died, and he was constantly sent to live with relatives. Because of his ability to see spirits, Natsume would scare his relatives because they didn't understand what he was doing. Eventually, Natsume lived with the Fujiwaras, an old couple from his father's side. He loves them, and does not want to cause them trouble, so he keeps quiet about his problem. Though he is rather slender, Natsume is incredibly strong when it comes to Youkai, having enough strength to knock spirits (mainly Cat) out with one blow (backed up with his spiritual powers). He also has a bit of a short temper, since he argues with Cat most of the time. In the anime, he is more cheery and good-natured, while in the manga, he is slightly more dismal and short-tempered.

Natsume is able to return the names inscribed in the Book of Friends by first picturing the spirit in his mind in order to learn the spirit's name. The book flips to the page on which the name is written and Natsume takes the page and places it in his mouth while breathing out. The spell which originally enslaved the spirits used Reiko's saliva and breath, though as Reiko's grandson and one who bears a strong resemblance to Reiko, Natsume is able to use the spell as well. The cost of releasing the name, however, is that Natsume's energy is completely drained in the process.

Natsume also has the ability to channel the dreams and memories of spirits, whether he wants to or not. If a spirit gets too emotional, and sleeps in the same room as Natsume, Natsume can see the dreams the spirit is having. On the other hand, most of the spirits let Natsume see their memories, so that he can understand them better. Natsume can also see their memories when he releases a spirit's name. When Natsume is completely frustrated over a problem and falls asleep in class, he actually sleep-draws in his notebook about whatever is bothering him at the time. When he was being chased by a shadow he called "Mary," he started drawing it in his sleep, making his friends wonder if he was in love with a foreigner. His incredibly strong ability in spiritual magic and strength causes him to smell "yummy" to man-eating spirits, as Madara puts it.

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04-11-14, 1:18 PM
Why do you like Natsume ?
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Club Comments
haeyosup | 03-27-12, 1:54 AM
omg. such an awesome club dedicated to natsume!!!! :'D
he's so cute!! (and hot :3 )
oh gawd~~ <3 <3 favourite character ever! >w<

oki-chan | 01-18-12, 8:56 AM
Would you like to affiliate?


Lynalith | 09-15-09, 2:07 PM
Making member cards is a good idea. I'll try to come up with a template. If someone wants to help as well, feel free to do so =)

canephalanx | 09-10-09, 9:22 AM
anyone want to make some member cards for the club?

MoeNekoDrill | 08-05-09, 5:28 AM
I have yet to read the manga, but apparently, he's much more ill-tempered than in the anime....

Whatever, he's still HOTTTT.

Hiina | 07-15-09, 2:15 PM
Takashi ! ♥ > w <

ChibiCrow | 07-09-09, 7:05 PM
Why didn't I see this before? And woah. Inactive much? D:

-Alice- | 05-19-09, 3:36 AM
One of my fav anime characters /and animes/ ever ^___^

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