Nodokian Royal Guard Squadron.

Nodokian, or rather protectors of girls that are Nodoka like, Royal Guards Assemble, We shall crush all disloyal worshipers of Nodoka Miyazaki, Shinobu Maehara, Nogizaka Haruka...

Our Goddess-es of Kawaii-ness Will be loved by all, but not through force.

Force will only be applied to those that don't show full respect for them.

Please... do not use force until necessary, and only then, resort first to annoying the offenders, of disloyalty towards Nodoka and the others alike her...

oh yeah, for those of us in the "Real"-world...

They're smart, they're sassy, they're sweet, and they're sexy. They come in many forms, but I believe them to be the sweetest type of anime girl of all. That's right, they're my favorite aspect of anime: cute blue-haired girls!

Or as they're cleverly nick-named, bluenettes.

Why the color blue? Blue, when applied to emotions, is calm and fluid, like water. To be as deep as the ocean, with many feelings hidden and lying beneath. Feelings that can be still or turbulent. Blue represents spiritual purity and devotion, while intellectually it represents wisdom. Blue auras are powerful, protective, and nurturing. But blue is sometimes seen as an aloof and cold color, signifying depression, sadness, loneliness, and isolation.

--We'll include Bluenettes as those we are to protect, if they conform to the conditions stated.

basically, we are going to stop flaming of characters... by telling them off.

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List of Shinobu/Nodoka type girls.
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Better name and description for the club
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12-15-08, 7:58 AM

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